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What are your views on Disney?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Fragrant Grace, Jun 14, 2013.


Disney is

  1. evil and should be boycotted

    14 vote(s)
  2. harmless family entertainment

    11 vote(s)
  3. no opinion

    3 vote(s)
  1. #1 Fragrant Grace, Jun 14, 2013
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    Disney is boycotted in our household....its films, its fairy stories, its characters.

    Its sexualisation of young girls, wizards, witches, magic, sorcery, poisoned apples and subliminal sexual imagery......... are all considered to be worldly evil and garbage.

    What are your views on Disney, its films, its characters, its fairy tales and its annual gay festival?

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  2. I respect your opinion and how you're managing your family -- but that is not how I view it, nor how I operate with my kids.

    The Disney corporation - in my view - took a major step back towards focusing on wholesome family entertainment when it sold Miramax and took strides to go back to its core focus: the family. Are their adversaries / witches / imagery in its movies? Sure. There is in the Bible too though, and I wouldn't guess you boycott that. Many of the Disney stories are stories about good and, by definition, you'll see both these representations in its movies. That's why I like them. They are little vignette's that vividly portray just a small essence of the Gospel, if you think about it!
  3. I think it all depends on seriously you take it.
    Many Disney movies are full of witchcraft. (Escape from Witch Mountain, Bednobs and Broomsticks, the Sorcerers Apprentice, Mary Poppins, Sleeping Beauty, the Black Cauldron, The Frog Princess, etc..)
    But Disney portrays magic in a cutesy harmless sort of way. If your kids are old enough to know evil form good and magic is evil, then it doesn't matter so much.
    If they are still young and impressionable, then make sure you explain things to them.

    It is said that Roy Disney is gay and even wanted to make cartoons with gay characters (this is already happening outside of Disney as well).
    The are comic books and computer games now with gay characters in them. Even the Sunday comics have it.

    So it comes down to, to we shelter our children from the world? Or do we expose them to it with Spiritual teaching?
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  4. I thought it was all great in the past but nowdays it has moved from the great talant it once was to just dribel they have lost that spark of old as it's focus has moved to a deranged point of consept. it once came from a fun spirited imanigative perspective but that has changed now, to lame people just working for a living as they have nothing on the original people who inspired it's begining.
    It was a inspiring fun up lifting thing to see but now it's lost that to a sad focus of evil lead direction inspired view. that is just the trend with all today. as people are in love with evil. it's just mind numbing to me to see, their is no story line of any real worth.

    Looking back i remember saying to my brother of how great Disney was and the USA was seen to be the greatest nation in the world by far and the rubbish we got from the UK was just that, 3rd rate. now we have a sick world of PC wimps runing the show.
  5. Walt Disney, who can doubt he has made his mark in the last century, he was without doubt one of the movers and shakers in the early part of the last century in the industry, his movies and animations are forever imbedded in our Psyche. To say his studio is immoral begs the question where did you get this information on him. Almost a conspirator labeling to influence the young malleable minds of the young.

    When starting out he made sure he had a squeaky image by his spin-doctors. I believe he was far from squeaky clean as most would disagree with the notion he was corrupt and say others are wrong in their decisions to question what he did. Conspiracy theorists are labelled that for calling out the ideology of his empire and what he portrayed to the public through his movie studios.

    He is iconic.

    So why beg the question he may have been corrupt and hence corrupt young viewers.
    I grew up with Disney as did my children.

    I see there were/are many underlying themes in his movies and cartoons. We live in an age where the TV is thrust upon young minds and whatever they watch sinks in to their thinking. There lies another topic in itself. What do you let in to your children’s minds? From experience and doings when my kids were concerned I filtered what my children watched with a passion to protect their minds from what was presented to them. As they are adults now they make their own choices and decide what to watch. Protecting our young is paramount in their developing years.

    So I beg the question why is he so wrong to label him evil.

    I like to deal in facts so here goes.

    • I have seen snippets in children’s movies of porn and phallic symbols.
    • There is sexualisation in his movies
    • There is the ever present occult and witchcraft underlying in most of his productions.
    • He was a Freemason [Luciferian Doctrine]
    • Questionable Porn underground [Elliot, Walt Disney’s Dark Prince.]
    • Many of his animations had focus on the buttocks and even pouting them in front of the young minds.
    • Children rebelling against their parents, resulting in them calling the shots rather than the parents.
    • If you look closely at today’s Disney signature you can make out three sixes in the title to Disney’s films.

