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Discussion in 'Bible Answers' started by Chad, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. Ya, I don't have all the answers for any and all situations. Since I'm not a woman, technically I will never have to personally make any decision like that. But, I do know that at the end of the day, intentionally putting a child of any age in the womb to death is murder.

    I think most all of this abortion stuff is demonic, and is blood sacrificial in nature. Some things never change, no matter how you package it or what you call it, or how much anyone tries to explain it away.

  2. I didnt say that abortion is ok. I said it is a sin. If you want to impose God's laws on people, tell me which laws you are going to impose and which ones you are going to ignore, and why (using the bible).
  3. If you read my original comment, you would see that I agree that abortion is a sin. If you believe in imposing God's laws on people, tell me which ones you want to impose on people and which ones you want to ignore (using the bible).
    1. Of course there is no imposing, by anyone, biblical priciniples to mostly secular laws.
    2. I did state that you considered it a sin.
    3. Abortion is a secular law and that secular law is creeping into the church by way of progressive and liberal theologies and, it sure seems to me that some of those decisions are based on similar logic that you supported in your previous post. Most all abortions on based on secular logic and not moral or they would not be done.
    4. I can't , don't and have no desire to impose God's laws on any part of the secular society, that is up to the individual.
    5. A Biblical principle that should guide a moral person to not abort, I already gave you in Hebrews 10: 26 . This is a basic principle about wilfull sin. Seems to me that a true Christian, with Chris tliving in them, would not elect to deliberately abort a baby, when they know it is a sin and have no reason to abort other than not wanting the baby.
    6. Do you believe in the Biblical principle of wilfull sin in the above hebrews verse?
  4. I'm not sure what his stance is (I haven't read this thread in a while) but I noticed your comment and would like to make something clear: The bible and God's commands apply to every human being, no exceptions. There is nothing in the bible that states the laws/commands apply to some and not others. Every knee shall bow, remember?
  5. I am not sure if you understand that I believe abortion is sin. As a Christian, I do not believe it is ok to sin. I do not believe abortion is ok. I believe it is wrong, it is a sin, and it should not be done. Period. I do agree with Hebrews 10:26, as I agree with The Word of God.

    Of course God's law applies to everyone. Of course abortion is a sin. So is unbelief. Some Christians want to impose God's law on people by way of outlawing abortion. Why not outlaw unbelief as well, it is an even more serious breaking of God's law! That is my point. If you believe in laws against abortion, if you believe in imposing God's law on other people, then tell me which laws you will impose and which laws you will ignore, and why.
    • I understand you're conotation, all be it, it is a bit of a strech; Imposing a law to make it illegal too not beleive has as about much chance as passing as a no abortion law!
    • I have no interest in imposing any of God's laws in our secular legal system, I will leave that up to him!
    • I am sure he will do a great job of that when he comes back!
  6. if you read my original comment, you wiill see that my whole angle is this= yes, abortion is a sin. however, if you think abortion should be outlawed, then do you think every sin should also be outlawed as well? and if not, then which sins do you think should be outlawed, and which ones shouldnt be outlawed? (which of God's laws do you want to impose on other people, and which ones do you want to 'ignore'?)
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    For goodness sake Taylor, your argument is distoreted. You are essentially saying, if we can't impose all of God's laws we don't impose any of them, that is rediculous. That's like saying let's impose a law against lieing......boy that would shake up all the Politicians!
    Down through the ages, we wouldn't have many of our laws today, if it had not been by God's influence.
    Not all non-christians are imoral. I am sure plenty of Atheists are moral. we are talking about taking a life here. Your the one who intimated that why worry about abortions because the babies go to heaven anyway. Can't we just have a more proactive attitude and just stop killing the children?

