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Speaking In Tongues

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After being baptised with the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Is it for speaking in tongues?
As other have said, its for operating in the gifts of the Spirt. Speaking in tongues being one.

And can you speak in tongues at will?
I am not too sure about that. Are you always right with God?

To operate in any gift of the Spirit, you need to be ''in tune'' with the Spirit. Not that Christians can ever not be Christians. But Christians can and do still sin. Any sin can put a pause and damper on operating in a spiritual gift.

I'd really like to know the right operation of speaking in tongues
As others have said ''when there is an interpreter in a meeting'' you can speak aloud at church. Otherwise you would need to keep it between you and God.

When I pray in tongues, I feel a rush of thoughts run through my mind. I would battle to put that into a prayer for interpretation. But I cannot pray in tongues all the time. I would need to fast or abstain from all sin, even venial for a considerable time before I can. If not, I start thinking it is just me speaking gibberish. Which is insulting to God. We must not mock speaking in tongues in anyway. It is very scriptural.

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