What would YOU like to see on Talk Jesus?

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praise and worship music would be a plus. I think you have done a good job Chad with the site and all the bells and whistles, this is the best I've seen. :thumbs_up

Unless you want to add some episodes of the Andy Griffith Show ( it's my favorite)
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Soldier of God said:
No ban button for jiggyfly Chad!!!! Jiggyfly im sorry!!!! what have I done???? Kidding. Praise and worship mixed with joy and laughter, im good with that. God bless. I would say Glory to God but it sounds like im calling my wife?
This is good healing isn't it? I feel like a kid at recess!
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I would love to see a forum on homeschooling or teaching the most!!! I think that is such a wonderful idea!!

Some other ideas for forums might be:

Grief Support
Recipe Exchange (for Godly women whose spiritual gifts do not include great cooking!!)
Testimonies (I guess stories is kinda like this :smile:

Of course all your forums are wonderful, Chad. Your site is the best out there. I want to say sorry for my post the last night to all that read it. I was very emotional and was struggling very hard with that particular issue that day. Please accept my apology and know I love all of you.
Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who are called according to his purpose.
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Chad my good friend. i assume that you remember me? i hoep ou do at least i love ya bro..

but i woudl how ever liek to see a new ' Smilies ' face in the Live Chat.. preferably one of an ICHTHUS or of a Fish. for obvious reaosns. as you migth be able to tell.. but it is all coolio if you cannot just a ask if you get time or understand what i am talkign about??

well love ya any wayzs bro!!

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I Got One

Hi Chad. . .now I remember mine too hehe. . .took me awhile. . .ok:

whenever im in Chat for hours. . . im sometimes busy in the room. . .sometimes busy at the puter. . .sometimes outside in the garden . . . but im still around the screen every other few min . . . sooo . . .my question instead of hitting AWAY. . .would there be a possibility of "Absent-Notice" for me to type for example:

"Hi im busy cleaning house upstairs. . .will check back every 15 min. . .please pm me" or something like that. . .

Does it make any sense?

My daughter has something like that on the ICQ deal. . . where she leaves it online running. . .but tells her friends whether she is cleaning room or what time she will be online. .. or whatever. . you see :grin:

That was it. . .thought it was a smart idea. . .but have no clue if any possible . .. thanks for readin :love:
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The chat does not support that unfortunately so I cannot change it sorry sister. I will forward the suggestion to the creator who wrote the software.
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Hi Chad

I would like to be able to see who is in the chat rooms without having to go in there all the time. Or is there already a way to do that? I havent figured out how to do everything in Talkjesus yet!

Also to be able to go to maybe Prayer Room or Bible Study room ,etc which ever room I choose first, instead of having to go to Bible Cafe first and then change rooms.
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I'll do the first one, the second one I do not know of a way to do so yet to be honest.

Thank you for sharing your ideas :smile:

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