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"Pray the Children!"

Discussion in 'Parents & Couples' started by Coconut, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Praise God, He is mighty!! Hallelujah, Sister Coconut. God is Awesome!
  2. Dear Father God, Jehovah,
    I come before You, this night, through my faith in You and Your Son, Jesus Christ. And as I do, Father, I bring with me these people and their names, hoping in You, seeking Your guidance and Your attention for these people; for they are asking for You and Your help:

    Emma, Deborah, Matthew, and Dominique with & for sunshine307

    Danyelle, Deborah, and Bryan with & for Amen!

    Cordell, John, and Jolie with & for Fellowservant

    Nile, Aaron, Ben & his mother, Nick & his dad with & for Calluna/Heather

    Yan Chugin with & for Ivy

    Mason, Farrell, and Mazie with & for Kindfaster

    Trista, Jena, and Raylynn with & for newlife4ever/Robert

    Destiny, Ethan, and Austin with & for Jesuslovesu

    Michelle, Caleb, and Bryce with & for Dreamer

    Michael Junior, Christine, and Joel with & for AlabasterBox

    Lance and Cody with & for Sharing

    Isobel Maria Owen and parents: David and Anna; plus, Paul Lee, Leoni, Megan, Lucas and their mother with & for Sleepy

    Brandon, Jason, Ryan, Cassie, Jonathan, Britany, Jenny, and Marissa with & for Bridget

    Jackson and Olivia with & for pottershands

    Shelby, Drew, Trent, Miriam, Erin, Sarah, Morgan, Nat, Laura, and Leah with & for dimunintheruf

    Joshua, Philip, and Kathryn with & for snowrose

    Mark Allen, Billy Nathan, Matthew, Christopher, Samantha, Kayla, Ashley, Allison, Blake, Gracelyn, Nick, Andrew, Christina, Liz, Laura, Michael, Chance, Tori, Devin, Alyssa, Laura, Sarah, and Terri's children with & for Brandi Yvonne

    Dean, John, Elizabeth, LeAnn, Rose, Alexis, Kaylee, Madison (Ashly & Andrew), Morgan, Anna, Kaylynn, Amber, Alyssa, Makayla, Echo, and Katie with & for me/4givN/Marie

    Father, may Your Will be done in these lives and in the lives of all who are associated with them. I ask for Your Will, Father, because I believe in You - that You are Holy and Just and True. I trust in Your Will for my life and the life of these. I believe Your Will is perfect and I would not want to add nor take away from it.

    You know and see all, Father God, Jehovah, and I just pray that you will look upon all these that I have mentioned and consider them. Holy Spirit, please pray for these.

    In Jesus Christ's name,


    Hello all!

    I have two praises to share with you:

    1st, this past Saturday my girls and I, along with a friend of theirs (Amber, another girl you and I have been praying for that I had mentioned on this thread) were on our way to gymnastics class. On the way there, I stopped by the post office and the bank, first, and then was told by one of my daughters that she had lost her $15.00 that she had had in a little key-chain holder on her belt loop.

    We needed the $15.00 to help us get into their school fair this day, after gymnastics. We were about 20 minutes from home, having been gone, already, about a half hour. I prayed and asked the Lord to have the money be somewhere, left alone, and able to be found by us when we got back home.

    When I pulled onto our street, we passed two vehicles and no tellin' how many more had already gone up/down the street. I drove to right before our house and right in the middle of the street was $14.00 in a wad and $1.00 off to the side. :eek:)

    The Lord is good and greatly to be praised!

    After coming home, saturday evening, from the fair, my girls had to clean out my car of their stuff. This was around 5:30 p.m. On Sunday, in the morning, around 10:00 a.m. we were getting ready for church and for going to a birthday party for my son at my parents' house, afterwards. My daughters tried to get in the car, first. They came back in the house to tell me that the car light was on and even though one of the doors was cracked and open a bit they could not get in the car. (I've only had this car for two years and whenever the door has been left open, even slightly, because someone didn't close it hard enough - it wears down the battery and I am unable to start my car without a jump.

    I told the girls that the Lord was just doing something again to build our faith. I prayed in Jesus' name before I tried to start the car, after getting my keys and opening and closing the jarred door, and it started right up! My girls thought, for sure, that the car would not start. :eek:)

    God is good and greatly to be praised!

    The Lord has been doing things to build the faith of my children.

    There are so many more things that have been happening that if you knew them you would know that no one but God is able to accomplish them. He is building my faith, as well, and I am just thrilled to be able to share them!

