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What would YOU like to see on Talk Jesus?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Chad, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. What would you like to see on Talk Jesus? Please let me know.
    List all your ideas of what would be fun, exciting, promote activity, etc.

    I'm all ears and open to ideas.
  2. What are points donations?
  3. Points are just for fun. Kind of like a "bank account" thing. Every reply gets you one point, every new topic you create is two ponts. You can donate to other members as well.
  4. Basically, you give points to others (just for fun) whether it be a "blessing" prayer, etc.
  5. Any other ideas?
  7. Amen :)

    It has helped many who entered and read carefully. Full credit goes to - An elderly godly couple who have it posted. I copied it as is for our special visitors here as well. GOD's Word of Life is powerful.
  8. Okay Chad I've been doing some thinking about what I would like to see here. I would like to use my own Avatar and the mega pixel for "profile picture" of ourselves is only 100 by ?, way too small.
    So if you could incorporate any of those wonderful ideas I'd be most please.
  9. Thank you daughter, the reason why the profile pic is 100 is because photos in the end use a lot of space and slow down the server. As for using your own avatars, you can. Go to your user control panel.
  10. Introducing ourselves

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and also a fairly new christian, I've been saved for just over a month now!!!

    Anyway my suggestion would be to have a forum where all new members like myself can introduce ourselves and for not so new members to welcome the new members??? what do you think??? Just an idea. It's the first place I looked for when I registered so I just thought that it was something that was missing!

    Hope to get to know you all very soon.

  11. Welcome to the site Sarah and congratulations on accepting Jesus into your life!

    By the way, there is already a New Members forum. Please look carefully again.
  12. Up at the very top of the screen, under the word quick links, I got two segguestions. That round thingy, i think when my mouse goes over it, it should tell me where it would take me, cause i dont understand some of the pictures... and the other thing... which would be real cool and fun for a dork like me... say if i put my mouse over the ? thing, it should spin. i dont think it has to be JUST like that, but it would be real sweet if it spun... i would have fun... (that ryhmed) And also... i think Spiderman should everyonce and a while, swing across the screen...... ok, maybe not that last one, but Spider-man just completely rocks my socks... lets see. what else would i like... oh. How do i delete old messages? Simplify it for slow people like me. Not that i use the journals, but it doesnt let you choose a mood. The games are awsome... i'm addicted. My butt hurts from sitting here so long. I mainly just want that circle thing to spin.. cause it would be cool. LIke if i put my mous over any of the little picture icon thingys, it would spin around once... that would be sweet. Other than that, and the lack of Spiderman, i love the site lol.
  13. Thanks for asking

  14. #14 Mike, Jun 7, 2005
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2005
    This is a great idea ! Some here are home-schoolers and this would help them alot . Mike Also , peeps had a great idea too ! I pray that God will restore all things like new ! Mike again :thumbs_up
  15. Chad,
    My brother, how about some good ol' Christian priase and worship music in this online "E-Church"? I've seen this on a few other sites, where you can make requests and dedications. It's pretty fantastic. I'll PM you with a link to a site that does it.

    God bless,
  16. I would like to see more joy and laughter!

    Is there perhaps a program you can instill that will
    tickle peoples funny bones? :confused:

  17. Ok, maybe we are asking for the same thing...

    praise and worship music will fill you with the joy and laughter ...

    just ask Brother Mike...he`s over at his house right now listening to music and having a glory spell! LOL
  18. COCONUT , You know me very very well !!!!! :love: :love: :boy_hug: Mike
  19. I only know when you`ve lost the ability to type intelligible words,

    someones dancing! LOL

    That music you are sending over is a pretty good clue too...Glory!

    I suppose the typing could also mean Alabasterbox is rapping you over the head to get you off that chair ... :zip:
  20. Any Request ? :computer: :love: :shade:

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