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Rice Expert Needed!!!

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Fragrant Grace, Apr 3, 2013.

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    Buy yourself a rice cooker, one of the most useful things on the planet. You can just put it in and forget about it. Makes the rice perfect every time, as a side dish, for rice salads, or fried rice or risotto.
    The one I got has a setting for plain rice, risotto, or even stir fry (you can stir fry vegetables and chopped meat in it, useful for fried rice). I got one after regularly burning the bottoms of my sauce pans when I forgot to turn pan off. Burnt rice is the worst.
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    Yes I agree.....Burnt rice is the worst

    Just a few days ago I put rice on to boil and forgot to reduce the heat setting.
    We all had to evacuate to let the thick smelly smoke clear.

    So @james1523 and @Aadi ...... I think a rice cooker is the best option.
    Thank you for your replies
  3. LOLLLLLLL AAdi. I'm Filipino :p I can't eat without rice in the table...

    Sis Julia, cooking rice depends on its variety (kind). Different kinds needs different amount of water. 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice is good enough for regular kind. Soft and sticky rice don't need that much amount maybe 1 and a half cup can do while harder kind you can add much more water than the regular one. I tried cooking brown rice for a Daniel's fast last year, and I found out, they needed much more amount of water than the three kinds mentioned earlier. But am not also sure if brown rice has also different kinds?? :D :D :D

  4. LOL EF... I'm on with Chinese people right now (Hong Kong). Cook each grain in it's own?? LOL. Rice cooker is common here but don't know in Mainland China though. But I think so their rice here is also different with ours in the Philippines. Sometimes I can't also get the right amount of water especially we're buying three different kinds. :embarasse
  5. Great!! :D Rice Rice Rice.. Haha
  6. I think it is the rinsing that makes it gooey. Always used Revbrad's method and came out fine. I see it did for you, too. Wonderful. Rice is such a terrific staple.
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    I agree @dailywalk

    Certainly some white rices seem gooey and gloopy if they are rinsed or soaked

    But brown rice I find does much better if soaked for a few hours

    Thanks everyone, for all the good advice in this thread

    I can now cook rice without continual disaster and have even prepared a few tasty eatable dishes that my family have enjoyed
  8. During our years in a ministry, one man was from Thailand and another the Phillipines and it seems rice was often the order of the day.
    But I confess, I never thought of brown rice. Good to know! Thank you!
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  9. cooking rice depends on the variety you used... but usually, cooking rice is on 1:1 ratio... 1 cup rice should also have a cup of water... we do a lot of rice cooking in the Philippines and that's how we did it. hope this help...:smiley:
  10. I am not usually a proud person to claim expertise, but I think I know my rice. I think the following is considered 'the way' to do it by folks that know rice.

    Use a pot, but nothing too big. I prefer my rice and water take up at least half the space.

    1) Wash the rice completely. I don't care what the instructions say. This is what people from rice eating countries do. I prefer to wash it in a pot and it can take about five changes of water before the water remains clear after stirring the rice in the pot. I know some people use a metal strainer, but to me the pot method assures me the rice is properly washed.

    2) There are three general grain sizes - small, medium and large. For small (like sushi) use one cup of rice to one cup (or whatever your measurement) of water. Medium grains use 1 1/4 water to rice. Large grains use 1 rice to 1.5 water. I know that you are confused right now, because everyone says '2 and 2'. After washing, you don't want the extra water. Also, smaller grains need less water, although most people just use long grain.

    3) Bring rice to boil, somewhere between that volcanic state water gets to and that just bubbling on the surface state. Turn heat to the lowest setting. Leave for twenty minutes, covered. Afterwards, move the rice to another location for 10 minutes to cool.
    After ten minutes (longer is okay too) stir rice. There is a slight change in moisture that stirring will resolve.

    I use a lid with a hole like a rice steamer.
  11. The rice gets gross is you rinse it and don't reduce the water.
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    Thank you @Last Things for sharing your expertise here

    I have had so much useful and successful advice on this thread.....I can now at least cook rice that is edible

    I will certainly try the techniques you mention too.
  13. Oops, I should have said 1 to 1 1/4 on the medium grain.

    Try my way sometime, it always works. Just make sure to watch it from overboiling.
  14. My hubby makes our rice...well his rice lol. He "sprouts" it first.
  15. Well since starting this thread a long time ago I have learned so much more about cooking rice.

    And recently I have found an even easier way to cook it.

    Rice cooks perfectly in a slow cooker/crock pot.
    If you are a busy mum or out at work all day this is a perfect solution
    The rice or rice dish can be put on to cook first thing in the morning and depending on the cooking setting, by lunchtime or the evening a delicious meal is ready to serve

    I will post a few recipes over the next few days
  16. Okay dear brothers and sisters
    With much help from posts here, I am now able to cook rice! (reasonably well anyway ☺)

    But now to move do I make perfect egg fried rice.
    Any tips?
    I've tried following a few recipes but without much success.

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  17. start with cast iron frypan or wok, soak wholegrain rice overnite, and seen in chinese takeaways, they flip and scoop the fryup many times....ignore me if you like fg, just bachelor cook :)
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  18. Thanks @robaston

    How and when do I add the egg?

    It seems to go all slimy and gunky when I do it.
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  19. wow, neva had this, i have pan very hot and 1 mins before i turn off ( cast irons stay hot for 5 mins or so), i put in egg...i like yolk a bit runny (not really the chinese way) but not the white.
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  20. OH Sorry I thought you were getting married...LOL
    I usually do 3 cups of rice for my family...3 cups rice to 31/2 cups water a pinch of salt, then I like to add about a tablespoon of butter or coconut oil..Keeps it from sticking to the pan or to itself....and makes it a bit tastier...Let it come to a boil then move it off the burner keeping the lid on for 45 mins to an hour.....I've done it this way for almost forty years...Love it! (Love meaning I like it a lot)
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