    As the blind man whom Jesus Christ made to see had to tell somebody about what Jesus had done for him...


    I'll share more later.

    Love and prayers,
  3. Praise God, He is mighty!! Hallelujah amen Amen!

    Those praise reports were wonderful 4givN, glory to God!
    Its by seeing God in the everyday details of thier lives,
    that children get to know God for themselves. Children look
    to us, and in turn we look to God, and when a need is met
    they need to know who the glory belongs to!

    Holy Spirit, please pray for these. Amen!

    Heb 7:25 Wherefore he [JESUS] is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.
  4. 4givN, that was a great praise report--a great reminder of how God cares about every detail. That is wonderful, and thank you, too for posting all those names of the children called out to the Lord.
  5. The LORD has been telling me, "It's not about ME". "Deny YOURSELF and take up YOUR cross and follow JESUS CHRIST."

    I prayed for all the children this morning and for the last 9 weeks, every morning. I would love to read from all of you that have posted here, before, if you have the time. If there is something you want us to pray for, specifically, let us know - I will do that for you.

    "Dear Father, Jehovah God,

    Thank you for doing and showing us great and mighty things!"

    Did you know that the Love of Money is the Root of ALL EVIL?
    The Holy Bible states that it is in 1st Timothy 6:10.
    Yes, think about it, the "LOVE OF MONEY" is the root of not just one, not even of just some, but of ALL EVIL.

    Do you and your children know this?


  6. Hey 4givN! Great praise reports and awesome reminders that God is sovereign!!!! I have been away much and too busy, but wanted to reply to your latest praises regarding our LORD'S GREATNESS...AMEN!

    Well, I have a praise report as well. Last Friday at our oldest son's (Mason) Jr. High was the annual awards assembly. It's always great to see how many of the parents show up to support their kids and how the kids really support their peers who are receiving awards. There were a couple of kids that reminded my husband and I of our youngest son who has Asperger's Syndrome. We have become pretty good at recognizing other kids with special needs and our heart always goes out to these kids. You can always see the stress associated with these type of assemblies for these kids. Our youngest suffers from mild Tourette's Syndrome as well (and ADHD, sleep disorder and anxiety) and so he has both motor and audible tics. When he's in a school program (even tho this is a form of "good" stress for him) the stress always exacerbates his tics 10 fold. the end of the assembly is when they give out the BIGGIE award...Student of the Year. Student of the Year is voted on by the teachers and a student must not only possess good academics, but good charater (good role model for other students, kind and considerate of others, respectful toward teachers and other school staff, etc.) as well. Our oldest son has been in this particular school system for only 4 years and he has won this honor twice including this year...PRAISE THE LORD!

    BUT, the real praise and awesome part of this story is that one of the young men who my husband and I saw who reminded us so much of our youngest son ALSO won Male Student of the Year for 8th grade! It was awesome to see this young man go down to receive his award and to hear all of his peers cheering him on and shouting out his name!!! It made my heart glad...I almost cried! As great as it was for our neuro-typical son to win SOY this year, it was even more so encouraging for my husband and I to see this young man in the 8th grade(who reminded us of our AS son) win SOY as well. I always find it fascinating how God works and the events He brings into our path to encourage us and renew our strength and hope regarding the challenges associated with raising our son who has AS!

    I KNOW it is because of the Lord that our oldest is the young man he is today and we are so thankful! We also know that despite whatever our youngest son may or may not be according to this world, the Lord has His sovereign Hand on him and will raise Him up to be the man he's supposed to be!

    Thank you guys for your continued faithfulness in praying for all these precious children! Please continue to lift our son, Farrell, up so that the Lord will save him! Because of his AS, he has a real challenge understanding anything that seems abstract, so we just continue to teach him about the Lord and His sacrifice as it is to us...FACT, and in as much of a concrete way as possible.

    Also please lift up my step-daughter, Mazie, whom we'll be getting next month for our summer visit with her here. For the last two summers that we've had her, she has asked to be baptized. Her mother and step-dad do not attend church regularly, much less live their Monday thru Saturday for the Lord. I think for them it is a "love the Lord on Sunday" (when they attend church) and "forget about Him on Monday" kinda thing. It makes me sad for Mazie and her family. Her mother has not given her permission to be baptized yet but Mazie always asks every summer if she can be baptized at our church here. Also, please lift up our oldest that he will continue to honor God with his life.

