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Secular music

Discussion in 'Polls' started by naomi, Nov 13, 2005.


What sort(Christian/Secular) of music you listen to?

  1. Only Christian

    26 vote(s)
  2. Only Secular

    2 vote(s)
  3. Both

    54 vote(s)
  1. Protect what you allow into your mind for what's in your mind will make it to your heart.

    It's not that music is secular that one needs to be concerned with but what is being said is the concern.

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  2. This is known as growth toward God. Don't let it end there. You should be growing until you have no more time left.
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  3. It is what pleases or displeases God that matters. He made all things "very good" [Gen 1:31] and if we use what He has made in the manner that He intended, we will be OK. God certainly wants us to enjoy His creation. It is man following his own heart and leaving God out that gets him into trouble.

    Consider playing a game of baseball. It might be called secular, but if our heart still is turned always toward God even as we are playing the game it is certainly still "very good". We know that at times baseball is not very good because of poor sportsmanship or selfish motives being lifted higher than God's way of doing it. We must watch out own spirit and even when enjoying a good ballgame keep God at the top of our heart.

    Same would go for music. I am also at least an amateur musician. I play all kinds of music on the piano and harmonica when I am alone, but some I do avoid some music even when I am alone. But don't let my guidelines be yours. Something that would tempt me to sin might not tempt you and vice versa. That is between you and God. With this we should also keep in mind how we may appear to our brother who looks to us for a good example.
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  4. Many Christian songs are not biblical in my opinion if you really look at the lyrics. Many gateway or hillsong songs are great musically but oppose the gospel. I listen to both but I try to be discerning with the lyrics. Some Christian bands I like are third day, disciple, demon hunter, casting crowns.
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  5. @amadeus2
    Would you then say that the "tool" is neither good nor bad until the purpose/use becomes known? Even then it's not the tool, but the user that is culpable?

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
  6. It is what is in the heart. Of course, the some tools may not have a good or proper use. Most tools however do have a good or proper way to use them. Normally, it would not be our place to stand in judgement on how another person used something anyway. I say, usually, because sometimes the person has asked us for our input and/or sometimes God may have nudged to get involved. As you say however, the fault if there is any fault will be in the person even if the tool has no good or proper use according to God.
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  7. Words, Words, Words
    That's the DANGER in some music.

    What you allow into your mind directly influences on how you view things.
    Blessings to you
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