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Secular music

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What sort(Christian/Secular) of music you listen to?

  • Only Christian

    Votes: 29 33.0%
  • Only Secular

    Votes: 2 2.3%
  • Both

    Votes: 57 64.8%

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what do you do when your friends play 'their' music?
I ask because I to only listen to gospel music, can't abide secular stuff.
But when my famly have their barbeques they play their music which I can't listen to, I usually end up going to a another room, what do you do?
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Sister Maureen,

I know this is not a question for me, but I'll at least share my point of view.

For me, I hate hip hop / rap music so much. I can't stand it one bit. If I hear it, I'll probably ask my friend to turn it off (in a joking manner so I don't sound round). I would even make comments about how stupid and childish the music/lyrics are. I have yet to hear any hip hop song that is mature and not evil in any sense. So the conversation would only make sense when passing such comments. Food for thoughts for the host playing the music.
no offense to anyone but much christian music seems cliche. So im stuck mostly worshiping the Lord through instrumental music. Also there is Christian hip/hop to anyone who was wondering. i cannot seem to find any good ones though
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Your entitled to your opinions and taste as everyone else is. I'm not sure why you feel its "cliche". Casting Crowns, Rebecca St. James, Newsboys, Hillsong, etc....all amazing bands to name just a few.

I have an instrumental CD as well that I got from church. Its very relaxing indeed.
Lecrae and Flame are some good Christian rappers. They talk against drugs, money...everything that secular hip hop talks about. They also quote Bible verses in their music and I love that. Here are some songs that I personally like by them.

Lecrae-Will you take me as I am (talks about how Jesus will change you)
Lecrae-Wait (talks about waiting till marriage)
Flame-We need you (talks about how we need God)
Flame-Context (talks about how to interpret the Bible)
Flame-No Silence (talks about witnessing)
Flame-The Godhead (talks about the Trinity)
Flame-War of the Minds (talks about defeating depression)
thank you so much Chad, interesting but are you not 'square' instead of round or is that the new round as they talk?

what then about the what's called the 'oldies' as my hubby is stuck in this era being our age probably, he's not saved YET but in the car it's what he listens to, in saying that it's mostly the radio he puts on when I'm in it with him and it makes me cringe all those kind of songs, I try my best to not listen, that's not easy, can manage it some of the time but not all of it, I just love being on my own in it and listening to my gospel music such a differance we cannot praise God with anything else in music, although the instrumental is relaxing.

Any suggestions on how to overcome this, he knows I don't like it, and we are in car together quite often.

Have actually found myself not wanting to go at times, and we've a long drive to Kells this Friday think I'll take my personal CD player and listen to my own, he'll probably offer to turn if off completely.

Love Casting Crowns reading their book lead me to buy the CD so glad I did.
also Chris Tomlin.
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I voted Christian music and that what I voted but sometimes I do check out the secular music or a more of a cultural music like Spanish secular music but that I don't always get down with it but I do rather listen to CHRISTIAN but I'm glad that they got real nice professional Spanish Gospel because I like listen to Merengue, Spanish Reggae or Reggaeton, I like salsa and Bachata but there is another one but sound a bit like Salsa and Merengue but has but a different beat I guest I'll call Spanish Pentecostal music LOL!

I do listen to praise and worship and Gospel Rap and Christian Hip Hop and R&B and like Dancehall and Reggae because I do get down with Jamaican music LOL. HAHAHAHAHAA And I do like listening to Black Gospel with a choir in it because they know how to JAM LOL...

There one that I'm dying to look for is the Spanish Reggae call Plena but that is in Panama but I sometime listen to them but is a secular ones but I like it but I am really dying to know if there is Gospel plena but there is Puerto Rican music call plena but it dose sound a bit like salsa accept it dose sound more African LOL But I don’t if anybody know any about Panama Reggae if there gospel ones out there???
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originally posted by Maureen
what do you do when your friends play 'their' music?
I ask because I to only listen to gospel music, can't abide secular stuff.
But when my famly have their barbeques they play their music which I can't listen to, I usually end up going to a another room, what do you do?
The hand of our God is upon all them for good that seek Him. Ezra 8 V22
Well with the friends department, they are all christians. My brothers and sister in Christ listen only to christian music. When I had secular friends they respected my stand on music. As for BBQ's, or any occasion ( weddings ), majority are Christian gatherings.

