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My life is almost over...i cannot live anymore !!!

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by childof, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody.I am a christian male from Romania,age 36,single,and i am all alone.I have lost my entire family(mom,dad and grandma)and i really have no other relatives nor cousins.It is a difficult time for me and i am also struggling with my faith and i guess that i need your encouragements here.I lost my job last year and my life has become in a way impossible and it is so difficult to get/find another job when you live in a country like mine.I live on no income !
    I guess i am searching for true christian friends(with whom i can develop a true friendship)with whom i can share my life,my fears,my challenges,my needs etc.It is my hope that this is the place.

    I'm praying that God will bring into my life the so needed true christian friends.I am not that strong person so when destruction comes my way all i can do is stay back and take it as it comes.I really have no tools to fight it(write me and i will tell you more why i do not have those tools).At this time i am going through the most toughest times of my life.You will not even believe(if i will tell you)through what i am going right now.It is difficult to stay strong and,as there is no one here for me,i can lose hope instantly.In some ways i don't know why God is allowing me to go through such hard times(almost like Job)and also why He does not hear me crying out to Him.I never ever thought life can be sometimes this way or that i will have to endure such extreme moments.I am also sick and of course that i cannot take care of myself due to the fact that i have no medical insurance over here.In some ways,i just don't know how much time i will be able to bear all of these,all that is coming upon me.I am being on my own for so long now and it's like i have come to the end of my powers,to the end of my energy(that is has to do with the fact that i am way unfed now!).Because i am not eating enough or properly i have lost in weight 15 pounds in the last weeks.
    I knew that if my family was here with me(especially my step mom)things would have been totally different !
    It feels so bad,so so bad,when you are all alone,when you're looking at others and see that they have a family who is there for them in times of need,in times of struggle,someone who comfort them and to give them a loving hug.It is the most ugliest feeling in the world when you belong to no one,when you look around and see that you belong to absolutely no one.After all,i am a human being as well.Sometimes i am wondering: why was i even born into this world ? To be a total stranger ? To suffer only ? I am not sure that this is the life that i want.No.
    I cannot live like this anymore.Wich one of you will open his heart to me ? Wich one of you will want to get involved in my meaningless life ?? Wich one of you will reach out his/her hand out to me ?? Is there anyone out here ?

    *** NOTE by Chad: this is a con-artist. ***
  2. I will be your friend, if you want. I don't know what it's like to be in your shoes, but I'll be there to help you through this trying time, and I'll remember you in my prayers every night.
  3. Our life as christians begin a new life... a spiritual life. Concentrate on the spiritual. The flesh will either die and you shall be with the Lord, or the Lord will provide you help, and you will live in the flesh to not only praise God, but to do His will on this earth. You have my prayers.
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    Am wondering if there isn't a church that could help you with your physical needs. The Salvation Army is also located in some areas of Romania..

    Are you using a library computer or something to post online?

    Internet friendships are ok, but it seems you may need more physical help where you are living. Will keep you in prayer.
  5. Childof, it is not by accident that you posted this plea. I believe that God is going to answer your prayers. Please respond to the PM (Private Message) I sent you that relates an idea of how you can possibly get some help.

    Spirit Led Ed (SLE)
  6. Acebopata,

    Thank you brother !
    I really appreciate that.

  7. Spirit Led Ed,

    I did.
  8. Thankfully there have been several brothers that have responded to your request for friendship and fellowship. I, too, will lift you before our heavenly Father today. He knows your every need and heartache. Life can be very severe and like a raging sea. The Lord allowed me to see that my hope becomes misplaced in circumstances, health, people, abilities as well as other things. It is misplaced hope. When I lose hope He is faithful to carry me. He has shown me to Hope thou in God. To carry it all to Him in prayer where He longs to hear my cry. He is there for you. He sees you. Hope thou in God, HE is unchanging.
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    Dear brother The LORD Strengthen you and make you unafraid!

    where we die of ourselves God Can Live!

    Love in Christ Jesus

    you can PM your prayer requests to me at any time.
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    Child ..i hope and pray that you find youre needs met trusting in the FATHERS divine will for youre life and not just a web site ..imagine how many of Gods own have gone through simular trials and to be quite honest .this is a small matter in Gods hands ..but when youre in it it seems like the Giants are in the land and we are but grasshoppers //I assure you that God is aware and and will put you through no more than you can bear...there have been plenty of times ..and some most recent i wish He didnt have such a high opinion of me i was out of work for two years i kept praying for work..God said there will always be work but He needs someone looking for position instead..if you are where God wants you the waters will be much blessed..i encourage you to look past mortal sight and ask God where He needs you to be and then hang on tight ..Jer33:3 CALL ON ME AND I WILL SHOW YOU GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS THAT YOU KNOW NOT OF...My God is not a man that he sholud lie and that scripture has carried my family and my self through many trials .......Dear Lord I pray that you show youre mercy and never endiing Grace towards Child and all he has before him.. Lord i know that youre not a show off...but i ask you to show up and show out at this time
    that you may receive Glory from the trials we face ..and all may see that you are God Almighty..

