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What would YOU like to see on Talk Jesus?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Chad, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Sure, how about "SING THE GLORY DOWN"
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    praise and worship music would be a plus. I think you have done a good job Chad with the site and all the bells and whistles, this is the best I've seen. :thumbs_up

    Unless you want to add some episodes of the Andy Griffith Show ( it's my favorite)
  3. LOL! absolutely NOT!
  4. This is good healing isn't it? I feel like a kid at recess!
  5. How about we give ban buttons to all the wives, that should
    keep you men in line!

    Glory to God
  6. How about we ban your idea.
  7. LOL that's funny
  8. LOL ! :eek:mg:

    oh no look what we`ve allowed out of the cage! :zip:
  9. Chad,
    I would love to see a forum on homeschooling or teaching the most!!! I think that is such a wonderful idea!!

    Some other ideas for forums might be:

    Grief Support
    Recipe Exchange (for Godly women whose spiritual gifts do not include great cooking!!)
    Testimonies (I guess stories is kinda like this :)

    Of course all your forums are wonderful, Chad. Your site is the best out there. I want to say sorry for my post the last night to all that read it. I was very emotional and was struggling very hard with that particular issue that day. Please accept my apology and know I love all of you.
    Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who are called according to his purpose.
  10. God bless you girlforgod :)

    Give me more folks, I know you got more ;)
  11. How about a spot for woman and men to be able to discuss there feelings on more personal topics separately
  12. Chad my good friend. i assume that you remember me? i hoep ou do at least i love ya bro..

    but i woudl how ever liek to see a new ' Smilies ' face in the Live Chat.. preferably one of an ICHTHUS or of a Fish. for obvious reaosns. as you migth be able to tell.. but it is all coolio if you cannot just a ask if you get time or understand what i am talkign about??

    well love ya any wayzs bro!!

    Love ICHTHUS!!!
  13. i like the idea of sig images...
  14. That cannot be done, not yet anyway. Please read forum rules, 2 lines max for signatures.
  15. I Got One

    Hi Chad. . .now I remember mine too hehe. . .took me awhile. . .ok:

    whenever im in Chat for hours. . . im sometimes busy in the room. . .sometimes busy at the puter. . .sometimes outside in the garden . . . but im still around the screen every other few min . . . sooo . . .my question instead of hitting AWAY. . .would there be a possibility of "Absent-Notice" for me to type for example:

    "Hi im busy cleaning house upstairs. . .will check back every 15 min. . .please pm me" or something like that. . .

    Does it make any sense?

    My daughter has something like that on the ICQ deal. . . where she leaves it online running. . .but tells her friends whether she is cleaning room or what time she will be online. .. or whatever. . you see :D

    That was it. . .thought it was a smart idea. . .but have no clue if any possible . .. thanks for readin :love:
  16. The chat does not support that unfortunately so I cannot change it sorry sister. I will forward the suggestion to the creator who wrote the software.

  17. Okidoki . . . thats cool :shade: Thanks :love:
  18. Hi Chad

    I would like to be able to see who is in the chat rooms without having to go in there all the time. Or is there already a way to do that? I havent figured out how to do everything in Talkjesus yet!

    Also to be able to go to maybe Prayer Room or Bible Study room ,etc which ever room I choose first, instead of having to go to Bible Cafe first and then change rooms.
  19. I'll do the first one, the second one I do not know of a way to do so yet to be honest.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas :)
  20. That would take a lot of time sister. I'll try the ecard possibly anyway

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