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Pray for this website.

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Willie1969, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. i say amen

    I say amen to every prayer posted in this site Lord. I myself experienced Your great love with the fellowship among the believers in this site. I pray even for more souls to be got acquainted believers and non-believers alike finding Your love. In Jesus name.

    This is a testimony that the very day I got into this site I really felt the anointing of God's love here. And I believe everyone does.

    God bless you Bro. Chad and all the staff. I pray that "He who begun a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of the Lord Jesus Christ." Philippians 1:6

    Sis. Reymielin
  2. I also pray a lot specially now that I'm into a big trial in my life... I'm sure that the father will never go away from me again... I'm trying to be good as I can be right now... :wink:
  3. Returning to Talk Jesus

    I have noticed that there doesn't seem to be as much input as there used to be at Talk Jesus. I pray that this website become strong with the love of the Holy Spirit and special blessings for Chad and the moderators. I hope this site becomes more active in member participation, with joyful hearts and love to give. God bless the members who participate and God bless all the members of Talk Jesus. Holy Spirit, please guide this site to strength and be with us in peace and love. Amen.
    Love: Pixie
  4. Amen. I agree, and myself included - I'm glad to pop in to TalkJesus again as I haven't been on for ages, I'm sad to say! There's nothing like the spiritual nourishment one can gain from this place. Thank you Jesus and Lord we agree together that this forum will attract many more souls.
  5. Yes, please count me in. Hallelujah!

    :love:In Jesus' powerful name, I earnestly agree oh LORD, amen:love:
  6. Beuatiful Prayer

    Amen and Amen...every prayer is beautiful.

  7. Amen, praying for this website to glorify the Lord. telling everyone i know about the site and how much i feel the spirit of the Lord working here.
  8. Prayer

    I pray that this website grows and the word of God proclaimed to the world, God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have life everlasting.
  9. I am praying for this website. May god bless all the members here. Prayers go to talkjesus.

  10. amen to the prayers of the Faithful

    The Lord of our Salvation is working in ways and through all ways and i am saying with a grateful heart that i Praise the Lord for giving Chad the will to open this site and to run it with such tact but faithfulness to the Lord.
    I pray for this site and by the will of the Lord i will continue to hold it up to the Glory of God that many would find the answers in here.
    Pray specially for the lost that the Lord will speak into thier hearts for repentance. Glory to the name of the Lord
  11. I pray that the Lord blesses this site and helps it grow. Amen
  12. To God be the Glory

    Dear Jesus,
    I thank you today for being an honest, just and true God. We thank you for your Omnipresence, Omniscient and Omnipotent power as we communicate through this forum.

    Bless the Moderators and all the administrators; supply them with spiritual discernment in and through the Holy Spirit; give them the tongue of the learned in order for them to utter words that is in season.
    Jesus we request your grace through the power of the Holy Spirit to extend your hand of favour on the people who are working at Talk Jesus.
    Increase their faith and grant them wisdom through the power of the Holy Spirit in order for the knowledge of the Kingdom of God to increase on planet earth. Let all the achievements belong to the Glory of our Father in Heaven.

    Grant the Moderators knowledge in and through the power of the Holy Spirit as you inspire, and lead them to new networking ideas, adding the correct and best technology that would grow the website from strength to strength.
    Today we thank and ask for your blessings to rest on Talk Jesus that is spreading the knowledge and the fragrance of Jesus; always encouraging people to do the will of the Father through its wonderful topics.
    We declare Isaiah 54:17 over this website. No weapon formed against you (Talk Jesus) shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against you (Talk Jesus) in judgment You (Jesus) shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,”

    I plead the blood of Jesus on every person that access Talk Jesus, I ask You Father God to lead them to topics of the heart, and that matters in season.
    I plead the blood of Jesus on Talk Jesus; I request through the power of the Holy Spirit and through your unmerited favour for Talk Jesus to become a beacon on the World Wide Web.
    I thank you Lord Jesus and feel blessed to be a member of Talk Jesus.
  13. as a mod let me say THANK YOU in Jesus name ..we need all the prayers we can get as we try to keep it real before God on here..may the lord bless you for youre spiritual support of us all ...Rev
  14. praying in agreement that God is glorified in and through this site and that hearts, minds, and souls are won by His inexplicable grace through His Holy Spirit. Father may it be so, in Jesus name, amen.
  15. Praying that the Lord guides more Christians and non-Christians (or non believers) here to know and hunger for Him! In Jesus' name. :D:cool:
  16. Praying that those who come here looking for prayer,hope and answers find an encounter with Jesus and that they would never be the same since they will be touched by the master and not human wisdom.

    Father,give us food for your sheep,thank you Father for you have already given us food for the sheep.
    Good shepherd,help us fetch your lost sheep from the wilderness and guide us to your pastures and beside still waters.
    Let us be an oasis of love in a dry place so the thirsty may have rest and provision for their journey to you.
    Thank you Father.
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  17. I am new to this website but Praise the Lord that He has led me to it. It is a great encouragement that Jesus can be found anywhere, even on the internet. It is in God's grace and mercy that this website was created. And He will not let it fall… unless He has something much better in store. :) Thank you so much for this place… It truly has been a blessing and a testimony of our Lord.
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  18. Father, thank You for prosperity is unto Your children who's righteousness is Jesus Christ. May everything Chad puts his hands into prospers and even more to this website he created for Your glory. In Jesus Name Amen!
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  19. Lord thank you for this website that glorifies your name and I pray that each member will be touched by you through fellowship here!
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  20. Hello @Troy Cross

    Your request is with Admin.

    Shouldn't take long.

    May the Lord bless you.

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