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Pray for this website.

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Jesus Saves

Heavenly father I lift up TalkJesus to you, that your truth will be the only rock on which we stand.
Lord Bless:love:Chad :love:today in everything he does, give him patience,righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Lord we want to be apart of your kingdom, fill us with your holiness. Make us worthy in your sight,wash us clean and renew a right spirit within us. Lord remove all idols, make Talkjesus a place for fellowship.

Bless this ministry, help the members to grow as we feed each other and pray for each other. Let us not become too dependant on man but on you. Mold us into the "Warriors in Christ" we should be.

Fill the Moderators with your Holy Spirit bless them in all decisions.

Touch the hearts of our guest, whether they join or not, let them always leave with the word.
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Jesus Loves you

Father your perfect Love drives out all our fears and I thank you.

Lord fill TalkJesus with your Holy Spirit, let your light be seen through our words. Guide our hearts and protect our minds. Remove the blindfolds touch our hearts, make us worshippers.

Those that are in need let your glory be seen here on TalkJesus. So they can seek you and be bless with righteousness ,peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Give us patience, remove the spirit of gossip from our lips. Make us one in your name.

Lord I pray for :love:Chad:love: that you will increase his wisdom and understanding, bless him with his heart desires increase his spiritual senses. Daily renew his mind, create in him a clean heart oh God. He is just a man, but through you he can do all things. Remove all frustration and discouragement from him. Bless him and his family.

Thank for the Moderators, their hearts cry out to you, give them discernment and help them as they counsel. Let not their words be theirs but be yours. Put down pride and make them humble, feed their hunger for you.

Surely God is in this Place, Holy Spirit thou art welcome .

Espiritu Santo bienvenido
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Father I thank you for letting us see yet another day.Because of who you are we can enjoy this freedom. For your word assures us that there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus.

Lord give us clean hands and pure hearts today, let us live for you . Give us the mind of Christ as we keep our focus on your kingdom. Renew a right spirit within, wash us and cleanse us from our iniquities. We are thirsty for more of you, fill our cups and let it over flow.

Lord I ask that you be with :love:Chad:love: today, give him righteousness,peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. In everything he does today let it bring glory to you. Increase his blessings, make his business grow abundantly. Lord deposit your anointing on his ministry today. Bless his family.
Make him more than enough as he keeps his eyes on you. Increase his, eyes to see your glory, ears to hear your voice, tongue to sing your praises,hands to worship you.

Lord bless the Moderators today,give them discernment increase their wisdom and anoint them. Bless their homes and families.

I pray for everyone that enters this site, guest or member that they will receive your word and desire to have a relationship with you Father.

Let your will be done in Talkjesus and in our lives.
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Jesus is Lord

I give you glory, you alone are worthy.

Thank you Lord for letting your glory fall in TALKJESUS, let your Holy spirit fill us. Let your fire fall in our homes, at school and at work.
We long to see your face, to worship at your feet. Lord remove everything that is blocking our worship, make us humble decrease our pride.
Take control of our lives, bring us closer to your will. Bless us as we lift up your holy name. Let your truth reign in the forums. Silent lying tongues and remove the spirit of confusion from our hearts. Give us discernment and make us holy.

Lord I praise you for :love:Chad:love:, I worship you for using him and his ministry. Lord remove all tiredness and discouragement from him. Renew a right spirit within, give him the mind of Christ. Increase his senses, eyes to see the enemy's disciples and ears to hear your voice. Bless him in everything he touches. Increase his health and continue molding him into the Man after your own heart.

Father you know the needs and struggles of our Moderators, bless them richly with righteousness,peace and joy in the holy Spirit. Have your way in their homes, let your will be done.

Bind us together with a bond that can not be broken, make us prayer warriors, worshippers and help us to experience an intimate relationship with you. Bless our members and our guest,,,let your word be in our hearts.

Thank you
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Jesus carries me

Yes Lord I praise you for today, for all your creations big and small. With eyes close and hands lifted I worship you. Your love has won me over.

Father I ask that you bless each one of us, fill us with your spirit. Quench our thirst with your holy word. Open our eyes to reveal your beauty. We sometimes fall, but in you we rise, so cleanse us from all our iniquities, remove the spirit of gossip,murmuring, the tongue of deception and give us the mind of Christ.

Break the chains of our bondages, give us freedom to worship, remove the guilt and fill us with righteousness. We are nothing without you. Give us a pure heart Lord, help us with forgiveness and mercy to others.

