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Was my dream a sign from God?

Discussion in 'Seeking Jesus' started by Jesusloverboy, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Would you have said the same to the virgin Mary? A virgin pregnant! The Holy Ghost did it?! Yeah, I can hear it now.
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  2. If Mary was a male YES claiming to have had a dream about being raped by Jesus being as a male.... most definitely. ... But lets not stop there. Had anyone back then claimed to have had a dream such as that they wouldn't have just spoke to them harshly, they would have had Jesus cast out the demon.
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  3. It is completely beyond the pale to publically speak of such a shameful thing. Dreams can be nightmares, and that one needed to be cast into the bin of forgetfulness, toute de suite, and not brought out to the light of day.
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  4. Jesus would preach righteousness to him. And for the need to repent and to seek to enter the Kingdom of God.
    it is the fear of God that begets wisdom and leads one to salvation in the gospel.
    Jesus wasn't shy in rebuking false religion and challenging people's sins.

    "This youngster was seeking wisdom and understanding and we failed him."
    Was he really? I'm not so sure on this.
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  5. You betcha @Waggles !!! After giving it more thought I came up with this - If someone, ANYONE for that matter knew just one scripture in the Bible they would know that for one - Jesus is AGAINST homosexuality - If they hadn't read it they could see the uproar on television with churches & the gay marriages that have been happening lately. Secondly - For a screen name as he has yet questioned a dream as the one claimed is a joke & should be taken as such.

    I'm NOT here bashing him or them that feel that he is crying out for answers. But I see it as a "gotcha" moment. We would have been in the wrong to entertain such a discussion. There are questions Jesus stayed mute about & for good reason.
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  6. Yep...the username gave him away. It is irreverent and mocking.
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  7. I know God loves you so much, brother; and so do I.

    No, this young man split. He didn't understand and was seeking wisdom.
    If I see my brother sin a sin, I should tell my brother, I loved you enough to do so.
    Brother, let our conversation become as the gospel of Christ. You was rebuking him in worldly language, He understood the language and so did we; it is everywhere and easy to discern, even off the fingertips.
    God has you and I believe this, I hear Him in you. Brother, young man came with a dark dream; did you speak in light?
    May the grace of God and His glory rest upon you today and forever, brother. Amen
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  8. The very judgment he has been judged with ( His user name even), JESUS IS ALSO AGAINST. Get over self and speak the Word of God to the spirits. Speak to the spirits ladies. Don't kick him in the feet with worldly scatter; He is very use to that. Where is the love? Oh yeah, God loves the kid; you don't.

    What I give you in darkness, speak ye in light.
    Are you ladies speaking light or darkness about this youngster?
    Do you know my Lord Jesus? He loves you very much. He died for you and me and that youngster. Amen.
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  9. Sorry my sister I just don't share your optimism in regards to JesusLoverboy being innocent and wanting wisdom from Christians...
    Yes, I should have been more gentler and more caring in responding... but I just found the original posting dream thing very offensive and provocative.
    I guess when one is converted by the power of the Holy Spirit one may forget that not all who profess to be Christians have the born again experience.
    Regardless of JesusLoverboy's true motives... I take your admonishment sister. I will be more humble and exercise better discernment in the future.

    Why is it ok to eat shrimp but not to be gay??
    posted 15th September, 2015
    This is what it is absolutely not eat shrimp for God but many Christians do it anyways.
    And the Christians who eat shrimp also dislike homosexuality and says that God does not like homosexuals , but God does not like shrimp just as gays Is not it a bit hypocritical ??

    Is this really just an innocent question trying to sort through personal issues? Could be? But I thought that many of the answers given were excellent and based on
    good Bible study explaining the difference between dietary law and moral law. So it was quite a surprise to come across the "I had a dream from God" post.
    Maybe he is homosexual and wants to be a Christian, and is trying to sort out his issues and confusion. Again, maybe not.

