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Where to go to meet Christian men?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Kelli, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Talk about prompt. I was getting a divorce. (I became saved after my marriage and the ex just wasn't). I prayed for a wife to share life with. I went to a restaurant with some friends and a new girl was there. I knew immediately she was the one. I hadn't received my divorce papers yet, so I didn't talk to her for 3 months. I just knew. We've been married 7 yrs. and yes she's is a Christian. I was ready and available. Just went about life. You must be social and have something someone else needs. Whose needs make both of you whole. I'll never marry again now.
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  2. Hello all.

    There is a Christian web site where you can chat to people.

    I am not looking for a wife but quite by accident I stumbled
    upon a ChristianCafe website.

    Chatted to a lady and we are having coffee this coming Sunday.

    Hope I do not end up married, I have been free for too long I think.

    On this site you can chat to people all around the world, or choose closer to where you live.
  3. I know what you're talking about, Sister! It's tough being single, realizing just how MANY of us are that way today! It's CRAZY! Yet, we are in this situation for a reason. I am finding that the more I search for a guy on dating sites, the more I'm learning that almost all the so called "Christian" men are perverted... Have you noticed, that now the new word for sex is "cuddling"? And these are CHRISTIAN guys who don't want to be judged for referring to sex outside of marriage as: "It is what it is." They just want their dream Barbie to jump out of their computers to make them happy, and they could care less that this is so displeasing to God (really, they actually believe God is OKAY with it!). I don't know, but when you see the THOUSANDS with a similar mind set, then it CAN get discouraging! But, in the meantime, I'm relaxing in the Lord and growing in the Grace and Knowledge of Him. He's a BIG God and we can ask BIG. So let's do it, and expect a BIG answer!
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  4. This is very true. I've been on dating sites for two years now, having learned about scammers the hard way, although I lost nothing because I believe God protected me and still does. But when you read enough profiles, then you begin to wonder how those calling themselves Christian can stomach what they allow. Because it's so contrary to God. It's because there's a new kind of Christianity, a really laid back one where anything goes and God's okay with it. So if you get "too spiritual" by telling them you won't do sex outside of marriage? Well, you won't hear from them again. Many even ENJOY telling you right up front that you'd better be affectionate and love to kiss. So, what have I done? I've taken to witnessing about the love of God, which seems to defeat their purpose for being on the site (so they say). They're busy liking your photo, but could (most often) care less about reading your story (profile, it's called). So, yes, extreme caution is advised. I will never again make the mistake of responding to someone's personal email, because that's the first clue that you will be in for it. The scammers are EVERYWHERE just waiting, lurking...and, believe me, they take pictures of nice looking guys (identity theft) and do a write up that makes you believe they've really been captured by you, and you've just GOT to respond. Then, generally, it's one week of wondrously romantic conversations and the bomb is dropped. They've got an urgent situation and you, of course, must send money quickly to help. Or, maybe they know some child that needs help, or someone is dying. The one that almost scammed me, considered himself financially successful, ready to bring in a large account. That's when he ended up in Togo, Africa, without his traveler's tickets and I was, of course, the ONLY one he could rely on to get him a hotel room! After all, I was now supposed to be so MADLY in love and he promised me the sun, the moon, and the stars. all starts like that when you get out of the safety net of the dating site. So, live and learn. There are also locals who are honest, but they've become hardened by worrying about"gold diggers", "players", "drama" and "baggage." Oh, and they also get angry if your picture is not recent, though, believe me, it doesn't matter HOW unprofessional and scruffy THEY are. But YOU'RE expected to be near perfect! It can be brutal, trust me. You'd better have your wits about you and be prepared to give an answer for the God you serve. Then be prepared to be overlooked, rejected, chewed out, turned in! And, also watch your account, because the dating site won't tell you, that unless you don't keep an eye on your next monthly payment, it will come out automatically! Well, I guess that should give you some things to think about regarding dating sites. They CAN work. I've had two dates. But I also learned what I shared earlier...that though they say they're not like other guys looking for sex? They are...Christian, or not. It will be a real test for you. But tell them about Jesus? And it will also be the loneliest, ADDICTING thing you've ever experienced.
  5. Amen to the scam part! I was on a paid "christian" site for four years and all I got was the Nigerian oil scams. They send you flattering letters (sometimes the english is not too good) and the red flag is they say the are in "offshore oil drilling". Then they hit you up for money to come to the U.S.!!:crazy:
  6. Yes, it's true. These dating sites are truly dangerous, and addicting! Yes, I had two dates, and made some internet friends (who were forever afraid to meet me!), and what happens, is that the emailing gives us courage to say all sorts of things that we'd probably never say in person. And, then, we will "dump" anyone who just doesn't fit our mold, dumping them into cyberspace, so to speak, which really gets to be cruel. Because, again, the things that are said, via the written word, with no accountability behind it? Makes the whole dating experience more like trying to find perfection in the least amount of time, like heading through the drive through window at the local fast food joint. But, true love doesn't work that way. We're really going to have to trust God to handle our loneliness,knowing that it's a season for Him to do some molding, or, "re" molding, in our own lives; my guess, the latter to be the case, painful as this may seem. But we can remember how merciful our Maker and Redeemer is, and how much He knows our pain, and how much He cares that we have the more abundant life. It's so much all about HIM, isn't it? The ONE Who wants to ever be FIRST in our lives. And, then? I believe that everything will be added unto us, even if that means PERFECT PEACE in singleness. It's a cruel world out there, and maybe we might just make the most progress in our witness for Him, by being single. Can we accept that? God will help us, if we ask. It's HIS call, isn't it? Be of good cheer, then. He's an AWESOME God! Tilly
  7. In my opinion I don't believe there's a pool of Christian men or women somewhere. It sure would be nice, but i don't think it exists. My advice would be that an individual speak God's word/promises out loud over themselves every day. Flood out the negativity of Satan that has been built up over time and I believe, as the faith begins to grow on the inside an individual will attract attention and interest wherever he or she may go. I can attest to this as I've seen it work.
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  8. You are very right some time its very hard to find a single m/ f in side the church. Same is with me. I am attending a medium size church but not find some single lady interested in me lol.
  9. Its 50/50 that we could find some one Godly on Wed.
  10. I see there are a lot of us singles on here including me so at least we know we are not alone , who knows if we all pray for each other God may find us a someone . Prayer is powerful and effective.
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  11. Brother Jimmy Swaggart teaches: When you come praying, come believing! This is the hardest thing for us, to believe that God actually has someone, and that He will not allow us to mess it up either; that is, if our faith remains in Christ and Him crucified and not in some other Christian fad. Our victories are still found in the finished work of Christ. I think there's a place on here where some of can can email each other directly. I send out a Daily Word email. God bless you all. Tilly
  12. I know how it goes-I am apalled by so called christian men who fornicate and want you, if you were to marry them, to do ungodly sex acts which I refuse to do! It is disheartening.
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  13. Well said gal, me too .As a Christian I have morals and self respect and all that fornication stuff makes me sick ,but there are also very decent Christian men also who will be on the same wave length
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  14. I personally find any dating site risky as you never really know who to trust and I agree that men do go on Christian dating sites purely to lure women in , it is a difficult one.
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  15. All things are possible with God. I met my ex wife through a Christian dating site. Wasn't meant to be. But others have found their special match, all because of Gods works.
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  16. Yes Chad , you are right , all things are possible with God and I do know Christians who have found there perfect match , with some of us it takes time and if we leave in Gods hands and in his time it is possible to meet the right one although I personally get inpatient at times which I shouldn't , I thinkthatds down to being 42 and still no luck in a relationship but sometimes think its caused by my own choices and not Gods choice after all he knows best eh .
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  17. @Melanie Rayworth