Lord I lift up :love:Chad:love:, lord give him words to speak, give him patience and soften his heart. Give him righteousness,peace and joy in the holy spirit. Increase his wisdom, eyes to see your glory, ears to hear your voice and hands to worship you.

Lord the Moderators work diligently for you. Your word is their fuel, their only source for energy. Lord increase their knowledge, renew in them a right spirit, clean their hearts. Whatever their needs may be have your way. Let your will be done in their lives

Bless TalkJesus and everyone that will enter, remove the blindfold so your truth can be received. Bless us Lord, let your truth reign here on TalkJesus and in our lives.

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Staff Member
I just want to thank you sister rizen1 for your ongoing prayers for the mods, myself and this site in general. Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers :smile:

I encourage everyone reading this to pray for everyone on Talk Jesus and the site in general, that is may grow tremendously in wisdom, growth, activity and reach many lost souls.

I just want to thank you sister rizen1 for your on going prayers for the mods, myself and this site in general. Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers :smile:
All praises and honor to you Lord God.
We serve an awesome God.
Chad. I'm grateful for this site and how God is using your ministry. It's been place in my heart to prayer, it's not about me but it's God who fills my heart with praise, it is him that gives me words to speak. I love him and must be obedient.

Father I thank you for this new day, I thank you for calling us to today. For you are the air we breathe. Lord give us a fresh anointing today, fill our mouths with praise give us a new song. Forgive us of our sins, make us righteous, cleanse our minds. Take control of our lives. Bless our health, finances and increase our spiritual gifts. Remove the filth from our hearts, gossip,murmuring, slander, malice and that spirit of confusion.

I bring :love:Chad:love: today in your presence, bless him lord,make him a pray warrior and worshipper. Lord whatever obstacles or deception that try to attack him today I come against it in the name of Jesus.This ministry is of you, and for you. Remove the devilish lies that may try to bring corruption. Give my brother peace, patience and a loving heart. Bless His business and his family

Lord I thank you for the Moderators, who are your faithful servants. Let your light shine in their hearts, direct their parts and give them discernment. Bless their homes,jobs and family and friends. Protect them from lying tongues,and deceiving spirits, let your Holy Spirit dwell in them and lead them.

Thank you for all the guest and members here on TalkJesus, it is your word that brings them here, it is your Truth that sets them free. Let your Word live in their hearts, bless us Lord.
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Heavenly Father, Holy and glorious One, maker of the heavens and the earth, ruler of everything.

Lord I thank you for being the light in our lives, for being our comforter and counsellor,healer our provider.
Thank you for guiding us and renewing our minds this week

I thank you for :love:Chad::love: ,bless him and protect him. Renew a right spirit within. Bless his business, and his ministry. Take control of his life and remove all doubt, discouragement and tiredness.

Lord bless the Moderators in everything they do,give then discernment and make them humble, Lord remove all pride from their hearts. Anoint them.

For everyone that visit TalkJesus, let you word speak to them, be their light.
Lord I ask that you give us peace among the forums, lord remove all idol talk, make TalkJesus a haven for your word. Bless our fellowship. Make us grow, and bring us closer together young and old one in you. Bless us Lord, guide us Lord, heal those that are sick,and provide for those in need. Heal our wounds as we cry out to you daily

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Jesus is alive

Holy and anointing one, I come before you.

Lord I ask that you create in me a clear heart forgive me of all my iniquity,wash me and fill me with your Holy Spirit.

Father I thank you for bringing us to see another week. As for me and the fellow members of TalkJesus, we will serve the Lord. Lord we delight in your word, fill us as we meditate on it, help us to be doers of the word. Transform our minds and thoughts, cast down all temptation that might try to over come us. Lord be our shield from the enemy darts.

I thank you for our Leader:love: Chad :love:our watchman, the one you gave the vision of talkJesus to. Lord continue to bless him, and transform him. Make him a worshipers and bless his family. I thank you for giving him all the resources for this site. Remove all doubt and tiredness bless him Lord as he becomes a man after your own heart.

Take the Moderators to another level of anointing in their lives, increase their discernment as they work in unity under Chad. Lord bring them together, bless their families and their needs. You hear their cries and know their thoughts, Lord provide.

For all the guest who enter TalkJesus, let your word shake their hearts, let your word remove the walls, let your word remove the blindfolds, let your word soften their heart, and let the message of the gospel become alive in their hearts.

Lord bless us as we worship you, help us not to lose focus.
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Glorious King, the one who rulers with a mighty hand, who created the heavens and the earth. Who is filled with Love and Kindness.

