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Seriously ill

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Apple, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. Dearest Apple

    It touches my heart to hear about your pain but I'm sure not nearly as much as the pain you are in touches your soul, your faith, and your life.
    I pray that God will thouch you in a magnificent way and I pray that through the power of the almighty God you will just experience His love and His presence.
    May the Lord take away all your fear and may He comfort you and cradle you as only a Father can.
    Truly from the depths of my soul I believe that our God can do this for you.

    Praise the Lord and may He bless you and be with You and may his will be done in your life.

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    Dear Father,
    I thank you for apple thank you for taking the stripes for her healing on the cross of calvary. Father, I ask that Your healing power flow through her body and make her completely whole in Jesus name. amen. apple, Jesus is your Healer and He understands the pain you are going through.
  3. Thank you for all of your prayers. The good news is that I wasn't admitted to hospital.

    I need to go back next week as the doctor is concerned about me.

    Thank you God that I survived today's appointment.

  4. Apple,

    Know that you are loved and that we are standing with you in prayer for your healing.

  5. Apple, I am just curious, what illness are you suffering from? You may have already disclosed this at some point in this thread but it is very long. What have the doctors diagnosed you with?
  6. I am sorry that this thread is so long. I was asked to keep it all as one thread, rather than separate prayer requests.

    I am sorry too, but for fear of rejection, I can not disclose the doctor's diagnosis. If that means that you can not pray for me, then I understand.


  7. No need for apologies, Apple. Actually, this means I will pray for you a little differently, thats all. God bless
  8. my father in heaven , i have just recently met this lovely lady , lord i beg you to be with her right now , she is alone and needs to know you are there with her . lord please make it possible for her to see someone ,she is in need of company, we trust you lord that your will will be done , but lord in the midst of your plans keep her safe and comfort her give her overwhelming peace . lord i pray that if she can be moved that it will be sorted with ease , in jesus name amen
  9. Thank you Lisa for your thoughtfulness and your prayer.

    I appreciate it.

  10. Father I pray that Apple will rest in Your loving arms tonight and sleep peacefully knowing that Your angels are around her and You are ever present with her. Speak to her heart and keep her in Your perfect peace as she trusts in You to keep her safe and free from too much pain as she is without her lifeline (landline phone) may she awake in the morning knowing she has been looked after by You Lord in Jesus' name I pray amen. Thank you Father.
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    My Goodness, Just Look at All of These Replies!

    Listen to me Apple, go to The Almighty GOD, pray to HIM through HIS Son Christ Jesus. Imagine HIM holding your hand & Jesus holding the other hand as you talk with HIM. Tell HIM how much you feel mentally & physically.

    I do this when ever I feel afraid and/or alone & it really does sooth me.

    * But when I do, do this I would usually ask HIM if HE would hold my hand & let Jesus hold the other hand.

    I am so sorry for the pain you are now going through, my heart is sadden for you. I will add you to my prayers.

    May your walks with GOD be Blessed Ones! *genesis
  12. Thank you for the very kind posts.

    LLJ - Your prayer was beautiful and I was able to sleep last night. I did wake a couple of times, but I did what you advised and prayed. It is nice to think that the angels were looking after me.

    Jonah - Thank you for your advice. I have tried so many times to pray about this pain. I believe that God hears my prayers but in all honesty, I don't usually get any soothing effects as a result of them!

    Thank you both for your kindness

  13. Thank you Jesus for looking after apple last night and for giving her a good sleep. Thank you that she has started learning to trust You to look after her and keep her safe. I pray that apple will have a good day today without her landline to talk to people. I pray that she will spend time talking to You. I also pray that she will be blessed with visits from friends she has too and that she will be surprised at how well this day goes. I pray that her pain levels will be low too in Jesus' name amen.
  14. Thank you LLJ for the prayer - that pretty much sums it up!

    I hope that you have a good day today also.

  15. Look to what awaits you

    Dearest sister,

    Don't be afraid. The worst pains the world can inflict upon a faithful Christian do no more than bring us home to Heaven.


    Heavenly Father, this child of yours has been ill before, and is ill again. The doctors she has asked tell her that the illness is deadly and they can do nothing for her. But we know that You can do anything because You are the Lord God. No sickness is too powerful, no condition so damaging that Your holy touch could not undo it.

    If it is Your will that Apple come home to You, I ask that You send her the thoughts and well wishes of those who will lift her up to see that glorious invitation for what it truly is: A summons to Your holy side. Let the peace of that most wonderful call override any fear she has as she clings to the things and life of this world.

    If it is Your will that Apple become healed, I ask that You please count the faith and words of those of us who pray with her and for her, that when she is weak we may be strong for her, to help her believe that You will deliver her from this sickness.

    Thy will not ours be done in all things.

  16. Apple

    I'm so glad that you are trying to be closer to God, that says a lot in itself. That shows that God is with you, because if he weren't you wouldn't even be trying. So don't give up sister. You're doing great! God bless you!
    Dear LORD, please watch over Apple as she sleeps and as she arises. Calm her fears, give her peace in her heart. Please let her feel your presence. Lord, I know that you said if we had just the faith as a mustard seed that you could move mountains. We know that Apple has this faith, and we know that you are moving as we speak. The problems that she sees as huge are really small to you. You have her in your hands and I praise you for that. Now, please reach down and touch her today and let her pass peacefully to the other side, if it be your will, if not, then please heal her and let this experience bring her closer to you. We love you LORD, and know you have answered on her behalf. Also, we rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus, because we know he is the father of all lies and that he is telling her you're not there, But LORD, we know you are because she wouldn't be here if you weren't. My heart pains for her right now. You also said where two or more are gathered in prayer for any cause that you would be there and you would answer. Thank you dear LORD. In Jesus Name, Amen.
    Apple, be wrapped in God's love and in the warmth of knowing that you have people on here that love you. God is working through these people in here and showing you that he will never give up on you, so please don't give up on him. I love you so much, even though we are in different parts of the world. But God's love reaches farther than the eye can see. Look up the words to the song,, "The Love Of God". and please send me a reply to this post if you can. I'm so worried about you. I don't know if I'm too late in getting this message to you. If nobody has heard from you will somebody please let me know! Thank you so much.
  17. Hi Apple. I just wanted you to know I am praying for you. With God we do not loose anything and according to His Word all things work for our good even when we cannot see it. May the Lord's healing and peace be upon you.
    Many blessings in Jesus wonderful Name,
    your brother Larry.
  18. amen with all my heart!

    Apple, a hug for you sister :girl_hug:
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    We should show our love to GOD EVERYDAY!!!

    Listen to Jesus & never forget His Teachings, for they are from GOD.

    If I were in your shoes, I would really want to live for GOD more then I ever had before.

    My love for HIM, I would boast even more, I would want to draw even closer to HIM, then I ever could before.

    Serving GOD - like - HE chose only me, yet knowing perfectly well HE has chose others as well.

    To live like nothing else matters in this world, at all, but HIM. Doing HIS will to the extreme.

    *** TRUE - this is how we should live & show our love to GOD & Jesus Christ everyday.

    Giving up on all games, books & other stuff that have nothing to do with GOD and Jesus' Teachings.

    And definitely give up the games that go against GOD - like - dungeons & dragons, a game my brother likes to play and I keep hoping he'll give it up.

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