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My mummy

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Sleepy, by your posts it is clear that GOD is working through your mother! Praise GOD in Jesus Christ for this. Amen :)
Thank you

Thanks Chad .... needed that.... wasn't sure if i was asking too much or going on a bit.

I thank God for answering all the prayers, mine and others. I am upheld here. I came here so downcast and leave with a peaceful heart tonight (3:36 a.m. here) ready for a refreshing sleep. A year ago I cried out to Jesus for a hug... at the time I felt comfort but now here I feel the hugs daily. I was so burdened when I arrived and day by day he takes weight away. I still face trials but things are happening..... Mum prayed when in hospital and said she felt a goodness/warmth. I feel God closer than I have before - even when things are tough and the tears flow....

For the first time in my life I feel I have a purpose... Two years or so ago I asked God to take me if I was going to lose Mum. I have hope and less desperation and can see I need forgiveness for that prayer. So here at TJ I have come a long way.

I thank him for all his faithful disciples here because who knows where I'd be now without their christian support and guidance... I dread to think. I anticipate more ups and downs but the comfort I am given here plants the vision that I may be able to cope. God is truly Good and here his presence is strong more than I could ever had envisaged or believed in when I arrived in March.

How blessed I am xxxxxx
She looks so poorley

Please pray ... The fluids back up again and she looks so pale and poorley.
I hate seeing her suffer. She needs comfort. I'm trying hard to look after her but it isn't always enough. She's in pain real physical pain and yellow looking.... I feel like I'm not all here anymore all so weird.... so strange

Please please keep praying
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Keep your faith, remember GOD is Her maker and loves her the most. I will pray for her now.
Back to hospital

Here again...

Buidling up strength, off back to hospital ... such lonely depressing places. I'm praying that Mum's spirits will stay lifted after another set back.

The fluid needs to be dealt with as it has built up like before. Made Mum a roast before hospital food takes its vengence again. She goes in tonight... gunna miss her.

God is with us. :secret: but so so sleepy and tired.
Sleepy, still praying. I just wanted to add something. Ask God to prepare your heart for what He is doing in your life & your mother's. I cannot imagine what you are going thru, but I sense torment other than seeing your mom in this condition & hurting for her. satan is trying to take your weakened state & further that torment. Only God's strength can sustain any of us when we go thru situations like this.

I know you know these things...your faith is holding strong. You keep coming back to ask for prayer...that isn't a weakness. That is a strengthening faith. Talk as much as you need......we are here for support. Then after you release the anxious energy, you can go back to your mother refreshed in prayer & ready to be with her completely.
Thank you for your words and prayer

Yes, Saphire I feel much turmoil at times and am always glad of guidance. Thank you and thank you drama queen too.. I'm very grateful of your care and prayer.

Mum is home again but in a lot of pain... please pray that God will ease her pain. It's from the last drain being put in incorrectly we think but who knows???? I fear MRSA too still. She needs comfort.. not just emotional but physical and though we try our best, it can feel out of hand. Please pray for good medical care too because it's up and down, hit and miss.

We are blessed though.. my niece - her first grandaughter (3 months) came to bring joy to us today and took her mind off the dull pains even though the mega pain creeped in at times. She had a good chatter to Mum.

Thank you God for all we are able to do physically each day/
Praise God ....We can see the light

Mum has had less painkillers today. The wound is still a worry but today she looks better and feels better in herself.

I must thank God a thousand times for all his care. There are still hurdles to jump but I know God had his hand on everything. Wow ... the power of prayer. What blessings that are bestowed upon us to have a friend in Jesus.
Sleepy, I read all your posts and would like to pray for you and your mother. I pray for your comfort and for you to recieve the peace that passes understanding. The Lord is with you and your mom in every moment of these difficult times, may you find the strength in HIM. God Bless.
Thank you

Thank you Glory, Drama queen and all who pray.

Mum is struggling and in a lot of pain at the moment. She's had a couple of bad days and her spirit is low, very low. Her tummy is very swollen again.

Any prayer or time or words are greatly appreciated. I wish I could ease her pain. I need his help and she needs his comfort and strength.

Thank you for all you have given ...
No Worries

Listen to all these responses you have! God has everything in his hands. Please do not let your heart be troubled. God is in controll. It is ok. I am praying for you. I know God's perfect will will be done, and everything will turn out for the best. Gosh, I love you guys soooo much, it hurts my heart. Please do not worry You have me and the rest of us to lean on. My heart truley goes out to you and your mommy.

I love you guys
God Bless
Sis in Christ :love:
5 days on ...her spirits are low

Hospital again... her sprirts low, she looks so thin and starved yet tummy so big and large. I'm getting hassle at work. She is weary. We want (mum and I) want her to get better. I'm praying but I feel ( and don't know if this is true) but the more people pray the more that we can get through this.

Thank you for all your kind care and listening ears. Starting to feel numb and lost in it all.

God has given me some peace but I'm so sad that she is teary and weary. She's my best friend.
Oh Hon, I pray that you & your mummy will feel God's gentle, loving arms just wrap around you both. I'll also be praying for your work situation & all areas of your life - that God will put gentle spirited people in your path & will keep all influences of the enemy away from you.....a hedge of protection.
Thank you for all... need some help

Need verses... help Mum to feel peace, comfort and give her hope. Also help her understand God better and be saved and be sure (and myself also).

I'm going to type them for her to read at times she may need them for comfort and strength.

Thank you for all prayer. You have been rocks in dark times :love:
Dear Sleepy

My heart goes out to you in this difficult and stressful situation. The love you feel for your Mom comes from God. He loves her too. He is right there with you and her. May you experience peace in the reality of his love. Somehow He will carry you through. He will never leave you or forsake you.

Many of us are praying....
I'm so tired folks

I'm trying really hard and had some great breakthroughs here. I'm sure God is with Mum. He has comforted me in the middle of the night. I was woken by a Godly presence telling me all was okay and I thanked it as my spirit responded. Amazing stuff yet I am so weary, I'm tired, back to work tomorrow, loads to do and not a minute to recover and refresh. I want to keep giving but I'm so tired. Rushing backwards and forwards... I'm getting down and stressed. I have peace. I have joy and am so thankful for all the amazing things that have happened in this difficult time and God's loving hand in my life but so weary, surrounded by loving friends and family but so tired because Mum trusts and depends on me the most. I wouldn't change that for anything or wouldn't want to stop giving her the care I give as I love her dearly and would do it forever but I need a recharge... Please pray

Thank you brothers and sister for all your care love and guidance. I will never forget it.

Please consider a day of complete rest for yourself, in whatever form that might take for you. If your Mom is counting on you and the Lord is using you in this fashion, then wisdom dictates that you must care for that body so that it does not break down on you when you need it the most.

Think about it,

Remembering you,