    Thanks so much and God bless you all!
  7. The school guidance counselor and I believe that my daughter Michelle, 13, has Selective Mutism. It is hard to find people in the U.S. who work with or even believe in Selective Mutism. The closest specialist is about a 5 hour drive from here. Children with this syndrome talk at home (as long as they are in a comfortable environment), but do not talk at school, church, or other social situations. This fits my Michelle to a t. At least we now have something to work with. Here at home, Michelle has finally been confiding in me about how miserable she is at school and how nervous and scared she is all the time. All the manipulating she has been doing of me is a coping skill so that she can keep things under control. Because she is scared. Pray for her and that I will be able to get good help for her. She believes she has this condition, but I don't want her to use this psychological syndrome as a crutch, either. I want her to know Jesus is ready to walk through this with her and that He always understands.
  8. Thank you for sharing, "kindfaster" & "dreamer".

    Dear Father, Jehovah God,

    We come to You, in the name of Jesus Christ, bringing Farrell, Mazie, Michelle, and Mason before You. We ask for Your blessings upon these children, Father, and ask that You touch their lives in a special way, making them able to stand tall in the comfort of Your Holy Spirit in this world. We ask that You would give them the love, faith and wisdom they need to soar like eagles, for You, in this life. May these three be some of the children that you would have to lead others into Your presnece.

    In Jesus Christ's name,
  9. Wow! Thank you, Jesus. Just received a marvelous answer to prayer in my mailbox only 30 minutes ago. I did not know how I would afford to get my daughter, Michelle, help this summer. I had promised myself, God, and the school that I would get her in counseling this summer. I just got a letter from the state putting her on full medical coverage!!!!! No co-pays. The letter came only for Michelle--not her brother, not my husband, not me. For my daughter!!!! Praise God. God cares about everything concerning His children.
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    Thank you Father God, Jehovah, and Jesus Christ!

    "And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, WHICH ARE THE PRAYERS OF SAINTS." The Revelation 5:8

    Our prayers are sweet smelling odors/odours to the LORD, our GOD. It's like giving Him a gift of perfume. Prayer moves God! Wouldn't you like to give God that gift right now?

    "PRAISE waiteth for thee, O God, in Sion: and unto thee shall the vow be performed.

    "O THOU THAT HEAREST PRAYER, unto thee shall all flesh come.

    "Iniquities prevail against me: as for our transgressions, thou shalt purge them away.

    "Blessed is the man whom thou choosest, and CAUSEST TO APPROACH UNTO THEE, that he may dwell in thy courts: we shall be satisfied with the goodness of thy house, even of thy holy temple.

    "BY TERRIBLE THINGS IN RIGHTEOUSNESS WILT THOU ANSWER US, O God of our salvation; who art the confidence of all the ends of the earth, and of them that are afar off upon the sea:

    "Which by his strength setteth fast the mountains; being girded with power:

    "Which stilleth the noise of the seas, the noise of their waves, and the tumult of the people.

    "They also that dwell in the uttermost parts are afraid at thy tokens: thou makest the outgoings of the morning and evening to rejoice."
    Psalms 65:1-8

    Thanks for sharing, "Dreamer"!
  11. Dear bros and sis,

    Thank you for this thread . Please pray for my children.
    Christopher ( that the truth will set him free )
    Catherina , Cornelius and Casien ( for them to draw closer to the Lord )
    Casien ( specific prayer : Jesus will touch him in a special way for HIS GLORY )
    GBU all
  12. Thank you Dreamer and kindsfater for sharing those wonderful praise reports, praise God! God bless you all, and blessings upon you and your family as well linda, we will be praying for your children.

    Give ear to me, O Lord, and have mercy on me: Lord, be my helper. By you my sorrow is turned into dancing; you have taken away my clothing of grief, and given me robes of joy; So that my glory may make songs of praise to you and not be quiet. O Lord my God, I will give you praise for ever!

    Psa 30:10
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    In Jesus Christ's name, Jehovah God, Father,

    We parents come to you with our children, asking that Your blessings be upon them and all these:

