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Seeking, but not sure what!

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But it seems people on this forum are living in a fantasy world of make believe. Have they ever read the Bible from cover to cover? If they are Biblical literalists how on earth do they excuse the nasty things god is supposed to have done, or do they read it wearing rose coloured spectacles?
No one has responded in kind to your comments. Which should tell a little something about the Christianity, Bible, and God you denigrate. Since this thread is getting you no where, and seems to agitate you. I will be closing it to further posting.

For your sake please reflect upon some of the postings made to you here. They were intended to assist and in no way done to alienate you to concepts and ideas you asked to be "in tune with". They were done that you may know the great love and joy we have in and of our Savior Jesus Christ.

We pray that one day you might find your way to the foot of the Cross, which is where it began for us all.
Not open for further replies.