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Was my dream a sign from God?

Discussion in 'Seeking Jesus' started by Jesusloverboy, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Last night I dreamed that Jesus came to my house and had sexual intercourse with me. I'm a man, but I'm not gay or anything. Was this a sign from God? I'm really worried about this. I don't dare to tell anyone else, so I need your help!
    Has God ever done something similar to anyone of you? Does this mean Jesus want me to be homosexual?

    Appreciate all answers
    God Bless all of you.
  2. Are you for real ???
    I am very suspicious of your postings. Provocative and pushing for homosexual acceptance.
    if you had even a basic level of Bible christianity in you you should be able to answer your own questions.
    No, Jesus does not want you to be homosexual (but perhaps you yourself are).
    Why don't you come out and be honest about your agenda on this forum?
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    Romans 12:13 Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.

    I thought this forum was about helping others, but apparently I was wrong.. :(
  4. What is there to discuss?
    Your proposition is preposterous.
    Against scripture and sound doctrine :confused:
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  5. Not all dreams are messages from God.

    Knowing the difference between something that is from God and something from somewhere else is part of the reason a believer needs to have, or to seek to have, the "ears to hear" and the "eyes to see" mentioned many times in the New Testament. Raising such a question on an open forum where there is a mixture of milk drinkers and meat eaters will usually,
    if not always, be a questionable way to obtain a clear answer from God... if one is needed.

    Read what the Bible says and pray for guidance.
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  6. I always appreciate your answers Amadeus2, you are a good man and a good christian. You always think deep into the questions rather than just disagree and try to humiliate me for asking. I thank you for this, I will pray for your good health. :)
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  7. As you know Jesusloverboy the enemy can come as an angel of light( 2 Cor 11:14-15). Many times if i was being deceived by someone including myself,the Lord would confirm this to me,in a dream,or by perhaps having another brother and sister speak to me about something, not knowing what I was show,by who I believed was from the Lord.

    I do believe brother that every dream does have a purpose to them,the ones we remember anyway.For many times it is a warning, or a thought provoking consideration, or where we are presently in Christ Jesus, and where we are headed, if we do not change our mindset.( Rom 12:1-2,and Col 3:2)

    If the dream or vision is good we know this dream came from above( James 1:17) if the dream is in anyway confusing, then we know that this dream,or word given to us by another brother or sister is not from the Lord.( 1 Cor 14:33!!) I hope this helps you understand yourself better bro, as well as others.Blessing to you.( Psalm 27:13)
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  8. By any chance do you live in South Carolina? I do, and the storm that is hitting us presently looks like a missile on the radar. Someone else told me he thought it looked like a man's ... (similar to what a missile looks like). The Lord has been showing me for years that he was going to judge America, and lately he has been showing me that we are under judgment. I believe this storm hitting SC is part of that judgment, which could then translate into Jesus having sexual intercourse with you, which could be America, as a whole, i.e. that this is a judgment of God on this nation.

    I had a dream this morning which ended with someone coming to my house saying that they had to turn on "Eleaneezer" road to get to my house. We do have an Ebenezer Road here in my town. The way it runs through the city and the shape of it parallels the shape and direction I26 runs in the state of SC. Ebenezer begins at a church on Oakland Ave. and ends at the National Guard and Municipal Airport. I26 ends in Charleston, and the National Guard is standing on alert presently and is prepared to come in. Anyway, "Eleaneezer" made me think of a combination of Ebeneezer Scrooge and Eleanor Roosevelt and what she is famous for, which sounds like communism and the New World Order.

    I just remembered your dream, which I had read earlier, when I began going through the symbols of my dream.
  9. I believe God is judging the world via this New World Order. I live in South Carolina, USA, and the storm presently hitting us looks like a missile inserted right inside our state, covering the entire state.

    SC is in the shape of a heart, so this could be symbolic of an attack inside the heart of our nation, but it is a judgment of God.
  10. @Jesusloverboy - Just some incomplete thoughts here along these lines. "The Man" is a phrase which refers to the government or to some other authority in a position of power. Consider with me, for a moment, that the "intercourse" of man to man might be symbolic of a "sex act" (politically speaking) between one power and another. If I were you, I would think about what all that entails, and how that might apply, metaphorically speaking, to an attack by one power against another, which would involve inserting a missile (of sorts, perhaps), within that nation in order to bring about its destruction.

    Also, I would suggest doing some research on weather manipulation. Your dream fits perfectly with our situation here in SC. The storm on the radar looked just like a missile inserted inside our state, and there has been much talk in the news about "air strikes." I learned about weather manipulation a few years back, so I am certain the technology has increased by now.

    Anyway, if you read the prophets of old, and Revelation, too, they talked about how God used other nations as judgments against his adulterous people and/or against other nations, like he used the King of Assyria (could be New World Order today) against Babylon, which I believe today is the Babylon (*****) of Revelation, at least as its central location, but spreading throughout the world. Often God spoke of the attack as though it was him doing it himself, which could explain your dream, I believe. I do know that the New World Order right now has been conquering governments of independent nations and that they have their sights now set on the USA, but that we are the *****, so our government has actually invited them inside us to "rape" us, so to speak.