    As Christians we need to watch over our young.
  6. I believe Disney is totally corrupted because of the following reasons.
    The only present magic as a solution to a problem. They always promote this concept of good magic against bad magic. As Christians we know that all magic is opposed to God and is 100% demonic. Plus most of Disney's thematics always have to do with a girl meeting her prince charming and that's all. I'm not refering to Miramax or other associates which include more family oriented concepts but Disney and most of Disney classics and more contemporary cartoons are about that. Remember that what we watch and listen "feeds" our minds and soul. But I'm not sure about how to manage this as a parent. I'm not sure if banning them from kids would really help them. I believe though that what would help if for the parents to be really filled with the Spirit and living in love, unity and obedience grounded in God's Word and passing on this message by both behavior and teaching to their children. Thus when the children grow up they will be able to discern what's false from what's real. Also parents can watch other cartoons and animation with their children since there tends to be a greater thematic variety nowadays. Wall-e or Despicable me kind of films for example or Christian the Prince of Egypy, are some examples.
    But that's just my opinion as a young Christian and educator.
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  7. My view on Disney is this: I could not afford to go if I wanted to so my view doesn't matter- LOL
  8. Boanerges, it may seem you are mocking the severity of this topic...Why
  9. I am not mocking anything or anyone. When my kids were little they had a great time at Disney World and we did not see nor focus on any of those negative points.
  10. Prepare to boycott everything on TV and the internet, and forbid them to have friends too, then... I see it as actually harmful to "ban" everything instead of teaching children to detect anything harmful in TV shows.

    You need watch shows along with your (young) children and point things out, teach them what witchcraft looks like, explain the symbols and beliefs, teach them how the values in some cartoons today oppose God's values.

    They are not going to be living with you forever to be "protected" by your restrictions and "bans". Even worse, they will become bitter and resentful of you when you ban them from everything.

    The result will simply be that they will have absolutely no interest in God's way; they will hate you, they will hate His way, and abandon it to go searching for what you "deprived" them of - since you simply banned everything instead of using the things that surround them as teaching tools. I guarantee it. Teach them instead of forbidding them to watch even the simplest animated movies.
  11. Amen x 10!
  12. Greetings @love_yeshua

    Where on this thread have you seen anything about restriction, bans and banning from everything?

    Where on this thread have you seen anything that says forbidding them to watch even the simplest animated movies

    What are they being deprived of?
    Where in the thread does it say everything is being banned?

    This thread is specifically about Disney
    Its magic, its sorcery, its witchcraft, its sexualisation of young girls etc
  13. I believe this topic goes deeper in retrospect to analyzing what our children watch. I note that this topic ‘s defenders are from defenders of watching everything our children watch and saying it is ok. I will also add it is what our children listen too as well. For those naïve enough to say we should throw the baby out with the bath water have been deceived into believing it is ok to be involved with what Disney has portrayed deep beneath the veneer.

    There lies the deceit of what I was talking about. Gullibility, saying it is ok to be involved in the macabre of Disney. You have been hoodwinked.

    Passive aggressiveness will get you nowhere.

    You may fail to see that I did this when my children were young and they have grown up as healthy adults. They have not missed out on anything. My son just said to me today, “remember how you did not let me listen to ‘Insane Clown Possie’ i now know why-They are Sh!t. The best way when they are young is to deny them of what is harmful to their psyche without them even realizing it.

    Sorry to say as my son is now turning 21 he has never said that, are you speaking from experience or idealism.

    Being an advocate of the occult and monarch programming is naïve too. Please look beyond what you see. See the in-depth programming you are presented with. Disney is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For those who are aware of Walt’s ideals are not lead astray. Being a parent who knows what is best for their children are like precious diamonds that glow throughout their growth. It will reflect the Love that has been imbued to them. Protecting them from the corrupt.

    Bless our Lord for giving us the wisdom to do so.

