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What are your views on Disney?

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Disney is

  • evil and should be boycotted

    Votes: 14 50.0%
  • harmless family entertainment

    Votes: 11 39.3%
  • no opinion

    Votes: 3 10.7%

  • Total voters
Staff member
Grace sorry I really don't agree I am Christian and as you can see by user name I am massive Disney fan I do not agree banning Disney is up to you as a parent but the magic is clean magic done with songs the satanist characters the evil queen maleficent etc are beaten a character I find a good role model is belle she is kind caring and sees what is on the inside instead of the out good Christian traits wouldn't you say There is no cussing no sexual imagery just nice old clean family films to. Enjoy

Greetings @Disneyfan30

Disney is a master of deception
It is candy coated evil, deceiving children and adults alike with its fairytale stories.
Walt Disney was connected with Anton Lavey the leader of the satanic church.

Prayerfully ask the Lord to lead you to the truth on these matters....He will.

Seek pleasure and enjoyment in the Lord and His word, not in the world.

The entrance of Thy words giveth light;
Psalm 119:130
You are allowed your opinion I will stick to mine I may not agree with what Walt Disney did but his movies are entertaining I grew up with them and that is a fact I don't see how as a Christian me loving Disney affects my believes
Staff member
You are allowed your opinion I will stick to mine I may not agree with what Walt Disney did but his movies are entertaining I grew up with them and that is a fact I don't see how as a Christian me loving Disney affects my believes

Seek the Lord on these matters @Disneyfan30
Let Him be your guide.
He loves you and will only lead you in the right way.

Let the Lord entertain you with His perfect love...He alone can satisfy all your needs

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
Romans 12:2
I will keep to my views thanks I love Disney and Disney princesses I have them tattooed my arms so I ain't going to change my mind the Lord will not look down on me for watching a good film at least they are not full of sexual themes and violence swearing And you can say all the scriptures you like but I love Disney it is family friendly entertainment lets just leave it there
Staff member
And you can say all the scriptures you like but I love Disney it is family friendly entertainment lets just leave it there
No @Disneyfan30

It will not just be left there.
It is wrong to push the Lord and His word aside because of a worldly love.

So you have tattoos of your disney idols and you are a great disney fan.
The Lord won't love you less but is this really what He wants you doing?
Is it glorifying His name?

This forum is about Jesus and what He has done for us.
It is a place to praise His name and look to His word

Seek the Lord, seek His will....His ways not the way of the world

The dearest idol I have known
Whatever that idol be
Help me to cast it from Thy throne
And worship only Thee*

* hymn Cowper 18th c entuary

One of many links that could be posted here
I am not putting Disney above the Lord I am sure he wouldn't love me any less we all have hobbies and this just happens to be mine I don't go around telling people to love Disney The Lord is my idol but I am sure enjoying a film a lot is not a sin
Loyal Member
The resort is a nice outing for the kids. As for their films. We can't blanket them. They make so many. As with every film we need to watch each on its own. I walk out of films that push boundaries that bring conviction. I will teach my kids to do the same.

What is clear from posts here though is that we cannot trust cartoons that look sweet and innocent. Evil appearing good / angel of light is satanism 101.
Loyal Member
I am not putting Disney above the Lord I am sure he wouldn't love me any less we all have hobbies and this just happens to be mine I don't go around telling people to love Disney The Lord is my idol but I am sure enjoying a film a lot is not a sin
Just as we can't be all anti Disney, we can't be all pro Disney. We have to discern everything 1 Cor 2:15.

I am guessing you don't have kids.

My four year old watches Mario and Luigi cartoons on you-tube. I caught him watching an adult remake of them where they are blowing each others heads off with blood and guts everywhere. I was upset, but NOT as upset as I am at 'subliminal evil'.

Subliminal evil is worse. Discerning this should be Christianity 101.

Kids have little to no barriers against this. We as parents are supposed to bring them up in the Lord VS with satan. A kid will be brainwashed by everything they see. It is science / common sense 101 for developing minds. The question is, what are we putting in their minds? A loving parent is a vigilant parent.
Loyal Member
I like the fairytale films only
Don't blanket films. One fairytale can be fine and another not.

My concern is chiefly with children. Adults / mature Christians are not easily influenced unless they want to be. A working brain can discern evil. It's really not hard. Children do not yet have fully functional working minds.

I don't see much wrong with your love for Disney and princesses and what not. It may be fine for you, but by you espousing what you do you could stumble children. Christianity 101 is being an ambassador for Jesus. Not for our carnal passion which does have an overwhelming stench of subliminal evil.

IE you watch and enjoy the movies, great. No harm. You are not affected. You know better. Good. You pass. But don't promote what you know is evil. Even if you enjoy it. See what I am saying?