    Alexis, Kaylee and Madison w/their parents (Ashly & Andrew) in request by 4givN
    Emma, Deborah, Matthew, and Dominique w/their parents in request by Sunshine307
    Danyelle, Deborah, and Bryan w/their parents in request by Amen!
    Cordell, John, and Jolie w/their parents in request by Fellowservant
    Nile, Aaron, Ben, and Nick w/their parents in request by Calluna/Heather
    Yan Chugin w/his parents in request by Ivy
    Mason, Farrell, and Mazie w/ their parents in request by kindfaster
    Trista, Jena, and Raylynn w/their parents in request by newlife4ever/Robert
    Destiny, Ethan, and Austin w/their parents in request by JesuslovesU
    Michelle, Caleb, and Bryce w/their parents in request by Dreamer
    Michael Jr., Christine, and Joel w/their parents in request by AlabasterBox
    Lance and Cody w/their parents in request by Sharing
    Isobel Maria Owen, David, Anna, Paul Lee, Leoni, Megan, and Lucas w/their parents in request by Sleepy
    Brandon, Jason, Ryan, Cassie, Jonathan, Britany, Jenny, and Marissa w/their parents in request by Bridget
    Jackson and Olivia w/their parents in request by pottershands
    Shelby, Drew, Trent, Miriam, Erin, Sarah, Morgan, Nat, Laura, and Leah w/their parents in request by dimunintheruf
    Joshua, Philip, and Kathryn w/their parents in request by snowrose
    Mark Allen, Billy Nathan, Matthew, Christopher, Samantha, Kayla, Ashley, Allison, Blake, Gracelyn, Nick, Andrew, Christina, Liz, Laura, Michael, Chance, Tori, Devin, Alyssa, Laura, Sarah, and Terri's children along w/all their parents in request by Brandi Yvonne
    Christopher, Catherina, Cornelius, and Casien w/their parents in request by lindadc
    Dean, John, Elizabeth, LeAnn, Rose, Morgan, Anna, Kailyn, Amber, Alyssa, Makayla, Echo, and Katie w/their parents in request by me/4givN/Marie

    May Your Will be done on earth, here, as it is in Heaven in the lives of all these children, mentioned, and in the lives of their parents, other family members, neighbors, friends, school mates, co-workers, doctors, mentors, teachers, enemies, and in the lives of anyone and everyone they meet along their paths.
    We pray for Your Will, Father, adding nothing to it nor taking away from it; believing and trusting that Your Will is perfect for the children we lift up to You, in prayer. We watch, eagerly, for Your Will to be done in these lives.
    May You be glorified in and through them and us, always!

    In Jesus Christ's name, against all evil,
  14. Amen Sister, thank you!

    Psa 138:8 The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.
  15. Coconut:

    Thank you for starting this thread. I need prayer for the salvation of both my children; my daughter Melanie is 36 years old - not married - lives with boyfriend, and my son David, who is 31 years old - unmarried - lives with Melanie and her boyfriend.

    When my children were young, we were a dysfunctional family with a capital "D" and, sadly, the capital "D" still applies. My wife and I both talked the Christian talk, but we didn't walk the walk. Our children saw through that hypocrisy at very early ages and fled our home and Christianity (and all other forms of organized religion).

    I came to Christ in 1983 through a charismatic prayer group. My wife went forward during a Billy Graham Crusade is 2003. We have almost no opportunity to talk with either of our children about spiritual things because of the credibility we lost in their eyes when they were youngsters. God has worked powerfully in my life these last twenty-three years, but my daughter's anger has kept the door closed to me having an effective witness with them.

    Please pray that God will send credible Christian witnesses across their paths; witnesses that they cannot gainsay or ignore.

  16. Brenda and I have one daughter, she is married to Stephen and they have given us a lovely grand-daughter Sophie aged two. My daughter is away from the Lord. My son-in-law Stephen has never known Jesus.

    My wife and I were in Ministry with A.O.G. for many years, we are now retired. I sometimes think the trials of Ministry and Church life, affected my daughter.

    Please pray for them. Like others here, only Jesus can turn things around.
  17. Praying for you brother...and family. O Lord......
  18. follow up, answer to prayer: Found a wonderful christian counselor (a lady) to work with my daughter, Michelle. She is very understanding, receptive, and insightful. I know that God has done this. He directly got insurance for my daughter and helped us find the right counselor. Thank You, God.
  19. Praise God Dreamer! It blessed me to read that!

    SpiritLedEd and stephen, thank you for sharing, we will surely pray!
  20. Dear LOrd Jesus, I bring before your throne today every name mentioned, every situation mentioned, every circumstance mentioned within this thread. We see household Salvation in the scripture. We have read it, we have heard it preached, we have responded with our Amen.......dear Lord you know that we beleive it.

    I come against every addiction, every bondage, every fetter, in the Name of Jesus. I pray for a release ......... I pray in your Name Jesus.

    I pray for every situation, every circumstance, every broken heart, every downcast spirit, Jesus you are the healer of broken hearts. I pray that head's will be lifted up as we pray.

    Lord I ask you to watch over this thread, LOrd I ask you to fulfill your desire, which we know is "that all may be saved"

    Watch over us dear Lord lord..only you can help us.


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