    Can i be a socialist and still love Jesus?
    posted on 9th September, 2015

    I am a socialist but i still love jesus, but my father says that you cant be loving jesus and be a socialist?
    I need some pro tip
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  10. Maybe and maybe not, brother. Our job is to love them and be a light in all the darkness.
    Brother, I have no problem telling them it is an abomination to God.
    You are God's child; rise above their sin, get over self sensitivities and speak the Word of God to the unclean spirits.
    We can not justify self.
    Regardless what they do, how they act, what they say, how good or bad they may smell, we are to be a light to them, and our speech is indeed seasoned with salt ( for the Word stings a bit). If we do them or say to them the things of the world, how are we separate from them if we act just like them?
    Much love in Christ I do send to you. Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to wrath. Man has tamed every creature under the Sun, but the tongue has no man tamed; well, with God, all things are possible. Amen. Let us not be so soon to forget the deep pit God pulled is up out of. His arm was not shortened for us. Much love brother, God bless you abundantly.
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  11. Brothers and sisters, I have been criticized for my user name as well. I have been kicked out of forums because of my user name. I praise God for it. He have me that name. I wear my rag still today. I look just like them, I have been where they are at, but when God opens my mouth there is something different about me; it speaks of a most loving God, a God of forgiveness, a Savior. Let our conversation become the gospel of Christ. Amen. Then the devil can't report to God (gotcha, told ya so). Those that have ears to hear, let them hear what the Spirit is saying. Amen
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  12. Those who stop in just to torment or criticize Our faith, usually are right back to make havoc of our house again very soon. This youngster cut bait and bailed after 8 messages, has not logged in since September 1 (abt there). I don't blame Him, the wolves in sheep clothing did rip and year. Amen.
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  13. I hear you, but we do have to understand that those who behave as he did are acting out their agenda. They are not interested in knowing truth or even Jesus Christ as demonstrated by the fact that this type digs in to DEFEND sin and to OFFEND the righteous.

    He fulfilled his agenda, and may come back for another kick at the's entertainment for this type. We still must give him the truth, and personally, I don't candy-coat it, and the truth riles the wicked, which, of course is something they get pleasure out of. So, it's a vicious circle.

  14. 42 weeks now and he has not been here. I pray may the Lord send a real soldier that has laid down their personal sensitivities and has put on the armor of Christ. Amen

    You know his heart? Did you hear his cry? One, who is drawing near to Christ, the devil attacks. He may send dreams of delusions or physically attack. And when we hear their confessed delusion, were we a light in their darkness?

    Confess your sins, one to another; BUT, it is too hideous to even discuss. So they remain silent for they know the wolves too.

    I am being salt unto the earth right now; but you will say I am evil. BUT, it stings a bit. Yes, and BUT, we can not justify ourself.

    It is time to grow up in the Lord; and it requires we lay self down. Ye shall now them by their fruits; I heard the fruits of the world biting at his soul. Have we come so far, we have forgotten where we have been?

    If we have done it to one of the least of these, my children, We have done it to HIM. HE SAID.
    If We see someone abuse a child, do we ignore it and walk away? Or did love happen? I cared nothing for my life, but lay it down for my friend (JESUS, always first). The adversary is not happy with me. I praise God for it.

    There is much to learn through this post, search your heart's. Reread it, ponder God's Word, and listen to the spirits that speak.

    It is time to REPENT!
    The kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Amen
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  15. When we are without God or have only a limited experience with God, the worst of times can and do come up against us and according to men we react in the wrong way.

    Even if the wrong words come out of a person's mouth or he apparently takes the wrong actions, does God stop loving him and remove his hope of ever changing for the better?

    How evil was Saul/Paul before his encounter on the road to Damascus?

    "And when the blood of thy martyr Stephen was shed, I also was standing by, and consenting unto his death, and kept the raiment of them that slew him." Acts 22:20

    Today under man's law, Paul's action or inaction in the case of Stephen might have made him an "accessory after the fact" of murder and subject to severe penalties, but God was looking at the heart of Paul which could be and was changed:

    "Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

    And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?" Matt 7:1-3
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  16. I believe he was fraudulent to the core. I trust the Lord, Loverboy would have been back had God lead him back. I don't believe he's a Christian. I highly doubt that "dream" was factual. Shouldn't have even been mentioned. NOBODY has seen God so how can he claim it was him that was "trying" to have homosexual acts with him?