    Yes.....All things are possible with God and He works in amazing ways
    And meeting someone doesn't have to be on a dating site

    I know of a couple who met here at Talk Jesus, who shared beautiful Jesus centred fellowship and who have now been happily married for some years

    However, the most important thing is putting Jesus first and seeking His will, keeping eternity in mind rather than earthly matters
    All other things then fall into place perfectly, whether that means meeting someone or not

    The Lord will guide you always
    Isaiah 58:11
  18. Its great advice thanks Fragrant Grace :)
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  19. thx for sharing this
  20. Dear Folks,
    I have found some interesting Christian men on EHarmony. Though I would never have believed it. I got on in January (2015) to attempt pulling out anyone who might accept a Daily Word email (The Lord having started this ministry about three months ago. There are 90+ recipients). So, to have "dating site" men accept this ministry... without even desiring to know me? It has to say something about our God. At least EHarmony has stuck with my criteria, and does not throw me every thing that walks. Now, don't get me wrong. There are plenty of scammers that creep in to try and persuade me that they are also Christian.. But I can pretty well ferret them out by what they say. Because it's NOT Scriptural, by any means!
    So, for the past two months, I've been having TERRIFIC dialog's with a very intelligent (disabled) Naval Captain, even though we're zillions of miles apart with no foreseeable romance in the making. But we have taught each other much, and have become dear friends. Which does alleviate the burden of loneliness, and gives us someone to share our day with. I must praise the Lord! The email Daily Word ministry has led me to this friend, even as the Lord is now opening new harvest fields through Facebook, Google, neighbors, friends and acquaintances. I'm even learning to blog. Therefore, I'll appreciate any tips you might give on where this Daily Word email can reach others. I'd like to see it grow to 100 readers before the end of this month! Oh, and we're also just now starting to pray for one another, as well as our nation. Do contact me if you'd also like to be a part. I'm telling you, it's God ordained for such a time as this.

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