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My mummy

Please pray....please ... rushing to emergency doctor fluid on tummy pressing on organs.

Ovarian Cancer .... She's tired, scared and fed up.

Pray she gets help needed and that all is okay

Really need your prayer to uplift her.
You and your mum are in my prayers!! Oh Lord I pray give a healing touch to this family. Father God You are Jehovah Rapha You are still in the healing business Thank You Father Lord Give them the calming embrace of your everlasting Love in Jesus name I pray Amen!
Thank you ever so much

I felt upheld, had a brave face on and she has been given pain killers and anti biotics. All in hand for tomorrow. Back to doctors in the morning. They're going to drain the fluid with a needle to take the pressure off. She is resting comfortably. Thank you Jesus.

Your prayers are so valuable. Many, many thanks brother, Jesus loves u and Jessi d :love:

I am blessed to know you all through this wonderful site x
She's in hospital

We are both so very scared.

My best friend is poorley. My mummy in the local hospital. So much fluid from tumours and a hernia, the oncologist unable to see her until next week. We are trying to be strong for each other but the love is so much, it all hurts. Feel helpless tonight. Up and down. Will be okay if everything is okay but scared.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Much appreciated and thankful of.
Sleepy, I am praying that in this dark, scary time you will both be able to feel God's comfort & peace pierce the darkness. Each time you feel scared, praise God for His presence & promises.
Staff Member
Sleepy, your mom is in GOD's hands. Don't worry sister. You now GOD loves her and we must be respectful of GOD's grace/love to everyone of us, being His Creation. We have to be faithful with all our hearts and smile knowing that GOD has it under control. He is Almighty GOD, all powerful :)

In Jesus' name
Thank you Thank you

I left mum at the hospital pale, tired and in discomfort. Please keep praying for her as they have not yet drained the fluid .. though she's had the scan and her tummy keeps growing.

Thank you mmd, saphire, chad, heaven sound and glory plus all those I have mentioned before here helping.

Your words have brought comfort at low helpless moments and I have managed to be quite strong so Jesus must be carrying me as my spirit is too numb and weak. I can praise but find it hard to pray. I thank God for this support. I am blessed with people's kindness.
I just wanted to say I didnt know you had put up this prayer link but have been praying for you since you told me about your mother.
Remember nothing is impossible to God and nothing can separate us from His love (Romans 8).
Jesus cares as He knows what death is like, He is the way, the truth and the life.

God bless you and I am praying for you and your mother
They are draining the fluid

Some fluid had been drained and she feels a little better. I'm scared about heaven, the future, pain and loss. I thank God for his goodness but fear so much for mum and i'm honest myself too. No-one seems to care at the hospital... I'm low low and tired, I miss her in the evening when i have to leave the hospital and worry about whether they can look after her as much as i can..

Am i wrong to feel so afraid and sad?? Have I too little faith?? Am I the cause of all this??
Staff Member
Be faithful and strong sleepy. GOD is the one that loves your mother beyond our understanding. GOD has hands on everything He loves including your mother. All you need to do is continue being faithful, and by showing that in front of your mom and looking lively (and faithful) you can uplift her spirits as well, enabling her to lose stress but gain faith.
Ah Hon, why on earth would you think you were the cause of all this? This is a hard time for you & your family & it isn't uncommon to question your faith. But as you question it, ask God to give you more. And use that same faith to overcome your fears..especially the fear of Heaven. No, we can't say for sure what it will be like, but we are given some pretty specific ideas.

Let me address the issue of the hospital not seeming to care. Granted, there are some very uncaring people in hospitals, but they are rare. From having worked in one for years, if they don't distance themselves a bit from situations, they will crumble under the strain of facing sickness every day. That does not excuse coldness but I felt I needed to share that in case the distancing was what you were experiencing.
Thank you ...You're all keeping me strong

Thanks Chad, Smile, mmd and saphire again a thousand thanks.

I have faith in God. I believe that's strong. It's the faith in Mum's healing I thought could be weak. I might have failed somehow because she's ill. That's what I mean when I worry about faith.

God is keeping me standing up, getting up and carrying on and I am blessed with truly beautiful friends who are proving to be really there when I need a hug, cry or a bite to eat. I thank God for this so much. There are times I feel so spaced out and they bring back normality.

I don't think the staff don't care. I just know they could never care as much as I could. I want to be able to nurse mum and find the lack of control over things strikes up fear and helplessness within me. I want to watch over her all the time to check she's being looked after properly. Also, I find it painful leaving her with strangers when I miss her so but I know they are for the most part doing their jobs. So am thankful for conscientious nurses and doctors.

Tonight Mum was a little weak and couldn't wave as she always does when I leave her side. That was hard because I want to feel she's comfortable and want to ease her pain.

Anyway .. coping by hitting the motorway and having a good fast drive up and down to the city.

Thank you... You are all truly loving and christlike in your concern and prayer.
I lean here and feel I can talk without overburdening people with sadness.

Please please keep praying ... I know it's working because I am retaining some strength through it all and am really grateful for your care and lovexx
Awake but exhausted

I'm awake, worried and sad.

Thank you God for getting me thriough each day.
She's back home Hooray

So glad she's home!!!

Thank you for your prayers ...they drained 16 and a half litres..

I'm so glad she's back where I can look after her....

Love Sleepy :girl:
Good News Bad News

Not sure if Mum has contracted MRSA in her tummy where the drain was...Please pray that this is not the case because she recognises the symptoms from before.

Mum's ankles were still very full of fluid which really frightened us but today that fluid seems to have decreased so prayer is really working. Plus Mum had a spinal curve because of the relentless treatments of chemotherapy and I have strong experience of God's healing. Which is something I wasn't quite sure could happen at one time especially when medicine postulated helplessness. Her back seems straight ..Praise God for his care and love.

Thankyou... I hope this strengthens faith
Feel so hopeless

I know God is near but I want to scream and shout. Blow my head out. Shackled by thoughts, shared fears, guilt, observations and pained tears. I'm sorry i keep posting it's just I feel so swamped by this. I know I've so much to be thankful for.