    Don’t mean to ruffle feathers yet I must speak the truth…
    God Bless.
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    As with all things you have the right to your own opinions. While I appreciate some of what you are saying I had to be the one "filtering" what my kids were exposed to, not you. While I was more watchful than you give credit for I do not see a demon under every single rock. But please, feel free to boycott whomever you choose.
  15. #15 love_yeshua, Aug 22, 2013
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    You fail to understand that the reasons you gave for banning Disney, therefore compel you to ban a host of other things. Why would you ban Disney for witchcraft or sexualization, but allow the myriad other things which have the exact same content? That is not logical. You will ban Disney today, and will be forced to ban almost everything else tomorrow. Unless you're not being honest, and you just have some illogical personal vendetta against Disney in particular.

    Or, the most likely scenario: you just read/watched some information on the "shocking" things in Disney shows, and you don't actually know what witchcraft looks or sounds like. Because if you knew, you would be banning just about everything. I should not have assumed that you actually detected these things on your own. You just found out about "the evil of Disney" somewhere, right? Or you just know about some "illuminati symbols" or some "subliminal messages" but have not the foggiest idea of what they truly mean.

    If you think that shows should be banned because they have what Disney shows contain, then you will need to ban pretty much every childrens' show and every movie, and every primetime drama. When you finally have adequate knowledge beyond the typical narrow Christian view of the world, you will understand what I am telling you. Based on your current principles, your ban will need to extend to even your childrens' own classmates, because their friends come from all kinds of homes. You know how many kids' moms do witchcraft? How many kids get involved in their parents' religion? If you are teaching your kids about God, what makes you think other parents are not teaching their kids about the Triple Goddess, ancient Egyptian gods and Satanism? It doesn't matter if they go to church, they are still doing it. That's why I said, with your attitude, you must prepare to ban pretty much everything.

    Or, you can supervise and teach your kids so they will know evil when they see it. But first, you need to educate yourself a lot more!
  16. #16 Fragrant Grace, Aug 22, 2013
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    This is the question the thread asks @love_yeshua

    What are your views on Disney, its films, its characters, its fairy tales and its annual gay festival?

    It is not about slamming peoples parenting skills and choices

  17. 1.The mere fact that you think you "did the same with your children" shows how little you understand the world as it is now. Do you really think things are even remotely similar to how they were when your kids were growing up? I grew up in your son's generation, but I am slightly older. Honestly it would be so good if any kids I have, could grow up in the generation I grew in. It would be so much easier for them, compared to now. You are not keeping up-to-date with anything that is happening right now, you are living in a world that existed years ago and are clearly uninterested in informing yourself. Fragrant Grace is being forced to bring up her kids now, not 20 years ago. This isn't the age where people use CDs. This is a new age, completely different from when I was a child. This is an age where every single thing is tainted. Don't pretend to understand when you haven't even kept up with what children today are watching and playing with. You have no idea what Fragrant Grace is up against.

    May I also point out that age 21 is far too early to properly evaluate how your son has turned out. If you really have brought up the way you claim, I feel sorry for him. The slightest thing is going to trap him very easily.

    2. Disney is a wolf in sheep's clothing...just like everything else. And I mean everything else. Including the Christian church and religion of today. It is your job to show these things to your children. Not to ban things left and right. Do you celebrate Christmas? Easter? You like celebrating your birthday? Then you have not understood and it is time to do some serious research. Wolves in sheeps' clothing, you are absolutely right.
  18. Well I don’t know how old your children are, however as I said my son is 21 and daughter is 20. Both still living at home. They love us to bits and vice-versa. No signs of rebellion at this end. Must come down to our parenting skills which has included vetting what they watch.
  19. Walt Disney passed away in 1966, the same year it was announced by some in the Church that God was dead. While his films have included church topics (primarily Roman Catholic based), he really did not take to religion. Roy Disney lived just long enough to see Disney World in Florida begun. He was not Gay. Michael Eisner tried very hard to return Disney Studios to animated themes in part because young children need at least one parent to accompany them. He also wanted Disney Studios to retain a family oriented theme which placed him squarely in the gun sights of GLSEN who resented his traditional family POV. Has Disney Studios released materiel which is questionable? Certainly. You will find the rare entertainment enterprise which does not. The purpose of Disney Studios is to entertain both young and old. The Studio took a lot of material and put their own spin on it; sometimes out of necessity for film, but sometimes their creative license made for a better story line.
  20. I have heard differing opinions on this, but even if he wasn't he was a proponent of a book published by Disney called "Growing Up Gay", and he was the one
    who approved "Gay Days" each June at Disneyland.

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