In a non Christian gathering ( not parties,or clubs ), If you're in someone's house you're not accountable for what they entertain, I would simple tell them to turn if off, or low it down, better yet introduce them to Christian music ( always have cds on hand ). I can carry on a conversation about the music industry, and when ask what do I listen to they're surprised to know even though I know the secular bands, I dont entertain them. I get to bring in God, and why I dont like what the music promotes. ( It takes away the whole music is evil which comes off as ignorance to others )

When I go to weddings I can not be like " turn that off ", I have fun without the music affecting me. Music is a big part of my culture and family, so it's been pretty hard for me.But What I entertain or do in my house and on my time is what God Judges. If we always walk away from secular settings how do we bring light into the dark places.

The Holy Spirit will lead us.
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Very good points Rizen 1

think my family would look at me as if I'd two heads if I brought my Christian Cd's with me.
I know they wouldn't entertain them.

But in saying that my son has just been saved he's 28 and I will have him as an fellow brother in Christ so perhaps with the both of us supporting Christian music we maybe could break through, will have to try that out next BBQ.

your blessed that your gatherings are with other Christians although your right how do we be light in the darkness if we don't go there.

I'm off to a dark place tomorrow, the only light among 5 others in a county cottage, dear Lord how I need to shine brightly for your glory.
I listen to Christian

Personally I only listen to Christian. I think secular music gets me in the flesh. And it's already a fight to crucify my flesh daily. I think secular doesn't help make that fight any easier. Also there are so many great Christian bands out now. That sounds good and lifts up your spirit.I love Christian rock!!! Also alot other kinds of Christian like rap,pop,praise and worship etc.I also listen to classical which is just music. However I don't think that's considered secular is it?
If you would like to listen to what's new in Christian rock,pop, or rap. (edited by LLJ)
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I to agree with you it does stab in the flesh, I don't like it for that,
what's the point in singing those silly words, when we could be praising God with our lips.

Christian music washes over your whole being, sometimes the very hairs on my arms even stand it is so powerful and sinks deep into your spirit.
christian vs secular

I have to say, I only really listen to "Christian Music"... but if a secular song has christian lyrics, then I dont see what is wrong with it.

My personal interest is christian bands, because I know their motives and morals are with God, but its not the MUSIC that is christian... it is the LYRICS. There is nothing special about the drums, guitars or keyboards that make them any different from secular music. However, even Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have sung songs with Christian lyrics, so I tend to stick to bands that I know are Christian, because music was made to worship God, and so what better way to use it??

Its true that many secular songs can be good and "inspirational" or even just classics, but I guess as long as you remember that you reap what you sow, so would you rather have Britney Spears dictate your future or a band who's focus is to bring praise to God? Just make sure you keep the balance right and listen to more worship and praise than secular songs. That way, you know GOd still comes first.

Sorry if this post has been confusing... its late and I'm kinda tired!
Good topic though! See ya!
Look at Elvis how many gospel songs he recorded,
you'd think listening to him he was a saved man.

Even Dolly Pardon has her fair share of them too.

I agree though, I'd rather listen to Christain groups or singers as you know their heart is out and out for God alone.

Best to listen to more gospel than secular, here here,
I can't listen to anything other than gospel by gospel singers/groups, as I've already said.
no offense to anyone but much christian music seems cliche. So im stuck mostly worshiping the Lord through instrumental music. Also there is Christian hip/hop to anyone who was wondering. i cannot seem to find any good ones though
If you're worried about christian music being cliche and your friends not liking it, there are heaps of christian bands that don't directly sing about God, so they appeal to other people aswell. And because they are renown as christian bands, you know that their lyrics still hold up the christian values and stuff, instead of a lot of the junk other songs talk about. i've also found some of the more well-known bands are a good witnessing tool, because it helps your friends to rethink their own pre-concieved ideas about christianity.

