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which bible

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Well -- the Bible Is God's Word. The Holy Bible -- it's a collection of all the books that had been inspired and finally put together in a bound book.

There is the KJVersion. the NKJVersion. And there Is a difference between a version and a translation. I'm thinking that something like the Phillips Translation , for example. It's a 'translation' of a version. That needs to be 'googled' for accuracy.
I have a NKJ / older NIV study Bible and an ESV. They are all God's Word. As is the NAS.

Which ever Bible a person will read.
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Below is a link to an article that has a chart, on Bibles which I have found helpful in getting a general sense of all the Bibles that are out there to choose from. It also provides a link on The Message, which is helpful in understanding this writing. I personally would not suggest one to use at all, but that is something you must decide for yourself.

This is a nice dating chart to take a look at as well.

There is a lot more out there to assist one in comparing one Bible with the other. My suggestion is pray about it, and use one that helps "you" understand with Holy Spirit guidance for illumination on what He wants us to know in His Word.

As a side note. I went to the Bible Museum in Washington D.C. shortly after it opened, and probably could have spent weeks there reading and documenting tidbits of unique information. Sadly, overall to me it comes off more of a tourist trap type of place thought they did a wonderful work with the building and storing/presenting Biblical documents along with presenting a good historical review. I'm sure if one goes there alone and has the time one could find, study, and gather some interesting information on topics that are interrelated with the Bible.

Anyway, I do hope the charts and the article help.
With the Love of Christ Jesus.
I've got an ESV, I've also got a 'Good News Bible'. It's a today's English translation.
I wonder what people think of it? I like it personally.
@LostButTrying -- that might depend on how long you've / a person / has been in Bible in the past --- I'd probably 'pass' on the Good News Bible. I'd probably stick with ESV or NKJ.
I've got an ESV, I've also got a 'Good News Bible'. It's a today's English translation.
I wonder what people think of it? I like it personally.
I grew up reading the Good News as a kid, so I have great affection for it. I think it was translated with people who have English as a second or third language in mind, so it's very easy reading. If you're doing anything remotely scholarly it would let you down, otherwise its great.

ESV is the other end of the scale. Very accurate, but I find it a bit stiff and awkward. Great for close and careful study.

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