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  1. B

    Discussions with God

    When the wind blows gently We call it a breeze If temptations come Do we give in with ease? You know my frame Of dust and shame I know your Love Your Grace from above. Again i come with another storm Lord, it seems like with me, That is the norm; But to You I run Looking at what You have done...
  2. IshiandIshah

    Ishi Does Not Look Human

    We are going to have to learn to be willing to tolerate the fact that Ishi does not look exactly like a human. Ishi made man in His image, yet Ishi is a Superior Being and not of the earth. Yet, the earth is of Ishi. Furthermore, in remembering that our bodies will be changed into heavenly...
  3. IshiandIshah

    Jesus Will Teach You How To Use Your Mind

    Ask Jesus How To Use Your Mind
  4. IshiandIshah

    How to Love Jesus

    To Believe in Jesus, means to Believe in His Words. When we Believe in the Words of Jesus, we will LITERALLY behave the way Jesus has instructed us to behave. For example, We will LITERALLY Love our enemies. How do we know if we are Loving our enemies the way that Jesus wants us to? There is no...
  5. ChristianConsFurryGuy

    A dream of Jesus

    The following is something I wrote that I can only explain was from the Holy Spirit. Though I do not claim to be writing scripture, the narrative of this still brought me to tears as I wrote it. I hope that the story will also convict you as you read this and know the true depth of Jesus' love...
  6. MedicBravo

    LEGO Jesus Dies on the Cross | "Before the Throne of God Above" - 3-28-23

    I love LEGO and this is an awesome channel.
  7. B

    Let's Talk About Jesus - Jesus Built This Church On love

  8. B

    what does repentance look like?

  9. Z

    Can I still go to heaven or not?

    Here's why I believe that I can't be forgiven. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is believing that the Holy Spirit is a demonic spirit. I think that I first started having these thoughts when I was a kid at 14 after hearing about the unforgivable sin. Then I actually believed one of the thoughts...
  10. House Churches

    The Authentic Gospel of Jesus

    Hello, all! After many decades of prayer, scripture study, and spiritual searching, it became clear to me that nearly all churches today do not adhere to one or more of Jesus' original teachings and act and look nothing like 1st century, New Testament churches. It is odd, in my opinion, to call...
  11. Z

    Convinced that I am going to hell forever

    So I have been having thoughts that are saying similar things to what the pharisees said in Matthew 12:24 when they called the Holy Spirit demonic. I have these thoughts and I don't want to believe them but I think I can't be forgiven. I don't want to believe it but I don't know if I am doomed...
  12. Itsme

    Relationship at breaking point

    Having grown up in a Christian family I have gone to church and believed in God from the get-go. Being a kind of person that somehow feels entitled for things to just happen to me -because I am a good guy- I was mostly just waiting for God to put my life on track. Basically find a wife for me...
  13. 7

    Jesus and Jehovah (comparison)

  14. 7

    The good shepherd (parable analysis)

    Hi everyone. I just found interesting analysis of the parable and want to share it with you :) This one is also important
  15. Q

    John 1:1- the CONTEXT and Christ!

    Clergy everywhere for 2,000 years have taught John 1:1 reads "In the begging was Jesus and Jesus was with Jesus and Jesus was Jesus". And the masses have BOUGHT that! Even to it says twice (vs 2) that he was WITH God! Theos means also devine, and well a God, or a Godlike one. Ex 7:1- And...
  16. Q

    The ONLY true God who Christ serves- IGNORED by Churchianity!

    Yes, Christ identified who was God (not himself or a 'Holy Ghost')! For example~ John 17:3- Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the ONLY true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. What part of ONLY don't you Trinitarians understand?
  17. Q

    Do you know the God of Jesus Christ?

    Jesus said he served Him. He said he came to make Him known!
  18. BrahminBeliever

    Hello from India!

    grew up believing everything i saw on TV. time travel, parallel universes, space aliens, wormholes and vampires. while older, i really was prepared to give up those dear, long-held beliefs of mine as i think most children are, but "scientists" and "historians" convinced me not to. they told me...
  19. B

    Jesus is the Bread of Life -What are you eating?

    "The Bible tells us that sin has separated us from God. This separation first occurred in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve rebelled against God. It was an act of EATING what God forbid to EAT that plunged the whole human race into both PHYSICAL & SPIRITUAL DEATH. Eve saw, and liked what...
  20. Meow

    I think I might kill myself

    I just want it to be over... I don't like it here..