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What more has to happen for Jesus to come?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by farout, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. The body is dead without r spirit. It says those who sleep in Christ Jesus God will bring with him that's r spirit that he brings once the spirit is return to the body it is resurrected. and if you read in cor. 15 it say's we (ALL)shall be changed the ones resurrected and the ones left alive and we shall be caught up together
  2. Taylor in his word it say's the dead in Christ rise first so could this resurrection be the rapture? And if so when it the resurrection ?
  3. i am not sure what your question is.
  4. I think the dead in Christ shall rise first
    Means that those that have passed believing in Christ are already with him that's why they rise first .. And we who are alive and remain cannot precede them because they are already gone.. Like Taylor pointed out in 1cor.chpt.5 to be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord.. Also ecclesiastics 12 vs.7-8.. We have a God of the living not dead
  5. Is the resurrection and the rapture the same event? Since the dead in Christ rise first. Thess. 4:16-17 And the ones left alive r caught up together with the ones that was dead.
  6. Thess. 4:14 say,s God will bring those which sleep with him.1 Cor 15:52 say's the dead will be raised incorruptible and we will be changed is this two diff. events and 1Thess 4:17say's we will be caught up together with them into the clouds
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    Thess. 4:14 say,s God will bring those which sleep with him. say's the dead will be raised incorruptible and we will be changed is this two diff. events and say's we will be caught up together with them into the clouds
  8. Front Thess 4:16-17 say's the dead in Christ shall rise first . OK rise from where (the grave) because Thess 4:17 say's that we are caught up together with them in the clouds
  9. I am not an end times specialist but, it seems that to me, there is not much left to be fulfilled before Christ returns. Though I believe in it and look forward to it, I always have said it really doesn't matter. Your Armegaedon comes soon enough when you die, you best be prepared!
  10. RJ it really does matter its call staying with sound doctrine so it does matter what we believe and tell others
    • Never said I didn't believe in the doctrine and I said I was looking for it?!?!
    • Never said that what we say and tell others doesn't matter either!?!?
    • And you missed my point completely!
  11. OK I'm sorry but way to many believe in the false doctrine of the rapture
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  13. RJ I believe in us being caught up its the timing the teaching behind the rapture . Question is the rapture the second coming, and resurrection or something else?
  14. Please, again comply with Forum Rule # 6, use scripture when citing a Biblical point!
    What scriptures support your Biblical point of the false doctrine of Rapture?
  15. OK 1 Tess 4 :13-18 what do you see here? Is this the coming of the Lord? Or is this a rapture separate from his coming ? We can put scripture up all day but if we don't see what it is saying then we will not understand . Everyone has scripture. But do they see it till the Holy Ghost opens their eyes to see .
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    • The word Rapture is not mentioned in scripture but "being caught up in the air" is the same thing.
    • The rapture is when Jesus Christ returns to remove the church (all believers in Christ) from the earth. The rapture is described in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and 1 Corinthians 15:50-54. Believers who have died will have their bodies resurrected and, along with believers who are still living, will meet the Lord in the air. This will all occur in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. The second coming is when Jesus returns to defeat the Antichrist, destroy evil, and establish His millennial kingdom. The second coming is described in Revelation 19:11-16.
    • So you originally have said that being "caught up in the air" (Rapture) is false doctrine as your name norapture also implies but you quote scripture that supports Christ first return to gather his church.
    • Please, no offense but you are really confused I think!
  17. Bare with me on this what I gather here is the rapture isn't his coming. But its when we are caught up and the dead are resurrected ? So this is the resurrection? Not his coming or is it his first coming?
    • I think you are confusing the rapture or Christ's gathering of his church, which he is in the air at that time, with his " 2nd Coming" it is towards the end of the Great Tribulation...Revelation 5:5; 19:16. it is much more detailed than this but here is some very basics:
    • His "First Coming" was as a Lamb, not to condem but save. The "Second Coming", he comes as a lion to judge and destroy. The gathering of his church (what is known as Rapture) is in between these two events. This is the Pre-tribulation rapture, which I believe but there are many other views like mid and post tribulation rapture and others.
    • But again the Rapture is modern man's word for the "being caught up", a more direct translation is "snatch up". Never the less, it is clear at this time, is when Christ gathers his church and returns to heaven. I think a noteable event shorty after this is the Great Banquet that is talked about.
    • This is all well and good and we should preach and await Jesus return but your death and subsequent judgement is probaly closer and we should be more concerned with that!
  18. Oh OK so the rapture is the resurrection of the saint ? This is not a coming is that right ?

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