some of these bands include:

RELIENT K - punk, rock, that kind of thing - one of my favourites :smile:
PILLAR - rock, heavy metal, etc
P.O.D. - rock, heavy metal, etc - P.O.D. have even been on the secular pop charts several times
THE FRAY - alternative - also on the charts at the moment. While they dont sing about God, they are still a christian band...
STELLAR KART - punk (a lot like secular band "SIMPLE PLAN")
LIFEHOUSE - alternative, rock - famous for songs "Hanging by a moment" and "Everything", both used in movies and many teen shows (like Smallville at one stage)
SWITCHFOOT - alternative, rock - famous for their song "Dare you to move", and many of their other songs have been used in movies and on the charts - another one of my favourite bands
UNDEROATH - heavy metal, rock, screamo - (I'm not completely sure of their classification as a christian band, but they are all christians)
LACRAE - rap, hip hop ( i haven't heard much of Lacrae but I know its good)
THE ALMOST - rock, alternative (new band- singer was the drummer from underoath)

There are also so many other bands that are christian, but dont sing 'worship', so they are great for unsaved friends and relatives, and still save you from listening to the other secular music.

(BTW if my rock/punk/alternative/etc classifications arent quite right, feel free to adjust them! They are just what I personally consider them to be)
There are so many good bands coming up now...I've totally stopped listening to secular music...Infact now I don't even feel the longing for that kinda music.
Just wanna know how many brothers/sisters listen to only Christian music??And also tell me what you think about secular music..

Naomi :love:
i really hate secular music
I listen to some secular music, albeit with some boundaries. There are some bands that I no longer listen to at all because of the content. I am aware that some of my brethren are weaker in this than I, and I try to be careful not to cause them to stumble on account of me.
. I am aware that some of my brethren are weaker in this than I, and I try to be careful not to cause them to stumble on account of me.
It's not about seeing yourself stronger.
I posted this earlier and find it fits here.
The line we as individual believers draw or place as a boundary can only be made from within the understanding that we have at the time or another words from within our own personal thinking and or beliefs.

Even though we grow and mature in Christ and our thinking has changed since we first became born again, it's still incorporated with our thinking and understanding.

I have said all that to say the following.
It's not about "Sin" as we would believe.
Scripture tells us "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:"

This is not the same thing as thinking oh I can handle this or I can listen to this and be safe because I know better.
The above is a piece of trickery or deception from our enemy who knows first hand this is not true.

Everything about us stems from what we believe and our believing stems from what we think and our thinking is HIGHLY influenced by what we say. Yes indeed our own Words are big in shaping how we think and believe.

So see this,
When we feed our selves with questionable material THINKING it's no big deal for I am smarter then to allow it to effect me, we really are only deceiving our selves.

Our enemy knows it is as worms , working around in you building STRONGHOLDS within your thinking.
Why is this such a huge thing?
Because it's being done no matter if you believe it or not and it's all done without your knowledge.

So what is the danger here?
It's quite simple, beyond ones knowing, our enemy is SLOWLY building STRONGHOLDS in our thinking which go UNNOTICED to us and our enemy is able to slowly sway what you think and believe and it's all done without your knowing.

So now through these strong holds our enemy is able to -
Mold how you understand God's Word
Hinder how God's Word works in you
Mold how you think and respond to things.

NOTE.......ALL Done without your knowledge so another words, one is just out for a joyride with the devil driving.

Second Note.......
It's these worms planted in you thatWEAKENS your ability to WIN BATTLES against him, it renders you unable to stand against him because he is able to BLINDSIDE you from WITHIN YOUR THINKING .

Scripture instructs us to be rooted in Christ.
So yea thinking things can't effect us is being DOOPED into closing our eyes and allowing our ENEMY to get roots in you as well.

We need to root out all those worms.
Blessings to you
By secular, do we mean everything that is not religious?

Bach's Magnificat and St Matthew's Passion are Christian and good to listen to, but his Cello suites and Brandenburg concertos are secular, and therefore to be avoided?
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