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Pray for this website.

I'm encouraging everyone that reads this to get behind Chadi, and pray that this website grows to glorify the lord. Get the word out.
May the good Lord Jesus continue to bless, for eternity, all of those involved with the production of this board, and see to it that it continues to grow in the everloving Truth and Spirit of grace, knowledge, and wisdom of the Lord, amen.

glory be to God and blessed be the hands that do His work, He shall not forsake those who act according to His will and I thank Him for our brothers who are behind talkjesus. you are blessed abundantly and i pray that ur blessings shall multiply to shocking amounts in ur life as you continue to minister and share the word of God woth us. thank you for the site. God bless the administrators for the wonderful service they provide in you name we give you glory and praise and ask you to annoint this site oh Lord in the Mighty name of Jesus. amen
Willie1969 said:
I'm encouraging everyone that reads this to get behind Chadi, and pray that this website grows to glorify the lord. Get the word out.
I think that is really a great idea foreverwjesus
Staff Member
Thank you for your prayers for the site, for glory of GOD in Jesus.

God Bless you all
strypes said:
:messenger I am thankful for this site. thru the people here God has begun a healing in my wounded spirit. i wish to thank Jesus for talk jesus!!

Same here strypes! In the word's someone once told me (I forgot who lol) God's love can break through the biggest walls, and heal the deepest hurt. (I think is was BROTHERSINARMST4G) But, yes this site has been such a blessing to me as well. I have found closure on MANY things because of this site, and am working my spirit towards forgivness to my step-brother. It is hard to forgive someone who done something like that, but I got to remind myself that Jesus forgave me, so why cant I forgive him? You know? But I praise God for this site, and honestly, I am addicted to this site! I cant get enough of God, and the fellowship. It's great!

God Bless
Sis in Christ :love:
Staff Member
Thank you all for praying for Talk Jesus community. Prayer is powerful as you can see clearly. We have a great place to be at everyday. This place is your online church to seek GOD's will and help.

I have prayed for the fruitfullness of JESUS in this website and I will continue too.
May God bless this site and all who read it! I can say personally it's been a major incouragement to me to find a Christian network here where we can lift up each other and be His chosen.
As with any work of the Lord, that is making a difference.

It must be covered in prayer.

We as members of TJ, must always keep the site and all involed in prayer.

:love: Your sister in Christ,

I wonna shout THANK YOU JESUS!...I just did...He brought me here,it has been wonderful and I never say a single prayer without thanking Him for this site. Isn't it just a blessing?
Thank you Brother Chad, and all other members who are behind this site.

God bless you all!
Lord bless TJ

Lord Jesus fill once again this site with the power of the Holy Spirit and every one who come to visit or join this site may experience the over flowing power of your love, joy and peace. God be with this site.
Hi All,

I thank GOD for this site, it has inspired and empowered many. It is a daily encouragement to me because it gives me hope that the gospel of Jesus Christ is spreading and we are all coming to the unity of Christ.

If we continue to lift up Jesus in this forum GOD will continue to draw people to it. Amen.
Amen. "...go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit". Praying for Chad, the moderators, and members to follow the holy spirit and spread God's word.
Father God we praise you for giving us this online church, thank you for giving your wisdom, grace and strength to our brother Chad, thank you for the moderators, brothers and sisters who contributed on this site. I pray that you will continue pouring your grace, widom and understanding upon brother Chad as he is working hard for a new feature. I rebuke the evil spirit which hinder the blessings upon Gods children in this site, I also pray more people will come to this site and I pray they may get comforted and streangth through this site.
Father God let your presence feel this site and touch every one who visited. In Jesus name.
Please Jesus, I lift up this wonderful website to you.This, to enable your loving Gospel to be spread throughout the world.
Dearest Lord, Thank you for this site Lord. May it be a place where people can come and share their hearts Lord. Where people come and get to know you more, and fellowship Father. May your Holy Spirit flow through this forum Lord and touch all the members Lord.

Bless Chad for creating this forum Lord. Help all of us who are members minister to eachother in love and grace Father.

Thank you Lord. Amen.
Let your mercy fall.

Heavenly Father I thank you, for this ministry.
I praise you for this community that brings glory to you.

Lord I offer a special pray for :love:Chad:love:, continue feeding him spiritually Lord. His desire and dedication towards the truth can be seen, and I know he is " A man after your own heart " Give him discernment and allow him to never lose hope or feel discourage. Bless him with perfect health and happiness. Everyday renew his spirit, fill his cup even if it over flows.

Lord I come against all hindering spirits that bring, confusion,division and falsehood in TalkJesus. Open my spiritual eyes so that the Holy spirit will led me in spiritual warfare. For there is only one truth, and we will not accept anything that is against your word. Silent the tongue of gossipers and murmurers, remove all idol talk. Fill us with truth.

Bless the Moderators, give them peace at home and fill them with wisdom. Create in them a clean heart, deliver them from temptation. Bless all our members, we are a body of one, help us to work together.

Let our Guest receive the joy of your salvation, and renew a right spirit within them.

Thank you Lord
again Bless :love:Chad :love:today give him peace.
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