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My life is almost over...i cannot live anymore !!!

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by childof, Jul 31, 2012.

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    Brother DutchChristian, we know next to nothing about anyone we deal with online, and this forum is just as anonymous as the rest of the internet. I have encountered fakes on here that misrepresented themselves for money (never mind elsewhere on the net), so I am wary of automatically giving money just because an anonymous online person presents himself as needing it. I am not saying that this describes childof, but if he wants money, I don't think it is unloving or uncaring for us to be as wise as serpents in the matter, requiring that he verify his claims. Otherwise we may as well send money to the next person who sends us an email from Nigeria!!

    I am not meaning to sound harsh, and I am hoping no one here takes it as such, but when I do alms, I want to know it is actually doing what I purposed it to do. I am required to be a good steward with my money, not careless and foolish with it!

    When I give money to someone face to face on the street, I can see their need, but when it is someone 1000's of miles away (assuming he really IS in Romania), typing anonymously on the internet, I think it would be foolish to so easily give money to such a person.

    Regardless, I was actually seriously thinking of sending Childof some money, right from the first time he posted, but I wanted to dialog with him and pray with him first (which I did), getting more info from him through emails so I can better ascertain his situation. I don't think that is unreasonable. But he didn't answer my last email and didn't seem interested in anything I had to say.

    Lastly, I would kindly suggest that you think twice before publicly putting guilt-trips on others and judging their giving spirit, when the case may not be that they have an un-giving spirit, but simply that some people aren't as naive as you. Sorry to have to put it so bluntly. Not to mention, you don't know what alms all of us do or don't do, God knows our hearts, you don't. And it is the Holy Spirit's job to convict us to give, not yours.

    I give money to others, and I am sure others here do as well, so please don't make assumptions like your following words did :

    "GIVE lest the LORD HIMSELF be angered against you because of your own selfishness".

    You seem to be implying here, that unless we give to childof, specifically, we are not only selfish, but under God's wrath? That's a heavy accusation (and judgment) to make, brother, one that you have no right to make. If you have a brand new car and I have a 20 year old one on it's last legs, would you be selfish to not trade with me?
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    Hello dear family,

    To give or not to give is not up to me for someone else to decide. You go ahead and pray about it for yourself.

    in my opinion IF someone would be deliberately pushing for money here by either bending the facts or by outright lying (not saying that he did so) then such a person has got some major issues to deal with GOD about that for himself for lying and perhaps even stealing from Gods people (again not implying that he did) there is no secret or hidden agenda able to stay hidden from GOD His eye and judgement.

    And if God does not lay it on your heart like He did to me then do not give as sometimes the funding may have already have been reached or fulfilled by others already. And more would be unneccessary.

    i'm not here to condemn but to help eachother, but if you felt convicted maybe you should pray to GOD about it?

    Take care.

  3. Dear PeaceSeeker,

    We are here to love one another.I am sorry you misunderstood DutchChristian.He only meant what he said in a good way.I am sorry i did not answer your last message but i am giving you my word that if you will PM me i will definately answer you.If you want to know more about me then feel free to ask me.We can definately meet online for a prayer together.I would love to do that.I've got nothing to hide and yes,my testimony is 100 % true and real !
    Maybe you have a hard time in trusting others.Nobody is the same.We are all different.I hope that you are not upset with me or with DutchChristian.
    Take care dear brother ! God bless.
  4. Dutch Christian, I gather you have a valid address to which you have sent food and funds to childof.?
  5. Littlelight, I gather that you also have good information as to the whereabouts of childof?
  6. Jesus is there for you. And us Christians, we are all family.
  7. Please be careful and do not give any money anymore as i have found out a inconsistency with this persons story!

