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What would YOU like to see on Talk Jesus?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Chad, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Yes!! one of the things I was gonna ask . ..

    Chad. . . how does the system work the renewal of the posts and stuff. . .like i get up in Germany. .. and wanna read all the posts from the night. . .and after a couple of minutes clickin here and there the whole page gets renewed. .. and i cant see who has been on and all old posts are gone. . .

    is it renewed at midnight your time? that would make sense why it always disappears when i get up in Germany. .. lol

    i always have to search in the forum for new stuff then . .. which is not bad. . .but i was gonna ask anyway .. . how does this work?
  2. I'm not sure how the timing works to be honest. What I do is open the link in a new window for each particular thread/post and just go by that way. Otherwise, scan every thread :D

    Enjoy! :)
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    Chad, I have emailed you a week ago asking if you could put up a fourum for bible discussion. you never gave me an answer.
    I think that you are aware that we are holding ( or at least attemptong to) teen bible discussions on fridays at 4pm PST. (anybody iswelcome to join us including you, Chad)
    These Bible Discussions were started By princess487 and 1989 aka Tanya and Rachelle. I think tanya asked permission to do this.
    I would like to ask you if you could put up a fourum to make this available to more people and make it more known.

    Thank you,
    yegor yelizavetskiy
    (i hope that didnt sound rude, i never ment it to be that way)
  4. heya

    r u still open to ideas? wot i think wud b rli kool, wud b to hav a 'small group section' in TJ where users can join groups that are already there, and hav their own private forum / chat and can get to no each otha betta and learn new things and stuff, and wen the group gets above mayb 10 ppl, they can split into two groups and start to grow agen? hope that makes sense :D
  5. Thank you for your feedback Tim but I don't like the idea of anything private on Talk Jesus. Nothing is private before GOD neither will it be on the forums. This is a public forum for open fellowship. You can freely get to know anyone you want. If you want one on one, use the pm system or email or even IM that you may have.

    The only group I am going to add as of soon is prayer groups dedicated in events (scheduled). Something similiar to "prayer day" as they call it. An extra special day for a truly devoted prayer over many matters with a large 'army' of believers.
  6. i didnt mean private as such...but ok kool, wot i rli meant was to just hav regular people which u can talk to in a group that can help dusnt hav to b private at all but a prayer group sounds gud too :thumbs_up
  7. hiya!
    this is something that i believe god wants me to make happen, and i was going to do it in my own website, but it turns out...i cant program for toffee! and i don't have the funding, so, i thought it would be so cool if it could happen here, and that is...

    there could be a section in your profile, where you can volunteer to be a 'mentor' (of course they would have to be 'checked out' as it were, to see if they are right for the job), and then when people who want to come to know christ. they have the option of having a mentor which they can choose, so that if they have any questions or problems, they can go straight to them, so that it is the same regular person that they go to for advice.

    so thats it, i believe it could have potential, tell me what you think :) thnx
  8. I'm going to create a dedicated page for qualified and approved "counselors".
  9. kool! are they christian counselors? its just, they dont normally work that well if theyre not thats all :) luvin the website keep it up :) :thumbs_up
  10. Of course they are Christian counselors!

  11. hey

    i had an idea...

    would it b possible for you to put on, in the 'entertainment' section.. a forum for games.. such as the three word game we have been playin recently...

    its heaps-a fun, an gets So many ppl involved..

    just an idea..
  12. hi chad!
    u know in the shoutbox, people keep saying like 'guests register', well i was on just now, and there were 30 guests at the site! and i wasnt able to use the shoutbox to do that, since it was locked, so i thought it would be cool just to have a messagbox appear if u r a guest saying sumthing like 'welcome to talk jesus valued guest! please register, its free, friendly and fun!' or sumthing like that, that wud mean that it dusnt matter if the shoutbox is locked :D
    thats all :D
  13. Thank you for the suggestion.
  14. On the top navigation bar 'User CP' drop down menu, please add a link to the the User CP:

  15. Disregard, I just found it. It would be helpful if you also hyperlinked the first item on the 'User CP' flyout menu called 'User CP'. :)
  16. hey why not have a couple of designs and people can choose what theme they want their TJ theme to be..just a suggestion

    x kirsty x
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    Hi, i realise that this has been mentioned before but I would really like to see a lounge area that is clearly just for simple discussions as opposed to being a reading area. Sometimes the chat is a little fast for me or perhaps not in as much depth as I would like. I think this would help build relationships by having somewhere focussed on more general fellowship and 'conversations' started up by people which can be returned to over time.

    I understand that some people are happy and blessed by reading devotionals (and i might dip into these occasionally), but I've noticed that threads for discussions usually have a much higher number of people joining in - however they get a bit lost in the forum.

    For feedback - I think the counselling area and prayer request areas are really helpful and bless a lot of people.

  18. Thank you for your feedback. There is indeed a lounge forum here:

    Lounge - Talk Jesus | Christian Forums

    You'll see "Lounge" on the home page forum categories.
  19. Thanks for replying Chad - I tend not to go there much because its mainly got devotional reading threads posted.
  20. Improvement.

    Inclusion of NASB (Bible Resources), now that would be helpful.

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