I come before you, asking that you bless TalkJesus. Lord remove the filth from our hearts make us new,help us to walk in love, help us to put pride away and be filled with humility. Remove the unforgiveness, as we prepare our hearts to pray on Sunday. Lord even though I would not be there, help me as I intercede ,fill me with the Holy Spirit and give me words to speak. Lord place it in the hearts of others to also intercede on the side lines.
Let the members come out in numbers, even though they might feel they are not prayer warriors.

Fill us Lord.

Lord Bless :love:Chad:love:, make him the leader you wish he'd be, renew his mind daily as he fights to walk in your truth.

Bless the Mods as they prepare for this prayer meeting.

Let your glory fall
Lord before I pray, I ask that you forgive me, for negative thoughts and feelings of depression. Lord I ask that you revive me and strengthen me, create in me a clean heart, remove the anger, malice, hatred and jealousy and renew a right spirt within. Help me to love those that have hurt and bruised me, Help me to bless those that curse me.

Lord I ask that you give me words to speak, as I offer TalkJesus and it's members to you. Make me pure and humble in thy sight.

I praise you Lord, for this day and for the freedom we have to come here each day. I thank you for our finances and for blessing us with resources to be here. I thank you Lord for helping us grow closer together and deeper in your word. Fill our Cups and let it over flow, make us worshippers. Bless our, jobs,schools, businesses, churches,leaders and family and friends.

Father I lift :love:Chad:love: to you, Lord you know his thoughts and his heart. I ask that you never leave his side, restore him in all areas and strengthen his faith daily. Remove all distractions and negative thoughts. Give him patience and make him humble, bless his hands so he can worship you. Bless his music so he can bring you glory. You know his needs bless him, you know his wants but Lord I ask that you provide according to your will. Give him the mind of Christ and bless him with discernment, protect his heart from seducing spirits. Bless his business, increase his spiritual wealth.

Father I bring the moderators to you, I praise you for each individual, you know their names and their needs. be their counsellor, healer, protector and provider. They call you father, and desire to be holy. Bless their families, restore wounds and heal all sicknesses. Give them the mind of Christ. Bless them Lord in everything they do, let them not lose focus. Help Cody:star:, as he starts college this month, let him be a light to others.

For everyone that visit this site, soften their hearts and reveal yourself to them. Bring understanding to them, create in them a clean heart and give them a taste of your presence. Lord whatever battles we face, we call you Father and believe you will stand with us.

Thank you Lord
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Father I exalt your name above all names, I bow down before you and praise you as king.

I thank for this day, and the life you've given us. Thank you for being our provider, counsellor, healer and father. We are nothing without you, feed us as we meditate on your word. Bless our homes, jobs, families and friends.
Bless our finances Lord. Bring us closer,make us one, remove gossip from our lips, give us the mind of Christ.
I lift up my brother :love:Chad:love: to you, I thank you for all he has done, all the work he's put into this site, to bring you glory. Bless his business greatly and continue molding him into a man of God. Help him to flee from all temptation, make him holy, renew a right spirit within him. Bless him Lord.

Father I ask that you bless the Moderators, you know their needs Lord, provide and strengthen their faiths. Help them to stay in your presence and fill them with the Joy of thy salvation.

For everyone on this site, Lord soften our hearts to receive your word, help us to apply your teaching. Give us wisdom, and bring our unsaved love ones to you.

Bless us Lord,Keep us safe in your presence
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Father we adore you
We lay our lives before you, how we love you.
Spirit we invite you, to live in us and renew us.
Holy is the Lord God almighty, the earth is filled with his Glory.
I thank you for this day,for giving us life and for providing for us. You are not a God created by human hands, you are wonderful and glorious. And that's why we praise you.

Lord you know our needs, bless us Lord
You see each tear, comfort us Lord
You know our weaknesses, strengthen us Lord
You see the filth in us, create a clean heart in us Lord
You know our temptations, delivers Lord
You know our enemies, protect us Lord
You know our desire, so fill us with your Holy Spirit ,as we worship you in spirit and in truth. Help us to be one, not stand divided, remove gossip and all false hood from our lips

Lord I pray for :love:Chad:love:, that you will continue blessing him spiritually. Refresh him daily, remove all distractions and give him a heart of worship.
Lord bless his ministry, let the enemy schemes be defeated. Help him to remain encouraged, silent lying tongues and all negative thoughts. Mold him into a Man after your own heart. Bless his family and his business, increase his blessings daily Lord.