    Please pray that GOD Will reveal the Truth!
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    Childof, you said "I am not that strong person" Jesus says "you are weak but I am strong." draw strength from Jesus.
    You say "so when destruction comes my way all i can do is stay back and take it as it comes." I say, don't stay back and take it. Fight, fight, fight. Make war. Pray for strength from Jesus He will give it to you, Jesus said, "ask and you will receive" when Jesus does give you strength and food use all the stength he gives you to read the bible, pray, sing spiritual songs, pray in your heavenly language. Turn to Jesus, in the morning, turn to Jesus in the afternoon, turn to Jesus in the evening when you go to bed. Even if there is no one in the entire world to be there with you and you are completely alone, turn to Jesus. Do the work, work hard to get to Jesus. If you don't feel his presence the first time you pray, pray again, then again and again until you feel his presence and love. Work hard my friend and Jesus will eventually show up and bless you with food, with companionship with housing, with a job.
    How do I know all these things are true because the last two years of my life was very similar to your story.
    Today I am living in plenty and with a loving family. It is a miracle. He provided all my needs. I worked very hard for a very long time fasting, praying, reading the bible day and night, I am talking about spiritual work, then things started to improve until they really started to improve. He did it for me and he will do it for you. I will pray for the Lord to give you strength and bless you. Keep us posted.
  9. DO NOT GIVE MONEY possible scam artist ripping of Gods people pray that GOD Will Reveal the Truth and bring conviction!

    "Mihail Piersinaru", mihaiforgod, mihai piersinaru (most older messages that have bad news, maybe he repented afterwards!)

    i pray GOD Will bring childof / Mihail Piersinaru down to his knees and REPENT from stealing of Gods people (IF he did that) God knows! i think he just did.... but am not 100% certain

    Please forgive me of previously defending this man's situation (which probably is not 100% accurate and is a lie) if you gave money you gave it out of a good heart i pray God Will reward you as we did not know about this.

    Childof you must CONFESS AND REPENT publicly if you did cheat us
  10. Very, very well said Peace Seeker, my exact sentiments are all stated in your post. I so wanted to say the same thing, so thank you Jesus for helping me to put up my post through someone else.
  11. Either Mihail (Alexandru) Piersinaru from Ratesti Arges Romania is a real child of God in a troubled situation and has been helped a lot now and needs to go get WORK quickly in order to be self suffient now because NO WORK = NO EAT


    he is a #1 first class scammer manipulating Gods children into doing financial or time (prayer) sacrifice for him so that he can live a easy life of NO HARD WORK or other wickedness and self gratification, eating off of Gods people's compassion.

    please pray that God Will reveal the Truth in time to us and to Mihail or Mike or Mihai whatever his name is (first is his real name) as well, that he needs to take FULL control over his own life and WORK instead of nagging towards God and us, we all need to work plain and simple as that.

    Please pray !
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    response to all

    Evan, thank you for your post! A W E S O M E!!!!!!!!!
  13. Originally posted in 2004!

    See what people wrote about him at "Scam Watch" web


    I am interested in knowing if there are any internet
    scams involving
    Romanian/Bucharest citizens targeting American
    citizens via chat
    rooms. My boyfriend is a devout Christian and takes
    part in the yahoo
    christian chat lines. He met a man on-line from
    Bucharest that says
    he is without any family or friends (all of his
    relatives are dead).
    This man that he has been chatting with, and now
    e-mailing with,
    tells my boyfriend that he is severely depressed and
    wants to leave
    his country because he has no one. My boyfriend is a
    compassionate person and wants desperately to help
    this man. I am
    extremely leary of this. This person from Bucharest
    has asked for
    money, food, clothing, and help in leaving his country
    and coming to
    the US. This man said in order for him to leave
    Romania, he needs an
    American citizen to officially invite him to the US
    and then he needs
    money on two different occasions to process the
    paperwork to do so
    (so far he has stated needing approx. $200). My
    boyfriend has told
    him that he has no money and that it is illegal to
    send money to this
    person's country. My boyfriend has told him that he is
    working on
    getting a package together for this man containing
    warm clothes and
    non-perishable food items. My boyfriend has even gone
    so far as to
    find out what shipping costs to this man's country
    are. This scares
    me very much. I know that certain individuals prey
    upon caring people
    in these religious chat rooms or chat rooms geared
    compassionate or grieving people. Considering that we
    have no money
    and are in dire straits ourselves, I am really worried
    that this
    person in Romania will obtain personal information and
    use it to
    access our banking records or other personal records.
    My boyfriend
    has now given this person his mailing address;
    although he did not
    use our address in VA...he used his mother's p.o. box
    address in
    Florida. Please tell me if you can help in any way. I
    am doing this
    request without my boyfriend's knowledge. He firmly
    believes that
    this person in Romania is sincere. I tried to go
    on-line and find out
    information about this man in Romania using his e-mail
    address, but
    was unsuccessful. If it is at all helpful, the e-mail
    address of this
    man in Romania is mihaiforgod@.... This person
    claims to be e-
    mailing and chatting from an internet cafe. I wonder
    if he is so poor
    that he has no family, friends, clothing, no heating
    in his apartment
    and barely enough food...what in the world is he doing
    spending all
    of his time on-line at an internet cafe. Do they not
    charge for this
    internet service at these cafe's in Romania? If you
    require my
    boyfriend's e-mail address, please let me know. I am
    hesitant to give
    it at this time, for as I said previously, he does not
    know that I am
    trying to investigate this matter. Any help you can
    provide would be
    greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    this was posted yahoo coins forum in september 2004

