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which bible

Discussion in 'Polls' started by grateful4grace, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. was going through the changing the bible thread and it got me thinking which translation do you use and why I use NIV simply because that's the version where I got it if that makes any sense
  2. Hi, g4g'.
    I use the King James Version, for the same reason you use the was the first version I received.
    I've looked at other versions, but they seem to serve the flesh before they serve the Spirit.
    Please continue your efforts to grow in grace and knowledge.
  3. ty i will i have been going to a bible study at a Pentecost church on wed and they mainly use a KJV iam thinking about getting one to at least contrast and compare i lead a bible study on Mondays and its mainly NIV
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    Hello my new friend. Welcome to our wonderful family of Brothers and Sisters that love Jesus, and have great fellowship here at "Talk Jesus". Personally, I use the "English Standard Version" of the Bible. It's very easy to understand God's Word, and has a "Study Version" that's very accurate and extremely helpful explaining tough passages.

    Presently, I'm studying Hebrew. Therefore the Bible I'm using is the "HalleluYah Scriptures" which uses many Hebrew names for people and events from the older Paleo Hebrew.

    I'm not a KJV only Teacher, and I use the KJV & ESV in my counseling and teachings.

    May Yahshua Jesus lead you to the version of the Scriptures that makes it possible for Him to communicate His "Way, Truth, and Life.....Find the "Narrow gate, and the Narrow Road" and stay on it for the Kingdom of God.

    Love You, Chopper :joyful:
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  5. Chopper good to see you posting it seems like its been a while. :)

    I use Esv adn NIv both study versions I like to read both study notes, I also use the NKJ version but it does not have study notes in mine. For me I can not read the KJV very well so I do not use it much but I do have a copy of it.
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  6. the English standard version is something i don't believe i have ever read would like to check it out the NIV i currently use is called the fire bible it has the study notes underneath has anybody had any experience with that jimmy swaggert bible with notes intertwined with the word not sure if i would care for that
  7. I guess i have 6 or 7 different Bibles and parallel them a lot. I I leave it up to God to give me understanding, whether I am reading or listening to any particular Bible.
  8. Hi Dave. My counseling load has been rather large this past year. It has slowed down now, as most have been helped, to God be the glory. Also, about 5 months ago I started studying the Hebrew language so I've been quite busy. Lord willing, you'll see more of me now.

    Love You,
  9. Nice seeing you again and knowing you are still here among us. Thanks for the website, I will go to it, make a donation and put the Bible with my others...look forward to reading it.
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  10. I use the KJV a lot, but I love the Complete Jewish Bible the most...For clarity of speech and the way it opens up the situation more as well...What was happening at the time is part of context.
  11. I have used any and all translations. Whatever was on hand.
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  12. By far, the best KJV study Bible is The Companion Bible, by EW Bullinger. It's a KJV with 198 appendices. The notes probably occupy more space than the Bible text. The notes are mainly word studies and interesting things you didn't know, with little or no personal doctrine.

    I picked up a copy of "The New Testament From 26 Translations" in a used book store many years ago. It's a KJV NT done a verse at a time. When one or more of the other 25 translations differ from the KJV, they are shown under the KJV verse. Handy book.
  13. For me, I have and used many Bibles, even the Message. I have found over the years there are some differences in translation but, I find the basic ( and quite simple gospel) stays the same through out all the readings. I find a good Bible dictionary and a Complete Concordance are invaluable!
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  14. There was a story i heard from a minister who lived during WWII. He told me about another minister who was in a consetration camp. This camp was in Japan. He only had one page of the bible. Every sunday he had a service. Some of the Japanese guards found Christ. He eventually died there.

    My question for you, what part of the bible is not the bible, and what part of God is not God?

    The page he had was from Psalms.
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  15. I would pretty much agree with that. There are a few exceptions, but you can get the truth that you want out of most any Bible. There are some Bibles, though, that are easy to read and some that are hard to read. The hardest one I've found to just sit down and read is the Rotherham Emphasized Bible, and it's considered one of the most accurate. I use it about once a month to see how it reads on a specific passage. I hate the NIV - to me, it's extremely boring.
    I've used the KJV for 30 years and I'll always use it. I can remember when I was a babe in Christ and often had 5 or 6 Bibles opened to see how they compared. I always seemed to pick the KJV out as the favorite. Since I absolutely know of quite a few errors in the KJV, I have no illusions about it being without error.
  16. I have 4 version, those being the NKJV, Living, NIV, and the Message. My NIV is a Zondervan, and I use that often when "going down the rabbit hole". An added bonus for me is that all of the footnotes in my Zondervan are in the NIV version on the Bible Gateway site.

    I have really begun to fall in love with the Passion translation, especially after one of our elders began using it.

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