I watch vampire series. I enjoyed Harry Potter. I will not let my kids watch vampire series. I will not promote Harry Potter.

The bottom line is we have to grasp these boundaries. Developed mind VS Developing mind. Saved VS Unsaved. Then understand fully these verses from Paul Rom 14:13-23. vs 14 I know, and am persuaded by the Lord Jesus, that there is nothing unclean of itself: but to him that esteemeth any thing to be unclean, to him it is unclean. But if thy brother be grieved with thy meat, now walkest thou not charitably. Destroy not him with thy meat, for whom Christ died.
no unfortunintly cant have children i am not in a relationship anymore anyway everybody has there own opinion if someone dont like disney i am ok with that but i my self am a fan
i am quite seeing what your saying the villians are evil but i dont know whear i would stand showing my younger sister disney that is up to my mum . i guesse i would have problems with some of the characters
I am a fan a Disney but Walt Disney the man himself did some disturbing things My fave character is belle from beauty and the beast. I believe she is one of the characters with good morals but that movie doesn't include evil villains just gaston who is egotistical a movie like li princess and the frog is full of voodo Magic which can be disturbing now I think about it maleficent is also a very weird character and Ursula is obsessed with the occult and stealing a young girls shoal today's posts have made me do a lot of thinking I still love belle and the aristocat Marie who I name my cat after but some of the stuff is quite disturbing
So I come to a conclusion I love Disney and always will but I don't agree with the man himself or some of the characters thanks everyone for help it has really made me think princess and the frog is full of evil a cult so I am not watching it again same with sleeping beauty
Loyal Member
Everything "good" thing that man has accomplished alone [without God]is at best a mixture of "good and evil', because that is what we have been consuming (eating and drinking of the wrong tree) all of our lives. If a person is able to obtain enough good from Disney without being overwhelmed with the evil it cannot be the worst of ways to go. If we must reject all that is Disney because of the evil we have seen, then perhaps we should also reject our guns, our automobiles, our computers, our TV sets, our radios, our day-to-day connections with very worldly people, etc.

What it comes down to for a believer is following God through the example presented to us through His Son and by the Spirit that He has put in us. Sifting is necessary so long as in spite of not being
OF the world, we remain IN the world. Without God's help none of us can sift properly not only with regard to Disney any forms of entertainment, but with all of those things I listed above and more...

God did make everything "very good", but man has sown his "leaven" of evil into all of those very good things. This is why He sent His Son: To make a Way where there was no way.


Disney is boycotted in our household....its films, its fairy stories, its characters.

Its sexualisation of young girls, wizards, witches, magic, sorcery, poisoned apples and subliminal sexual imagery......... are all considered to be worldly evil and garbage.

What are your views on Disney, its films, its characters, its fairy tales and its annual gay festival?

Fragrant Grace I agree....Disney indoctrinates and desensitizes children into accepting what you stated above as the norm, when God tells us in his Word that these things are an abomination unto him. The church today is lukewarm.
Staff member
When this thread was started back in 2013, it was surprising at how many defended Disney and thought it harmless. The poll results to date still show this.

I wonder with more recent threads discussing Disneys (not new) gay agenda whether eyes are now more open to this evil?

Does this ride not say it all?



My heart is grieving. Satan has deceived so many in the church to accepting Disney, Harry Potter & Pokemon Go as okay...I lay the blame on the pastors. The church today is lukewarm/silent and has inadvertently allowed for their congregations to be unlearned on the importance of being gatekeepers (the eye gate: tv, movies, books & the ear gate: music, teachings at school) for their families with no Godly discernment to know what is evil and an abomination to God (Deuteronomy 18:10-13). Many Christian parents are raising their children to be desensitized and more prone to experimenting in the realm of witchcraft & sorcery, homosexuality, etc., amongst their unsaved peers. The pastors need to give a clarion call to parents today at the pulpit to raise children to be as Daniel, Joshua, Caleb, Joseph...young men of God who stood up against the majority to hold up a standard/sanctified unto God separate from the world 2Cor. 6:17.
Loyal Member
In case anyone decided from my previous #56 that I favored Disney products, let me clarify that I do not. My point was simply that the whole world in which we live is very much painted over with a wrong brush. Once God has given us His understanding for us, the burden is then on us on how to proceed. If that happens, then we must be certain that God is with us all of the way through it.

Nevertheless, declaring for others what is wrong for them may also wrong, unless God has led us to make such a declaration.

I still did not cast a vote in the poll as I would not be comfortable with any one of the three choices as being my fixed position. God is fixed, but until each of us has overcome the world as did Jesus, a definite black and white answer for today and today's situation may not be correct tomorrow. We are, or should be, growing... That means changing.

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