    I NOW LET THE LORD BE THE JUDGE of this whole situation either Mihail Piersinaru (Sat Patuleni, Ratesti Arges ROmania) spoke the Truth or NOT The LORD ALMIGHTY KNOWS
  14. We need to get him off the site somehow or make sure he doesn't scam anyone else... just google his name and you'll have all the info you need. Thanks to the research done by others here you can connect the dots and see that there is only one person in romania by this name, each of the separate reports about this person all share the same info, email addresses, etc., so though separate cases, they are about the same person. Oh that I had done that research sooner.
  15. Amen littlelight,and thanks DutchChristian for posting the above.I have since deleted all my PM's and emails I have received from childof.
  16. I've closed his account.

    Next time, don't give to anyone online except trustworthy, reputable charities your familiar with like GFA, Children's Intl, Salvation Army, VoTM, your local church.
  17. I Agree with Chad. I think it would also be note worthy to put that in a stick or in the rules, just for future reference.

    Fortunately in this situation, I had become a bit laxed in my participation in this site, so I wasn't asked to give financial support to Childof. Not that it matters too much because I could not give him any money even if I truly wanted to, due to circumstances.
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    at least we got it figured out.
  19. #59 DutchChristian, Sep 14, 2012
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    Finally thanks be to GOD the Truth is Revealed:

    Through highly reputable source (Local Police) it is made known unto me that this man: MIHAIL PIERSINARU is in fact a liar and a cheat why? AS he told you this:

    Hi everybody.I am a christian male from Romania,age 36,single,and i am all alone.I have lost my entire family(mom,dad and grandma)and i really have no other relatives nor cousins.

    But the FACT of the matter is that the local Police states that this man DOES have a FAMILY. SO that makes him a liar and a con artist.

    Please BEWARE he is also operating amongst other Christian forums. Highly manipulative and fairly smart and intelligent he is like a leech sucking off of your compassion, making you feel guilty of not giving him as he is very demanding always asking for more. He will first approch you and take the step to establish contact to win your trust and sympathy. By playing on your emotions and feelings!

    Also recently he is using: as an email adres, for more info on him google:

    he has been scamming for many years!



    Also known as: Mike , Mihai or any other name connected to this adress or resembles it.

    NEVER SEND MONEY TO THIS ADDRESS also never send money to this village of RATESTI in Arges Romania as his relatives i believe are all in it too.

    he is a liar and a cheat one of the worst manipulating stealing and sucking off of GODS children!


    Mihail Piersinaru Sat Patuleni 120, Ratesti Arges Romania

    AN EXAMPLE of method of operation is:

    Hi Dave,

    I saw you on Christian Forums and this is how i have your e-mail.
    I am a christian male in Romania who really needs encouragements and prayer !

    Please write me if you want.

    Take care.

    Please BEWARE

    also i ask for your forgiveness of previously defending this man and his "situation" which was clearly a lie and a cheat to begin with, am sorry and please forgive me if you had any loss.

  20. Thanks DutchChristian for your digging around about this chap,he certainly had me believing him for a while by PM and email.

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