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When were you baptised?

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When were you baptised?

  • As a baby

    Votes: 26 16.0%
  • As a teenager

    Votes: 38 23.5%
  • As an adult

    Votes: 48 29.6%
  • Both as a baby and later in life (teen or adult)...is that allowed?

    Votes: 38 23.5%
  • I was never baptised

    Votes: 12 7.4%

  • Total voters
I was baptized just two years ago. I was sooo afraid that my pastor would like pull a trick on me or something. As he is that kind of guy. That was one of the best baptizms i have ever been to because there was this lady who could never walk, and she wanted to be baptized. So we had to carry her down into the pool that we were doing the baptizm in and after the baptizm SHE COULD WALK!!! She was running around the lawn. And it was sooo amazing. She still has to use a cane. But it goes to show that God still preforms miracles!
i was baptised on the 10th of may 2002. i had attendened a youth alpha course where i truly found god and spent months longing to be baptised. i moved house after the course though so i had to wait for a few months. iwas baptised as a member in my new church but had members from my old church there to witness it too! it was great!!!
Baptised Twice... thrice?

Yada, I'm like you. I was baptised as baby by the Catholics, but oddly raised in a very godless home. I found God on my own, as an atheist, at 25 years old, I accepted Christ as my personal savior. It took many years to become a "real Christian" and to understand what it all meant, really. But initially, I got saved and baptised by Calvary Fellowship in Seattle, Washington. Considering my ways were not very Christlike for the first decade of attempts, sometimes I think I'd like to be baptised again. Anybody ever backslide, and then get baptised one more time? I'd like to know if anybody's ever done that. God bless all of you for seeking the Truth, the Way, and the Light. - In Christ, CaliFlower :love:
I think i was Baptised in the holy spirit at age 7, (well my mum said i gave myself to christ at a Billy Graham thing at a big football stadium) Still would really want to be Baptise in water one day.......
I may have excepted Christ at 7 but ignored him till i was 23, all i can say is i'm so pleased he chose my beautiful wife and i...........
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I was baptized as a baby through Catholic church, but.... then when I was born again I was baptized again on November 2, 2003. I was 16 when that happened.
For me it was very important, I had never been interested in God before, and I was born again, so I wanted to be baptized in my new life .
And this will last forever.
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sorry i missed one poll entry I was as good religious parents are baptised as an infant. The Me and my brother were rebaptized together when we we 13, lol we are 50 wks apart so we joke that we are twins for 2 weeks. anyway it was strange what happened we both went in differant directions from there. It sounds corny but that is when i recieved the spirit
i always wondered why people baptise their children at birth. First the innocent are saved purely by innocents. second baptism should be done in early teens when they are old enough to take responsibility for their own spiritual development.
Praise our God.
it's marvelous, I was only recently Baptised in Sept 07 couldn't get it arranged, until I changed churches, Holy Spirit lead, and all of a sudden without even asking it happened.
It was a water Baptism, full immersion.
It's a wonderful experiece, I have it on DVD, nearly my whole family came.
I so felt annionted with the presence of the Holy Spirit for long enough after it.
Baby Baptism is Tradition, holds no Biblical significance, people just follow tradition, as my Mum made me with my children, it's only when I was born again that I realized this is of no importance.
Read somewhere that if a child dies and he/she hasn't been baptised do you mean that child will not go to heaven because they were never baptised as a baby, not at all, Jesus said Himself that if we don't have the faith of a child we will not see the kingdom of God.
They just believe they don't question as adults do, my Grandson of 10yrs received Jesus only a few weeks ago, I dare say he doesn't understand much, but he believes.
Enjoy your Baptism, brother, Hallelujah, Jesus made it all possible.
of course you can be baptised, again, it's when we become aware of it's meaning, as we don't when we are babies, it is only tradition of men then, share your desire with your Pastor.
I too was Baptised as a baby, I don't remember it, as you won't, it wasn't our decision then it is ours now though.
I got baptized when I was 13, because I thought that my Dad wanted me to. I never really understood why though. I was baptized about 8 months ago in my church about 3 months after I accepted Jesus as my personal savior and began my walk with God. I think that you should be baptized for your own personal reason, not for anyone else's, just like being saved only you can have a relationship with God no one else can have it for you.
praise all to God given Tondaleiyo
yes it is for our own personal desire we give our life to the Lord Jesus,
no else should be involved, unless they are helping you understand.

My husband once said was I pleased he was going to church for ME
my immediate reply, was it's lovely your going to church, but please
dont go for ME, go for yourself because you want to hear about Jesus.

Then months later I thanked him one time for going to church with me
he answered me and said, I didn't go for YOU I went because I wanted
to go for myself, he remebered.
It's taking time for him to surrender his life over to our Lord Jesus,
I do believe it's his few nights a month social drinking keeping him
from bowing the knee, but the Lord too will destroy those chains
and set him gloriously free.
God Bless you and welcome to the family
you are absolutely right. It has to be your decision when you are ready.
Thank you very much for the reply i hope you stay active. This is a good house of the Lord

my you always be blessed in all you do.
baptized in a church when a baby and after I accepted Jesus As my Lord and Saviour That was when I knew what was occurring :)
I was baptised when I was a baby. Unfortunately, I believe the reason I was baptised at such an age was for the sake of tradition, not for the sake of my belief/trust/faith in God.

-I wish I could be baptised again!
Why do you believe you can't be baptised again?
wow, I was raised Anglican so I was with much the same Traditions you were, including infant baptisms. I was born again when I was 13(well 1wk before my 14th), I remember that so well because I was rebaptised. The vows in the baptism are meant to be a promise between you and Jesus since, He and you are the only 2 that know your heart and disire to life according to the laws of God and follow His example in life. Children are automatically children of God because of their innocents. If you feel we should be rebaptized when were are old enough to live and follow the Ministry of Christ. Infant baptisms are I feel a part of the same traditions of man that Jesus warned us of in the Gospels. Your heart seems sound if you feel that strongly get rebaptised but I hope we talk before that.
the Lord keep well in His Will >>> agape
Yes, I to was brought up Anglican, well C.O.I. but it's the same
and Baptised as a baby, my Mum was nuts on this baby Baptism
thing. It was because of her influence that my own children were
all baby Baptised also, C.O.I.

I dislike speaking about denominations, I would never say I was
this or that
I always answered when someone asked what church do you
belong to, 'Church of God, built by Jesus Christ'
only my last born son was dediacated by the Belfast City Mission and
it was done at home, it was lovely much better than my children
who were Baptised in Church and much more pleasing in God's eye's.
I was baptised at the age of 16 by my own decision and haven't looked back scince. My life has been good scince then so I guess God has blessed me.

I though baptising babies was part of dedication (I never went to a Anglican or CofE church so forgive my ignorance on the subject) and the desicion to be baptised as a symbol of new life/ washing away old sins was different to that.