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"Pray the Children!"

This is a ministry I feel God has layed on my heart to begin in this fellowship, after reading one of our sisters prayer requests for her lost child, and then
reading an article about another sister that had been led of God to begin the same ministry;

"Pray the Children" was God's idea.

"Our children, infants to adults, need to be covered with prayer on an ongoing basis. Sometimes, as parents, we are embarrassed to ask others to pray about our children because we don't want anyone to know what's going on in their lives. Drugs, sex, alcohol abuse, new age spiritualism, gay lifestyles, peer pressure, shyness and the perennial "God isn't real to me!"—all are just a few of the conspirators in the battle for children's minds and hearts. For our adult children, add financial problems, divorce, anger, job loss, stress, health and a host of other problems that sometimes widens the gulf between them and their Creator."

I weep when I read the cry of a parents heart for thier lost boy or girl,
because it presses deep into the burden of my own heart. God save our children! Last week a local elderly lady was interviewed on her hundred and ninth birthday, and they asked her if she had any words...blinded by old age, and barely able to speak, she whispered the words, "we need to help the young people." The interviewer asked "why is that?" She responded...so many temptations...so many temptations..."

Parents we have spent the best part of our lives busy at getting comfortable in life, busy with our careers, focused on our ambitions, wrapped up in our dreams (even when those dreams are for our children) and time slips away. Most of us are no futher ahead for all our busy lives, and if we were honest, many of us are likely further behind than ahead, all while so very many of our youth are slipping further and further away from God. I ask the question, when we come to the end of our lives, where will they be? Will we leave this world, knowing they are secure and safe in the Fathers hands, or will we only know regret for the time we wasted 'getting and going', while neglecting the life or death decision to hold them up to God in prayer?

For every hour of temptation all our children face, is there parents here who will give an hour in prayer? Will you pray for our children, will you allow us to pray for yours? If we come together in agreement, we can surround every one of thier lives with the strength and power of prayer, that the enemy cannot break thru! The power of Heaven still breaks the bondages of Hell! "Pray the Children!"

I am placing a 'sticky' on this thread, and asking as many of you as possible (parents and/or members) who are willing, to check in daily, and lift one anothers children up before the throne of God! You dont have to post a reply to the requests (unless you want too) but please check in as often as you can! If any of you have a child that you would like prayed for, please post thier name for us and I will add them to the list below.

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"The God of the Hills and of the Valleys"


Isa 59:1 Behold, the LORD'S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear!

Mat 18:19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

Pray the Children:
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You know I am in.

This generation is the most banged up ever and instead of reaching out
to them, we give them hard looks and looks of disgust for the way they dress,and for thier tatts and piecings.

Never have so many grown up without fathers.

Most of these kids suffer from rejection to begin with and we heap it on.

We need to not only pray for our own, but for all of them.

If the devil can't get them one way he will try another, sickness and things like ADHD and the big new one is autism.

Prayer is our biggest weapon

Your sister in Christ,

Does anyone out there have a speacial need for their child, let us know.

We will pray for them.

Where 2 or more are gathered.

One will put a thousand to flight, 2 will put 10,000 to flight.

Think of our numbers here, there is power in agreement.

Your sister in Christ,

Amen! I totally agree! This has been on my heart forever and a day! Let's lift them up, the more hands the better!

Please pray for mine. Here are their names:
LeAnn, and

Please send me the names of yours so I can write them down on my prayer list.

Thanks a million and one! :eek:)
Please pray for Danyelle and Deborah. They're growing distant from the Father. GBU!
My sons names: Nile and Aaron

I just know that "pray the children" thread is going to be huge. Jesus is saving our children. He is healing them. He hears our cries of desperation, He sees our hearts, He hears our prayers .

We will see miracles .

Thank you Coconut for starting this thread. I know it was the Holy Spirit that prompted you to do this. His Holy Spirit is ALL over "pray the children"

Praise Jesus all honor and Glory to Him

From a hopeful and happy mom on this day
not a sad one
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Thank you Lord for all the moms and dads that have responded to this thread. You know their hearts and needs for each one of their children.

I ask you Father to put laborers in the path of those that are lost and to strengthen the ones that are trying to walk with You.

The pressure to folllow the world is worst than ever. Lord help them to hear Your voice and to follow You.

Lord strengthen all the parents and grandparents to continue in prayer and to walk as a light before their children and grandchildren.

