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Was my dream a sign from God?

Discussion in 'Seeking Jesus' started by Jesusloverboy, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Indeed, 'May God have mercy on us all!'

    It is very easy to look at people and see their evil ways and open our mouths in criticism, but love them as Jesus loved them that is not so easy, it it? But that is what God wants and requires us to do.

    There are reprobates, who have been finally rejected by God like King Saul, but rarely are we given the eyes of God to see them as they are. For that reason since we cannot see all of their hearts we cannot reject them. We must continue to love them and pray for them and/or mourn them as Samuel did for Saul... until God clearly told him to stop. This is the charity (love) described in I Corinthians 13 that somehow must become a part of us.
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    Amen brother; let us be Christ like. Be quick to listen and slow to speak and slow to wrath. The world reacts with mad first; how dare you! To even bring up such a disgusting question! even your name, what is that about? Scoffing and shredding at the babe the youngster is. A bad report went out against us, yet again.
    Yes, false witnesses, teachers and preachers are being exposed and God is using ALL of us and it condemns us in our own unbelief.
    Who die for Him, you and me? Are we willing to die as well, because we carry the testimony of Christ? Do we love Him? Always putting Him first, and wait for Him to give us the Word of response?
    Do we know HIM?
    Have we walked in Him through the wolves den and been judged, scoffed, spit on, rock's chunked our way; have they drag us out, called us the devil and slammed the door?
    Many are called but few are chosen. Do we humble ourselves and recognize God's reproach, re prove or rebuke when it comes? Or justify self as the world so often does?
    To overcome the world, We must overcome the greatest battle and overcome self; die already, wretched being that I am. Put on Christ and LIVE. Amen
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  3. It is easier to do when HE is our HEAD. Amen.
    Is God pleased with our heart's? If we consider this before we speak, just maybe His light would shine and a sinner got saved today. Amen
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  4. What was it that Jesus said to Mary? He is love yet said "sin no more" ... are we now being bashed because we Christians told the jesusloverboy that his dream was NOT from God? Maybe its us
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  5. The Word says ALL things are of God, but all good things come from God. Is God not the one who raises vessels unto honor and unto dishonor? It is not what the youngster said, but rather how we respond; those who say they believe and fear God.
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  6. "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." Prov 14:12

    All we can see most of the time is the very next step God wants us to take. Beyond that all may be darkness, but God will give us what is needed if only we trust Him. Often it is may to be just that one step.
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  7. The Word also says God is ALL, and IN us ALL.
    Do we know Him yet?

    He raises up vessels of dishonor and they have a job to do; they are sent to try our faith.
    REPENT; for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.
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  8. Rightly said.

    To all my Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus.

    I have refrained from posting on this thread until now. It was this sentence that all can relate to posted by our sister that convicted me through the Holy Spirit and has moved me to do so. Maybe, even this young man can relate to our sisters words and be so moved. Whether he be believer or not.

    The struggle of the sin nature of man is not limited to just we who call Christ Lord and Savior. The difference is how aware are we of "sin" in ourselves! WE believers have the Holy Spirit who will convict us coupled with our knowledge of the Word of God to help us grow in being Holy and Pure in His sight. What does the unbeliever have to convict them? Yet, both have choices to make. Believe and adhere or don't and continue to sin.

    The Word of God is two edged Sword. It cuts both ways. It convicts us as "perpetrators" and "accusers". We in a way are balancing ourselves on the sharp edge of a sword. We stand there now. God has allowed this young person (?) to present to us a subject to contemplate on that can be so divisive to this Christian Community and the Body of Christ. So, here we stand balancing on the edge of this sword, and what I'm starting to see to me in many of these postings are brothers & sisters in Christ Jesus attempting to push each other off!

    It's as if we are looking at "sin/evil" and being asked is it possible that there be any rightness to/in it?

    Surely when placed as a question the answer must be a resounding "NO". Yet....of cause there was going to be a "Yet" :) Can we not separate this "sinful nature of man" from the "spiritual nature of God" that resides in us? My answer must be "YES". I'm not saying easily done. Oh, so difficult to do, but keeping mind that our God is actually doing His work in us to this very end! How can we not attempt to also help others in this regard?

    This does not mean to accept "sin". For surely God does not accept nor condone it in any way shape or form. He disposes of it, forgets it to never be remembered for those who love Him, and to those who don't. He burns it, destroying it to finality.

    He helps the believer to grow out from its bondage to His Glory and leaves those who don't believe to continue to be chained to it until the day it is finally eradicated from existence to His Glory.

    All to His Glory! For even in Sin it will be to His Glory for He will be found to be Just, Righteous, Holy. Attributes that we have a tendency to exclude from our consideration, because our focus desires to be solely on His Love. Any wonder we need Eternal Life to know Him?

    Shower this person in love, compassion, as some have done here, but also, be firm in correction, guidance as others have also done. Just don't use each other's position as reason to jump upon this person or each other as vultures do upon a carcass.

    For ultimately each of us should have a desire that this person continue to grow in Him, if he is a believer and lay aside all deceit/error.

    However, if he is not yet able to call Jesus Christ, Lord, God, Savior. We hope and pray that he might one day do so and come to know that there is, even in having this dream (pretense or not), no impediment to him coming to the foot of the Cross!

    With the Love of Jesus Christ my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.
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  9. How people, that should be spirit moved, respond to both those honest and those not honest, should be basically the same... BUT... if the Holy Spirit tells you to speak "OUT" against someone, then do so without regret. This person that was here and gone, the Holy Spirit told me was false to some degree, and ignore his question, and that same Holy Spirit is grieved that all of you have continued arguing about it, long after your point has been made.
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    Sister, it is because I care for his salvation that I challenged him to rethink what he was saying.
    Just like Jesus does throughout the gospels. He was very direct in challenging others and confronting sin.
    His anger is referred to by some as "righteous indignation."
    Jesus was not always luvvy-duvvy. He came to call sinners to repentance. He came to preach the Kingdom of God. He came to teach righteousness.

    When I come across people who want to be Christian and yet remain in a sinful state because theologians and liberal thinkers who hate the Word , who
    hate the truth, who hate Jesus, go and preach another gospel - then I challenge them by opening up my Bible and taking them through the scriptures.
    This is what it is all about. Examining ourselves against the word; for the unbeliever, the seeker, and the faithful.
    @Jesusloverboy was confronted on the basis of what he was proposing.

    OK sister, what would you have preached to him that may have lead to his repentance and submission to Christ Jesus? How would you preach the gospel
    (and none of this sinner's prayer, give your heart to Jesus nonsense) - the real gospel to him? Life transforming by the truth of the gospel.
  11. You're right. Let me state the obvious though, the user who started this thread is simply a troll. It's not a sincere question, hence even his foolish username. I deal with trolls all the time, so ignore this person please.
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  12. Rightly said Chad, will do

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