Lord bless the Moderators, as they lead your sheep, give them discernment and patience. Fill them with your Holy Spirit, give them songs of praise in their time of despair, let them know you are near in time of trouble. bless their families,be their provider, counsellor,healer and strong tower.

I thank you Lord for TalkJesus, for the members and the guest. Let your word come alive in us. Bring us closer as we minister and prayer for each other, help us to walk in love.

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:love:Heavenly Father

You are holy ,You are mighty ,You are worthy
Worthy of praise,
I will follow, I will listen,I will love You
All of my days
Father I thank you, for today, I rejoice in your presence.

Lord I lift up :love:Chad:love: that you bless him with discernment. Open his eyes to see truth and your righteousness. Lord give him words to speak. Anoint his head right now Lord.

Lord I pray for the Moderators, that you bless them with wisdom, remove all pride and make them humble. You know their needs, provide Lord. Have your way in their lives, as they lead your children.

I pray for talkJesus, that your truth be sealed in our forums and in our hearts. Bring love, peace and unity among us, help us to forgive and not condemn. Let our words be yours, feed our hunger for your word.

Bless our guest as they see truth within the forums, touch their heart, help them to find you.

Thank you Lord.
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Lord we agree in prayer today that you bless this site in Jesus' name and we believe that all who visit shall be left feeling blessed. We pray your grace, protection, and joy shall fill every visitor of this site, and that all content shall lift up your holy name. Glory be to God. Amen.
We cry, come Lord fill us with your Holy Spirit.
Revival Fire fall, let the flames consume us.
Right now, I praise you..I call you Holy..you are Holy
There is none like you.

Lord I lift my brother :love:Chad:love: to you Lord, bless him Father spiritually,physically and financially. Increase the flow in his business and ministry. Lord let no weapon formed against him prosper.

Father bless the hands of the moderators, past present and future. Lord you called us to be servants, increase our knowledge, guide our steps. Give us words to speak. Let your Holy Spirit fill us right now..Lord I praise you.

Father, we are one, united by your blood, joined together because of the lamb of God.
Bless our members, their homes, families, schools,jobs and churches. Bless their hands and feet help them to produce fruit, fill them with your Holy Spirit. Help them to let go and shake loose. Break the chains from their necks so they can worship you..

Thank you Lord, increase us in numbers, build our fellowship.
Bless our guest, soften their hearts and fill them with the joy of your salvation.

You are Holy.

All who are thirsty
All who are weak
Come to the fountain
Dip your heart in the stream of life
Let the pain and the sorrow
Be washed away
In the waves of His mercy
As deep cries out to deep
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may God continue to bless this site

i pray that the Lord will continue to lead and guide people to this website and to use the people on here to encourage and pray for others. Its really not a big world after all when you have the computer age and the internet. May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you Lord for your Loving Kindness.

Lord I lift :love:Chad :love:to you, your faithful servant. I pray that his hands will be blessed, that his ministry and business with continue growing. Lord you know his needs, Lord provide.
Bless his family and love ones

Lord I praise you for the Moderators, because you have given us a bond that can not be broken, a trust and faith we share in you that binds us together. Lord continue to work in us, giving us wisdom and we serve your people and work with Chad. Touch our hearts and fill us daily with your Holy Presence.

Father I thank you for the TalkJesus family, as we grow daily help us to love each other. remove malice, gossip ,envy and pride from our hearts. Make us humble as we learn adn prayer for each others. Silent all decieving tongues Lord. Bring us closer as we seek more of you.

I pray for our guest that even though they do not join, that they will find the truth.

Worthy is the, Lamb who was slain
Holy, Holy, is He
Sing a new song, to him who sits on
Heaven's mercy seat

Holy, Holy, Holy
Is the Lord God Almighty
Who was, and is, and is to come
With all creation I sing
Praise to the King of Kings
You are my everything
And I will Adore You

Clothed in rainbows, of living color
Flashes of Lightning, rolls of thunder
Blessing and honor, strength and glory and power be
to You the only wise King
Lord we Praise you for you are Holy.

Lord I thank you Chad, and everything you've been doing in his life, for filling him with your Holy Spirit, molding him into a man of God.

You know each moderator by name, I ask that you increase our wisdom as we minister to others.

I thank you our members as we grow daily, help us to read your word and worship you with a clean heart. Bind us together Lord. Every Prayer request on this forum let it be known to you.

I pray for our Guest that they will turn their hearts to you.

Father I thank you for TalkJesus and all the changes over the years.
We love you Lord.
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