    O.K., we have established that you think abortion is a sin. Are you pro-life or pro-choice?
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    i am, for the most part, indifferent to politics. God did not call us to impose His law's on people. Nor does He call us to impose any laws on people. We are called to follow His law's, not impose them on others. Not a single one of God's laws commands us to impose morality on other people. In fact, we are told "Do not resist an evil person." and "If someone steals your things from you, do not demand that they give them back" and "If someone strikes you on your left cheek, turn to them the other (right cheek) so they may strike that one as well!". Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior gave us a perfect example of how to live our earthly lives: peacefully, not imposing God's laws on other but setting an example for them by imposing His laws on ourself.
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    @Taylor I understand most of what you are saying. However, if we truly do love one another then we will correct others and encourage them. Ultimately God will judge us in the end, yes consequences of sin are between God and yourself. I think you need to revisit scripture and pray to God to give you his wisdom. Seek Godly counsel from people who live by faith and believe every part of the word. If you can not find a good person or unsure, then pray to God to reveal someone in your life that will get you on the right track."14 Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming. 15 Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.Ephesians 14-15"- Many followers today are straying from Christ and only trying to appease nonbelievers. We as people could simply just try to appease everyone, and live for man and things would seem pretty good for a short period. The question is what are you building on or trying to serve? Man or God? Based off of your stances you are simply trying to appease everyone, which I can tell you from personal experience that does not please God. What does God say about lukewarm people?Rev 3:16" So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my Mouth" Abortion is not tolerated by God and this is God's world not ours. After all, God created us: loves us, sent his son for us even though we are the ones who mucked it all up. Is it love to tell someone that they are sinning against God?Yes, because non beliverers do not know that they are sinning against God. When we truly begin to love God and have faith in him then you will understand why it is a Christians responsibility to educate on the harmfulness of sin.(Plus sin hurts everyone- God does not want us to sin because it hurts other people and God loves and defends everyone(Not only does it hurt others but it also hurts ourselves)-God did not give us his laws to be a overbearing God, he gave them to make our lives mean something and he has good plans for us, not to harm us, but to bless us. ) -Romans 12:17-18 "Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone."- Regarding repaying evil, God wants us to stand up for everyone. When God sent his son to die for us, what did this action exhibit? This action exhibited love and showed who God really is. Let alone we can not comprehend his grace and love for us. Plus, he sent his son for all of us, for the strongest to the weakest. Anytime anyone regardless of their faith is being demeaned, it is our duty as Christians to intervene and end wrongdoing. Overall, there are boundaries to imposing Gods law on others. Simply live by this Guideline, would God approve of it. It sounds like you either do not have a relationship with Jesus or your walk is being attacked by false doctrines. Whatever the case, God knows and wants to help you. Seek God and decide now that you are going to live for him by faith no matter what. Have faith in him and draw closer, these questions that you have will be answered if you seek him.
  10. You couldnt be more wrong, brother. I sincerely believe every single word of The Word of God, The Holy Bible. Abortion is a sin. And I will not shy away from rebuking someone on this issue, or on any other issue. Abortion is a sin, but that doesn't mean we should make a law against it. God did not call us to impose His law on other people, He calls us to obey His Word and preach His word. He does not call us to impose His law, or any other law. If you want to impose morality on people, then why are you imposing part of God's laws and not others? That is absurdity. Impose all of them, or impose none of them. But He didn't call you to impose anything on anyone. He wants you to love Him, obey Him, and preach His Word. He did not call you to impose His law on other people. I am going to say this one more time... in case you missed it, brother: He did not call you to impose His law on other people. OK? Love Him, Obey Him, Preach His Word, Rebuke a brother who needs rebuking, stand firm on The Word of God, call sin SIN, and do not waiver. But do not try to impose morality on people. God Himself does not even do that. He wants people who willingly, voluntarily love Him and obey Him. Not by force. Never by force. Again, I am being redundant on purpose, He did not call you to impose things on other people. In fact, quite the opposite: "Do not resist an evil person", But Love God, obey God, and give your life in peaceful service to The Lord, allowing evil people to do evil things as Jesus does and as God does. Jesus did not impose laws on people, who are you to impose laws on people? I could go on and on.. but I am not sure you will get it. So I will just leave you with this. Abortion is a sin. It is not ok. And we need to tell people that abortion is a sin. and we need to discourage all forms of sin. But we are not called to impose God's law on other people, we are not called to outlaw sin. That is for God to do.

    Love you brother
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  11. Abortion is nothing but murdering a child who has no say so. Its sick that society today is accepting the theory of Abortion.
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  12. Leviticus 18:21Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
    21 “‘You are not to let any of your children be sacrificed to Molekh, thereby profaning the name of your God; I am Adonai.

    Molekh or Moloch or Molech is a pagan god who demands child sacrifice....Every year in the United States To this time 955,669 babies have been sacrificed to this demon god. That's just in 2015
    Yes you can claim its not child sacrifice if you want to, but...abortion is for the cause of making a person free of responsibility for another person, making it a sacrifice...It's inspired by the same pagan god who demands this type of sacrifice
  13. Yeah.LOL That is lame....The Word says 'the life of the body is in the blood Leviticus 17:11 That means the egg is human, the ***** is human and the fetus (baby) is human....What else could it be? A turtle? It's a human baby even before it has a heartbeat....
  14. Abortion is demonic.
    Was thinking on this today how mothers can be wicked and evil, more so than fathers because they choose to do this. And have to live with murdering their own flesh and blood after they did it for the rest of their life.

    I know one person (through work) who did this and she suffered torments and turned to poison (alcohol) to numb the pain. I dont know how she is with God right now but I remember her telling me her so called boyfriend said 'have it out' or 'get rid of it' he was a willing accomplice too but she was the one who chose to do it. They are not together anymore, she went from one guy to another.

    She did fall pregnant again at one point to someone else and miscarried the baby, now she is too old to have any. She didnt know she was with child till she had to go to hospital and they told her. After that she confided in me..and then she moved away to a different town. I think she was a lost soul..she said she wouldnt get married because of the trauma of her parents divorce. She also was anorexic and bulimic. One day we were walking around town and we walked into a church and she started confessing her sins, (at the time was semi serious, she was older than me) I do hope God found her in the end.

    She told me tearfully 'dont be like me'.
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  15. Just to add she was living alone in a studio apartment and was terribly lonely which was why she latched on to me I suppose apart from her AA support group she didnt have many friends in town. She was considering owning a pet bird like a parrot just so she could have someone to talk to. But I dont think she was allowed.

    I think she did show a repentant heart but her issues were major only God could handle. Obviously she couldnt talk to her parents, had a sister who was gay and not sure about the brother..they didnt get along.

    She did say if she was rich she would have adopted a child, I think she wanted to atone for what she did. When she was sober which wasnt often I think it was painful for her to carry on. When people drink they dont really forget about stuff..she would tell me all her troubles. I dont drink alcohol but people that do seem to crave it and everytime they go out have to have one.
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