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Rice Expert Needed!!!

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Fragrant Grace, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Is anyone here an expert at cooking rice?

    I can never seem to get it right
    I follow the instructions, I wash the rice first, I put the right amounts of water to rice etc
    But to no is usually a gloopy mess

    Does anyone have any good tips?
  2. I like to cook and do a lot of it. When I cook I watch things; I don't go by directions.
    When I cook rice I put 2x water to rice, bring to a boil, reduce heat cover and simmer till water is absorbed.
    Developed this by trial and error. It works for me.
    Good Luck
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    Try using basmati rice it doesn't get sticky like a lot of other types of rice. You can rinse the rice in cold water then put the rice in a pot of water and add olive oil or butter and a good amount of salt. It will take about 15-20 minutes to cook. Don't wait for the water to be all absorbed just check a few grains to see if they are done and then strain off the excess water just as soon as the rice is cooked through the. Your rice should be nice without being mushy or too soft. God bless! My wife places this post ...she's in charge of the food thing. Rev
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    @Rev T.S.Perkins and your dear wife

    Thank you so much for your replies.
    I will let you know the results

    May the Lord bless
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  6. Microwave instructions...

    put one cup rice and two cups water into a large microwaveable bowl. cover with plastic wrap. Microwave for twenty minutes. Let it stand for five minutes. Remove plastic wrap being careful to avoid the steam. To remove excess starch, rinse in hot running water. Adding salt is optional.
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    Thank you @Strypes

    I will try this microwave method too
    Bless you
  8. I am much better at eating rice then cooking it.
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    @Eric E Stahl

    Hmmmm that's just how I feel....except I have to be the cook in my household

    But with all these good tips I might just have a good result one day
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    I made a rice dish today using your method revbrad thank you!!!
    It worked!!!!
    I even got a 'yummy that was delicious' from my 12 year old daughter (now that's saying something!!!!)

    Will try the other methods soon too @Strypes @Rev T.S.Perkins
  11. I am glad it worked for you
  12. The very best and healthy rice is wild brown rice. White rice has had the husk removed by chemicals and it coats the outside of white rice. Did anyone know this? Blessings.

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    Thank you @farout ...... yes I had heard how healthy it was, but didn't know about the chemicals used in white rice, although I'm not surprised
    I find wild brown rice much more tasty.

    I have never cooked it though.....probably due to my lack of skill with rice cooking
  14. is rice Chinese?

    if so
    perhaps you should ask a Chinaman?

    be glad you don't have to cook each grain on it's own!!!
  15. I like rice with barbeque and a pickle on the side. Or with gravy and meat.
  16. That sounds good Eric
    Do you cook it yourself?

    My husband enjoys it with copious Cayenne Pepper, peas and olive oil.
    (He cooks rice better than I can)
  17. I don't cook the rice but I do eat it.
  18. Sis Grace, do you have a rice cooker? It is very helpful in cooking your rice. :D
  19. Yes my husband when he's available!!!!

    @Aadi Thank you for your reply......I don't have one at the moment, but have used one at my brother-in-laws and it was very good and easy to use too.
  20. No problem. I learned cooking rice in Philippines. My relatives there taught me. Filipinos are very good in cooking rice, seems like they can't eat their meals without rice. :p

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