    This actually goes right along with what the Lord is teaching me today from my reading in Isaiah 43-44, I think it is. Where are you presently reading in scripture? When God gives me dreams, they serve as allegories (parables) to explain the practical application of Biblical truth to my life, the church, and the world today. I believe God is speaking to people in dreams and visions right now because we live in an age of massive deception, and it is one way he can show us the truth which is in contrast to the lies that the US gov./NWO and their government-controlled media are propagating. Always check everything against the Word of Truth and in prayer, and pray for discernment, though, because it is also possible this dream was not of God. Only God can show you that for sure.
  11. Greetings in the Lord;
    The Lord uses carnal things to teach us spiritual manifestations.
    The Lord desires an intimate spiritual relationship with you.
    Make sure your relationship is not a carnal one; God is Spirit.
    Many worship Him with their lips, but their heart is far from Him.
    We can put on the face, but God knows our heart. Amen
    Seek only the Lord and not the opinions of men; for they will lead you astray.

    You are well on your way, and the devil has been sent to try your faith; that is his job.
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  12. This just sounds weird to me. I do not believe dreams much anyway.
  13. Much love I send to you, dear one. Welcome to TJ
  14. Glory day to ALL.
    This youngster was shamefully treated by some of the members. Shame on you. He has not returned to the site in 15 wks and 2 days. Way to go guys; your job of persecution and name slinging worked.
    Do not even put ourselves in the place to have the finger pointed at us. Because of how this youngster was treated, how many other youngsters has he told to "don't go to Talk Jesus".

    Some on the post should have been reproached, reproved, yes, even rebuked; is anyone walking in the fullness of God? There is indeed a fullness of self within many; way to go.
    If we have done it to one of the least of these, my children, we have done it UNTO HIM.

    My heart bleeds for this youngster. JESUS died for us ALL!!!
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  15. Whoahhh - hold your horses there @rag4aCrown this posting is not as innocent as it seems.
    This forum gets its share of provocative teasers who like to challenge and occasionally even attack and put down Christian faith.
    This JesusLoverBoy has posted several very suspicious threads that basically IMO attempted to permit homosexuality and Christian acceptance to be upheld
    by the Forum membership. He was IMO testing the waters to promote being Christian and homosexual at the same time.

    Sorry if I came over a bit strong in my response to JesusLoverBoy [post # 2] but by this time I was getting pretty wary as to his intentions on this Forum, given the nature
    of his threads. I do not believe that he was as innocent as perhaps others may have given him the benefit of the doubt.
    1. As Christians we ought to know the basics of what it is about - REPENTANCE from dead works, from sin, from wickedness, from unrighteousness.
    2. Unfortunately, there are very liberal Humanist wolves in sheep's clothing masquerading as churches of God - encouraging those who live wicked and offensive
    lifestyles to remain as they are - no repentance, no denial of the old person, no new creation in Christ Jesus. "Jesus loves you as you are" is their mantra.
    3. Sometimes we have to challenge the confused and the blind and simply tell them "you can't have your cake and eat it as well." You must choose between what is
    acceptable to God and your own desires. You cannot remain living sinfully and belong to Christ.

    Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.
    Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
    Romans 6:16 Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death,
    or of obedience unto righteousness?
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  16. The youngster 18 yrs old seemed pretty serious in replys.
    Why are you the one offended at what I have said?
    The devil is sent to try our faith, brother. What report was returned for your response, brother. What comes out the mouth is what defiles the man.
    This youngster has not even logged in to the love of God on this site.
    Let our conversation becometh the gospel of Christ.
    No brother those words you spoke was all you. Yes, rebuke is in order. Was you exercising the love of God? Was God exalted in your haste?
    I am ashamed of us all. Jesus loves that youngster too. And I pray God send someone with words to mend what you destroy. In Jesus name Lord. Thank you for hearing me Lord.
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  17. 15 weeks and 2 days has not even logged in!
    He has a total of 8 messages on this forum!
    He didn't find help here; did he?

    May God have mercy upon us ALL.
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  18. Yes they will challenge :-! Yes, they will put down our faith!
    Do you hear the spirit that speaks when they do?
    And that spirit is under my feet, praise God for it.
    What would Jesus do? Coddle your self justification? Your say.
    This youngster was seeking wisdom and understanding and we failed him.
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  19. So often people can only see what is before their own natural eyes. Every kind a deviant we can think of and many we cannot actually do now exist in this world which God did create so very good. So why should we not work while it is day to help those who indicate they want to be helped... even if they believe they are deceiving us?

    Soon night is coming when no man can work. If we are not going out among them to shine our Light and we are driving away those who would meet us here are we then hiding our Light under a bushel?

    Will not our covered Light then soon be extinguished?

    "Open our eyes Lord, that we might see Lord, the wonders of your Love" [from a song written by a brother where I have attended services]
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  20. I'm with you @Waggles ... I read & re-read "JesusLoverBoy" posts & I gotta say it seemed very suspect to me. Seriously, think about it - WHO (besides Satan) asks if God wants him to be homosexual? I personally didn't take it serious after I read that it was Jesus that had sexual intercourse with him in a dream. THEN, not only that he wanted a "discussion" about it... what exactly is there to discuss? How it's satan or how much it's NOT a sign from God (PLEASE do NOT insult MY GOD!) either way if someone, ANYONE were THAT concerned about a dream they would have logged in & gotten to the bottom of it BUT instead they post some foolishness, have us shake our heads in PURE disbelief & close the door quietly behind them.. REALLY?!?!

    I'm sorry but it's going to take someone older than 18 to get me all fired up over some ignorance such as that.... Nice feeble try satan but no cigar AGAIN loser!
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