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What more has to happen for Jesus to come?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by farout, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. My understanding is that many Christians have the misconception that they won't see any part of the reign of the anti-Christ. If so, what would be the point of his reign if he is against all things Jesus represents other than demonstrate something everyone at that point agrees with?
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  2. Antichrist is what hang Him on the cross. Jews, that did not, and do not believe that Christ was or is the Savior.
    It isn't gonna come, but is already here; just like the Word says; and it is rising strong, in one accord.
    And God's people continue to sit on their logs and do nothing, waiting to be "raptured" out of the tribulation.
    Some do greatly error.
    It is appointed for every man to die once. Scripture does not lie and makes the "rapture theory" a lie.
    Yes one will be taken and one left; so who here knows their appointed time of physical death. Yes He will comes as a theif in the night. Amen

    I believe a true follower knows their time is come; just like Jesus did. God doesn't lead His children blind folded.
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  3. I believe based on my understanding of the WORD is that absent from the body is present with God.
    Meaning that yea dead saints are with God but however they have not yet received their incorruptible
    bodies. So they will in a sense be resurrected to their new bodies and in a sense they are already resurrected
    because they are with Jesus. So that is how I reconcile what seems to be conflicting scriptures.
  4. True, as Scripture says that the Devil entered into Judas to initiate events which led to the crucifixion of Jesus. A number of Jews were looking for a militant minded messiah to free them from Roman rule. Jesus, teaching peace, love and brotherhood, did not fit that concept and was subsequently ignored.

    They err in that they ignore their prime directive of seeking the lost and gathering the harvest at every opportunity until the Master tells them to put down their tools and rest.

    When Paul wrote the words describing the saints being caught up in the air, a number of disciples speculated even then it would happen in their lifetime.

    True. One can follow blindly and be well meaning, but not paying attention to the signs on the trail creates confusion, frustration, and ultimately failure if not corrected.

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