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Blasphemous Thoughts - A Testimony - Part 1

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by Peace Seeker, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. I have experienced this. I applied constant prayer, reading scripture, Christian music, good works and the body and blood of Christ above all- and the attacks ceased! My attacks lasted for more than 20 years. At first they were everyday , then every few days but constant for a very long time. Most of the time they would become so unbearable I thought I would never be able to go on, but I did. I can now expel demons and have many other spiritual gifts. Thank you for sharing, God Bless!
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  2. So, why are blasphemous thoughts bad? Is it because they question god? Why is that a bad thing? What if these "Blasphemous thoughts" are in fact your logical side trying to tell you that you are believing something that is false?
  3. There is no "what ifs". Truth is not debatable. Facts are not questionable if they are indeed, facts.

    If you truly care about finding out the truth about God, here are external sites I recommend (so you don't think I'm being biased).

    Is There a God?
    Evidence for God's Existence

    Read this book by hardcore former atheist Lee Strobel, called A Case for Christ.

    Lastly, Evidence & Prophecy
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  4. Dear Scott.
    The premise you have is wrong. God doesn't mind being asked questions. Read the book of Job and you'll see that Job asked and received replies to them. However, questions whose sole purpose is to plant seeds of distrust, malice, hate, envy, pride, and the list goes on. Are not presented to serve one with greater understanding and to be fruitful in growing closer to any truth. Rather the opposite. They are made to create discord or in other words chaos.

    Take my Brother's advice and check out the links and the book. Really quite good. There's even a movie on the book that was made. Not as good as the book, but it provides you an option to choose from. :)

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
  5. I just read this thread and had to sign up to thank the OP for the encouragement it gave me in such a horrible time. God Bless you.
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