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Where to go to meet Christian men?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Kelli, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I am thankful to God that I have NOT found a mate yet, even though I'm 36 years old. I say that because I was not a Christian until now, and before, I would have sought a non-Christian mate. In fact I did, and never found one. Thank God! Now that I am a Christian though, I DO hope to find one! I want a good, Christian man. It's important to me that he believes in waiting until marriage for intimacy. It's very hard to find a guy like that!

    Anyway, there are no single guys at my church. I mean that literally. I don't know why that is. It's a very small church, and 90% are women, and the very few guys that attend are married.

    I love this church, and I don't think it's right to go to another church just to find a guy. But then, what better place than church is there to find someone? I don't live in a big city where there are lots of things to do. I just don't know where to go to even meet people at all.
  2. My aunt met her husband at a soup kitchen.
    Doing the Lord's work outside of the church would be a fine way to meet someone also. IMO I think it would be better actually. You would be able to meet someone living out their faith outside of the church.
  3. You don't go to the Goodwill store to buy a mink coat, and you don't go to a bar to find a Christian man.

    Ifyour contentto stayatyour present church, you mmmmmmmmay well stayall by yourselof. Make a change! Find places that have gatherings for adults that like you.

    Pray for the Lord to direct you, and He will.
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    Dear sister,

    Remember Matt 6:33.

    You are the fragrance of Christ.( 2 Cor 2:14) Thats your identity as a new creation in Christ. Which means that anything that is consisted with God's will for your life will get attracted towards you as you make proclamations of these scriptures.

    So if you are looking for a guy, look no more. But trust God to bring him to you at the right time and surely He will make all things beautiful in its time.
    Likewise with friends..if you are looking for a great place where you can find good people who are based on God's Word. He will show you as you trust in Him.

    God bless you richly
  5. Have you thought about trying a christian dating service?
  6. Hi,
    we r praying for u need. But u jst bow unto Lord n ask for ur partner. N let lord answer for u n he ll show d good. And u obey to his commandments.....
  7. If it is lords will. U cntct me...
  8. Hello sisters :) I'm new here, but I've going to church and serving God since I was 10 y/o.Sorry for my ENglish , I'm not native speaker. and Lord did lots of wonderful things in my life. I'm really thankful to Father for salvation He gifted us and for His presious love to us. I feel how Jesus loves me and see that He knows my thoughts, my desires, my pain and He tries helping me. I can tell you that as I'm Christian I mustn't date with unbeliever, but in my country (Kazakhstan) majority are muslims, so I have difficulty in finding my Mr. Right. and I remember once I prayed to God and said that I want to live normal life as others do, I want to go on a date, i want to try a kiss, I want a man I like to hug me.. I'm human being, I'm a girl finally, so I sait to God: "I'm tired of beinf pure girl as if I'm a nun, I want to be loved, why can't I try it with muslim man ??? !!!!" and can u imagine, He gave me situations when muslim man started courtship ... and it went on, so finally the time was close to kisses. I really liked that man, and I wanted him to hug me and kiss me, but after the trial kiss , I must say I felt myself used and I felt that God wouldn't like it at all. Because I must keep myslef pure for my husband. And in scripture is written: " how can the light combine with the darkness" and also written that we mustn't combine with unbelievers. So, with this example, I just wanna say that if u ask God in Jesus name , He will give you, but it's not always good for us. I mean I wanted to date with muslim, and try what is kiss, and I was almost to close to try it but smth stopped me.Because it's no good for me.
    Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that He cares for us all the time.

    God bless U
  9. Forgot to say, other advice to serve in the church is a good one, as u don't where ur Mr/ Right is walking, may be on some worhsips, or in a shop, or somewhere near u , but u just don't notice him.
    To be honest, I understand u pretty much sister, years are running, and woman gets older quicker than man. I think u should 1. look after your appearance, 2. go out of the house more often (don't sit at home or only at work) 3. Be friendly. 4/ ask friends , tell tham about ur problem, and if they are real friends htey will do their best. 5. don't give up (if u want to be married , that means God put this desire in U)

    However, to answer where to find the partner - I can't. Because only God knows that. Pray and wait.

    ( In my country, to stay unmarried when a girl is 25 is a shame. Girls must be married till they are 25, after this age they are considered to be old maids. It's very painful to me too (I'm 26), believe me)

    God knows everything and suffers with us .
  10. How about meating him on the web starting by messages exchange then chat then audio or video call ... `
  11. There is a Christian dating service?
  12. I pray for u just as the Lord brought the wife of Isaac miraculously, may He also bring your husband to u from wherever he is, in Jesus Name. Amen.
  13. Women, please don't "look" for any man. Men, don't "look" for a woman. The reason is simple: God has someone for you, and when it's your time He'll let you know. Believe me, I've spent years praying endlessly and getting my heart broken many times during the process. When you put it in your hands to "look" for that perfect soulmate, you are going to set yourself up for failure.
  14. I'm also having this issue- of looking for my godly husband, but I revel in the Lord in the meantime. Have been overzealous in my looking of late, and therefore kept getting my heart broken... But I trust in God's timing for me. <3

  15. Are you still waiting, or has God already brought you and someone together?
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    I'm currently still waiting bro. I've had a promise from God. But do pray, Lol I look forward to meeting him
  17. yes there is but I wonder if there is only christian by name or by heart.

    You also can meet someone here or at social network. Try to pray for him talk with him share things. communicate

    Don't be too spiritual. We have our task to do And God will do the rest.
  18. I'm 33 years old and have, to this day, not had a real girlfriend. There was one for about 6 months that I went with and tried to get something going with but there was nothing there.
    I've cried and have become depressed because I don't have that special someone I can hold, laugh with, and enjoy this insanity called life with. I've also finally realized that I am not exactly ready for a relationship because my current lifestyle isn't able to accomodate one yet.
    I've prayed for an answer to it, and God has revealed it to me. I must be available first.

    That might sound a little strange because I'm single right now, but I'm not available for someone. My lifestyle, at this time, isn't open for something new and first it must be changed to something that can accomodate the time and devotion necessary to cultivating a fruitful relationship. I must act first in order to open my world up to someone else.

    So, don't be sad you haven't found your mate, because it may not be in God's will for you yet.
  19. A lot of "Christian" dating sites are so by name only. One particular site I came across is owned by a company that also runs a same-sex dating site.
  20. Yup it is true, a lot of Christian dating sites are just commercialized.
    While it is ok that you are looking for a Christian person too, you should always be aware that there are a lot of scams online,
    so please, please, please be really careful all of you.
    Dont just dive in for lonely reasons, hang in there.

    God has a plan. :)

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