    I stand by my belief & Gods discernment about that kid. Do & feel what you like.
  17. May God have mercy upon us ALL
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  18. Yes, making sure the light that is in you be not darkness. If thine eye be evil, how great is thine evil? Very sad how this youngster was treated by the wolf pack. Yep, I heard the world and what it does; the devil spirit; pointing fingers, and never once look at self, lacking of love, compassion, patience, gentleness, kindness... Good thing God didn't trust us to talk to the who're at the well, huh?
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  19. Jesusloverboy put out the question to us for an answer. And we answered.
    In the end he needs to understand the truth of the matter.
    NO Jesus does not want him to become homosexual.
    I have done a lot of evangelising and witnessing for the gospel over 20 years and I guess the instruction to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves is
    still valid.
    My experience and wisdom guides me to challenge him to repentance and allowing the Holy Spirit to transform his life to the righteousness of God.
    This was not the only posting that this fellow @Jesusloverboy has put up. All of them are provocative and I believe aimed at mocking and sneering at
    Christian faith. Equating the ban on eating shellfish with the commandment against male homosexual acts.
    Those of us who challenged him hopefully encouraged or shocked him to examine himself and realize that God is not calling him to be homosexual.
    If he wants to become a Christian that is not the pathway to salvation. He needs to know that.
    Unfortunately, and this is really sad, there are false churches [synagogues of Satan?] out there that will welcome him in as a Christian homosexual.
    He might be happy and enjoy the fellowship of such a congregation - but in the end it is death.
    Should we have not told him so? Hopefully we did.
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  20. Yes, wise As sergeants and harmless as doves. Doves are sweet and unthreatening; that is not how the forum responded; not Christ like, but world like. He even had in his OP ( I am not homosexual or anything). That didn't matter. Whe, drawing closer to God, the devil will come with strong delusions; were we light in his darkness?

    So someone comes forward confessing they have been involved in beastiality; do the wolves shred them too? Or have love in their heart for them as Christ would have? You know confess our sins one to another? Baring their burden with them; and talking with them the Word of God and what it says and see a soul come to repentance. Praise God, this youngsters life still matters to God, it matters to me, what say you?

    This world is in darkness because religion has failed. We have not been a light in the darkness, but rather bite, kick, and claw their eyes out because they ask a question (even if it be laude); yeah, rather darkness was in the heart's of those that claim to know Jesus, once again.
    And now we justify self actions and words; well he offended me. Let our conversation become the gospel of Christ. This youngster should have heard what God said; not the world's condemning chatter.

    What then? God is only able to save me and you of our disgusting self; but not this youngster?
    Of course "loving" someone in their disgust was the issue here; of course it means got to lay self down and put on the cloak of God; and we can not wear our cloak of liberty to work maliousness.

    This isn't just a forum; it is a gathering of believers, a church. And this church failed this youngster; one opens mouth and scoffs the young one's sin and five people jump on your hand wagon and pats you on the back. Was Jesus one of those patting too? Did you respond to the young man the way Jesus responded to the woman at the well? He told her about living water and if she got a drink of that water she would not have an unsatisfying void anymore to seek another sexual partner with temporary love, but she would indeed trade temporary for everlasting.

    God knows our heart, and while we point fingers and scoff someone for their sins; HE is pointing out our own. Have we come so far we have forgotten what God delivered us from? Or what demons still hide in our closets because it is too hideous for us too confess our sins one to another, be judged, and made free of it. We know better then to try right; least we be treated the way this church treated him? We lay heavy burdens on others and ourselves haven't entered in. Yes it is obvious from the response he heard. Sounded a lot like those that are against Jesus, and not for Him. Who decided the youngster is not worthy of salvation? Who here died for him?
    If we indeed have suffer with Christ and hang with Him on the tree of life, We have died our self; so why is the worldly self what this youngster heard? Too many still in self and not IN HIM.

    May God have mercy upon us ALL. Amen
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