In Jesus name I pray,

And all of God's kids said Amen and amen!

:love: Your sister in Christ,



Please remember my son in your prayers. He is 5 years old now . I can only write his Chinese name here since he doesn't have an English name.His name is Yao chuqin. I hope he can realize as quickly as possible that his mom's Lord is also his Lord, the author and finisher of his faith. Thank you!
Book Recommendation

To all parents..
I would really like to recommend this book: Praying Parents from Stormie O´martian. It´s so good and hepful!! A blessing for any mom and dad worried for their children.
I have learned the importance of pray every day for your little ones.

Blessings from Spain!!:love: :love:
Your right it is a really good book.

We will pray that as you train your son up in the Lord, Yao will not depart from it. In Jesus Name Amen
I would like to add my five year old son, Bryan. He started going to Sunday school 3 months ago and professes his love for Jesus exuberantly! Sometimes to the point that the whole congregation laughs hysterically and approaches me afterward to let me know what a blessing he is to the church. Please pray that he retains the fire growing inside him.

GBU all! Thank you, Coconut, for starting this thread. Thank you AlabasterBox for the beautiful, inspiring prayer in post #12. I wish I could be so eloquent in prayer.
Amen Alabaster! Praise you Lord for this thread!

I would like to add our sons who are 15 and 7 as well as our 11 yr. old daughter.

Our 15 yr. old, Mason, sat and talked with his Dad and I for an hour and a half after youth group Wednesday night letting us know about the struggles he faces daily at school with his friends. He is experiencing being a light in a dark place but the Lord is granting him boldness with his friends as a witness. He cried for his friends, and for my Dad who passed away a year ago November, because of their lostness. It was so good to see his broken heart for the lost...PRAISE JESUS! If you could especially pray for him as he continues to walk with Christ (especially at school), that would be great!

Our 7 yr. old son, Farrell, was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in Jan. 2005 but we are praying for God's healing and we've seen the results of this. We know that it is a process and so I would ask that you would join us in prayer for the continued healing touch of Jesus on him. We know that the world is full of facts, but God's Word is full of Truth and Promises!!! Amen?! Amen! Much like Amen!'s son, Bryan, this son of ours has a real heart for the things of God and is a BOLD witness (thanks in part to the AS)! PRAISE GOD!

Our 11 yr. old daughter, Mazie (who is actually my step-daughter), lives with her mom and step-dad and is not going to church on a regular basis. When we have her for summer visits (about 3 months), she goes with us to church every week and LOVES it! She is becoming part of our tambourine P&W team at church! She has a real hunger for the Lord but is not being fed throughout the school year. She has asked to be baptized for the last two summers that she's with us but we have not been given permission by her mom to do that here at our home church. Please pray for an angelic hedge of protection around this precious girl and that her folks would find a Bible-based church home for their family soon.

Thanks be to you Lord for these parents here and their hearts desire to see their children come to know you and know you more!!! I come in agreement with each of the parents for their requests regarding their children and know that your Word says, "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." (Matthew 21:22)!!! In the mighty name of JESUS....AMEN!
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Thank you coconut for this thread. It is definately the children with whom we need to pray for ....they are the future. I would like to add my daughter and her half sisters to the list Her name is Trista and her sisters are Jena and Raylynn. Thank you again.

Your Brother In Christ,
Dear Father God,

We do not wish to hinder the children from coming unto you. We want them to come to know you and to love you and server you with all their hearts, and minds, and souls.

This morning, at this very moment, Father, I join hand and hand, heart to heart, prayer to prayer, as a chain with the other mothers, daughters, and sisters who have posted on this thread; as well, as the men who may have, also, and I pray for each of these, by name:

Raylynn, Jena, Trista, Mazie, Farrell, Mason, Yao Chugin, Aaron, Nile, Jolie, John, Cordell, Bryan, Deborah, Danyelle, Emma and my own

Father, you know each and every one. I pray that you will forgive us and them our sins and to lead them by your love, not into temptation, but into everlasting life and may we and they be good examples and good and faithful servants for you.

In Jesus Christ's name,
AMEN 4givN!!! Yes, Lord! I come in agreement with my sister's prayer regarding these children! Save them Lord as only You can! Send your angels to form angelic hedges of protection around these children both day and night! Make them lights in a dark world, Lord, for Your name's sake and the glory of Your kingdom! In Jesus Name....AMEN!

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