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What would YOU like to see on Talk Jesus?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Chad, Apr 22, 2004.

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    I would really like to see a separate forum for the unsaved and inquirers to ask questions---Challenge the Christian faith or whatever may be on their minds---Also those that register as non-Christians really shouldn't be allowed to post on the rest of the forum---They should be able to read all threads on all forums, but only able to post in the designated forum for inquirers---I just don't think it is edifying for a young Christian to post up asking for help and be advised in spiritual matters by a self professing atheist etc.---For example---If I went on a Muslim forum and was guided to an inquirers room and was allowed to read their other threads---I would be perfectly pleased with that, and thank them for their patience with me as I tried to reason with them in the inquirers room---Maybe just try it and see---Call it "The Inquirers Room", or something like that---Thanks

    Even a Thread like this should have a designated place for the inquirer----grrrrrr, can't post a link---" Trying to understand something" by Halva

  2. Thank you for your feedback.

    There's already a room for those "seeking" Jesus as our motto goes, the unsaved.

    Its called Get Saved Now.
    Get Saved Now! - Talk Jesus | Christian Forums

    As for a dedicated forum for them and restricting them posting ability from other forums, won't work. They will simply change their status just to be able to post (most atheists that come here are here to cause trouble after all).
  3. I think the title "Get Saved Now" is not welcoming to seeking-inquirers at all.
    Imagine if you are curious about let's say guns. And were directed to a sub-forum called "Get a Clue" then you'd be unlikely to ask anything.

    Maybe we ought to consider another title for that sub-forum. I'm just putting out ideas: "Seeker's Oasis" or "Inquiring Minds Welcome" or something like those.
  4. I see your point---Will in the next post has a good idea---I think " Get Saved Now" may be a little in your face sort of---I think " The Inquirers Room" might be more universal---Then when Muslims, Homosexuals and whom ever want to rant about whatever, you could move their thread in there and we could try to minister to them if possible.

    I was visiting another site and it got so bad with the mix of saved and unsaved that it was ruining the atmosphere---One guy alone had over 1600 posts and was a non christian, overt practicing homosexual just spewing all his secular nonsense all over the place---Anyhow thanks for your response.

  5. Good point. I have renamed it to Seeking Jesus?

    I think it fits perfectly right, goes nicely with our motto too.
  6. seek and you will find Jesus perhaps,but seeking Jesus is good as well! please consider bringing back the scriptures here as well. thanks.
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    I've been thinking about the forums on talkJesus again, and I would really like to see the bible study area expanded in some way so that there are clearer areas for different topics - perhaps theology (and the different topics within theology such as ecclesiology - church doctrine), or perhaps a 'book by book' or expositional bible study area or then again an area for thematic discussions. I think expanding this could really be helpful for edification.

    At the moment, the main areas I look at are counselling and prayer, and I admit that I look at another site where they have a theology area.

    Also, although I realise i'm repeating something i partly mentioned before - whilst devotions are good to have and can be a blessing to people who read them, I think having so many of them changes the focus of areas which are meant to be aimed at discussion.

    I do realise though that this must be a big job to keep this all going - so thank you Chad for running this site.
  8. This site it perfect and easy to use. I am glad I came to this site. :)
    I guess one thing I would like to see is less debate, although I know that can't really be controlled much. But it makes my heart sad and confused to know before I accepted Jesus that some users here will argue about something that to me seems unimportant when we get to Heaven and eventually say mean or hurtful things, or put down other's intelligence or walk with Christ just because they dont agree. I thought there was a rule about debate? Or are there certain things that apply?
  9. There is only "one thing" that energizes, viz.: to know God in personal vision of the "Father in heaven" or the Spirit with a name to honor for ever. The name is "I Am Who I Am", a.k.a., source of self-sufficient life, as in the burning but unconsumed bush and Christ's death on the cross.

    It works for me! Praise the Lord!

    In other words, let's talk about the kind of death Jesus suffered lifting him up into his glory and us with him!

    (Ex. 3: 1-15; John 4: 21-26; 8: 21-32; 14: 18-21; 19: 30-37)
    Do you agree or disagree?
  10. I posted on another thread about the chat room - I would really like to see a different format for the chat room if at all possible. It used to be able to be possible to read the time that a message was posted, and also conversations could go a lot quicker. I have wondered if thats why its so quiet now - it seems sad that not so many people are visiting it.
  11. Thank you for running this site. Just a quick thought - would it be possible for it to 'beep' if someone receives a private message?? I don't know if that's possible.
  12. Hi @lillyofthevalley

    Not available yet bit you get notified via email and there is an SMS notification option too you'll find in your profile settings area. You can enable that to get instant notifications to your phone.
  13. Great Site. I don't know if it's just me but I prefer the old chat system better and for some reason it was more used but I still go on the new one.
  14. I would like the ability to choose between different forum themes. I like the new one better than the old, but everything looks kind of faded to me and is not very comfortable to my eyes. Of course, this is matter of personal preference, and that’s why I feel it would be good to have different options.

    Also, I noticed on the updated site we now have the ability to minimize the forum topics with the little arrow to the right so that you cant see all the sub-forums beneath them (I hope everyone knows what I'm talking about). I think it looks much neater and organized like that. Some sites give you the option in the preference setting to always expand or minimize the forums topics. Would be a nice feature.
  15. Hi @Brian_32

    Thanks for your feedback. I won't add theme options. More money, more work and inconsistency. The new site software, theme and the extra features cost money. The site doesn't pay itself. I'm trying my best and I know for sure the choices I made were good ones. But keep in mind I'm not here to fulfill the impossible: satisfy everyone. I mean that respectfully, don't get me wrong.

    What looks faded to you? Please do explain. I'm still tweaking things here and there. It's been only 4 days since the launch of the new site software and theme.
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  16. Oh I understand, I didn't realize it would be that much trouble. I have no idea what goes into putting a site together. To me the light purple, and red looks kind of washed out. Could just be me though cause I like everything kinda dark, especially text. Like you said though, cant please everyone. I imagine most people probably like it just fine. Overall, I like the improvements. I haven't been here long but every change seems to be for the better.
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  17. I do appreciate your feedback Brian and I will continue to add some tweaks here and there to make it more easy on the eyes if anything. I hope you enjoy the community.

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