    In Jesus name .....Rev :quiet:Be still and KNOW that I am God saith the Lord of hosts

  11. Rev T.S. Perkins,

    Please respond to the PM i sent you.

  12. Dear kateann,

    I am sorry but it seems that you guys either did not read my testimony either you have read it but did not understood it !
    I would like you all who have read my testimony to go back and re-read it carefully and to pay close attention to what i have said there.Okay ?
    I never received a question from you asking me something like : Why is your life over ? or Why you cannot live anymore ?
    If at least i would have received this kind of questions i would gladly have answered to you all.
  13. Hello childof from Romania. I am way over here in Australia writing this to you with a brotherly hug from over here. It is disheartening when life throws us curve-balls we cannot avoid. Don’t throw in the towel yet brother. Keep your head up and your heart strong. Keep the faith (you only need a mustard seed) and fight the good fight as the Word says. It is amazing the resilliance we have to endure much. The mountain will not come to you-you have to go to it. Dig your heels in and keep in the race to the finish. This hurdle in your life is part of the race we are in. It is not good to be alone by yourself because the mind can play tricks on you. I have a few affirmations I read when I need to. I would like to share a couple with you. 1) Embrace your fears. 2) Connect with the world. Two very simple things yet can have a profound impact on the way we think. It did for me. May you find some peace and solitude in your struggles and know deep down that our Lord will never forsake you or forget about you. He knows you intimately well from the inside out and He is for you and will always be for you, never against you. Never give in childof.

    Peace be with you.
  14. Dear Childof, I will too will join the brothers and sisters to keep you in my prayers. Have you tried to find a church around where you are? So that as we join together in prayer for you You will also receive the physical response to the prayers in the brethren that you meet. May God show Himself to be closer than you imagine during this time.
  15. Hi childof,

    I'm sure you will find many friends here and you can count me as one of them. I have added you to my prayers and I believe God will hear our cries on your behalf. He is faithful and though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil, for God is with us, giving us great comfort in times of trouble. You can PM me any time. God bless!
  16. Child as you read in my testomony i know what it feels like to be in youre shoes and feeling like there is only one end to this part of life ,,,but i assure you i heard and tried to encourage because when i was there thats what got me through ..I know that feelings come and go like the tide but God is never ending and His grace is suffesient for all not some sorry if i offended and i pray that you see past the pain and see what was offerd The wisdom and peace of Gods word and his love for you an anchor to get you through this time far as why you feel this way it seemed fairly obvious from youre have been ripped up by the roots and are not happy about it ..uncerten and cast to the wind ,,,but all is not as it seems you are begining a most wounderful journey with God ..a new chapter not coming to the end.but just getting started.....
  17. Dear Brother Childof in Christ! First I weep with you in your sorrow!( rom 12:15-21) 2. If i had the money and the means I would contact you personal!! Many are going through very difficult times as well!! I know you know this! Before we can ever fix what is around us,we must look to fix ourselves first! Not easy I know! You do have a computer,so that means you do have access to the written Word of God as well!I am glad of that for you! Sometimes my brother to truly find a treasure we must first lose everything that we presently have. This sounds stupid I know!

    For how can a man find something when he does not even know where to look for it? And how can suffering ever help us, or our mind?Please look at Luke 18:1-8!! verse 8!! will he find faith on the earth? Well if he is to find faith on the earth,then the people that are called by his name had better start having it! This is no rebuke good brother!!! This is truth. Reading further in this chapter, and please do so,we find something remarkable! The concern of entrance to the Kingdom of God( 15-30) please look strong on verse 17-22!!) A child depends and trusts upon his Father,and why is this? Because the child is submitted to him. He knows the Father knows much more then himself,and since this is true,even if he is not to happy with his current facts of life,he looks for the truth which only the Father can give him.OUR FATHER!!! Which art in heaven! And!! Living in us!! His own children!!

    To find this truth, we must look unto our Lord Jesus,from His own Word,which he has already given us. I know where you are at brother!! I have been in your shoes!! Homeless for 3 years!! This!! after receiving Jesus in my own life!!! I was hard headed and blamed God and others for my situation. Some are our fault ourselves,some things are not our fault! Losing your family sure was not your fault! But when the devil gets a chance( eph 4:27) in our lives to rob us,make no mistake!! he wants to take everything we have!Including our own soul! this is his very nature!!( john 10:10) is this enough for him?? NOPE!! Now with all of this going on around us,he lies to us as well, saying things like, see you should have never been born!! You have to reason to live,you are so sorry!!( john 8:44) Sound familar brother???LOl I know!!

    Because I your brother in Christ heard the very same! Causing me to feel sorry for myself,causing me to inflict much more pain upon my own self as possible because I feel I deserved it! In body and mind! As I was sitting near a church feeling helpless, a man approched me from inside the church.he said having troubles? I wanted to punch him right in the nose!! LOL I said you are asking a very stupid question Mr.!! No I am here because I have nothing better to do!! I.C. he said. Perhaps instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you should come into the church and learn something from your real Father!! Much happened,it would take far to long to explain it all here! But I believe you get the point!! GET INTO GOD'S WORD!! NOW!!

    Here is the first place Jesus took me in the Word,so like Jesus since I am his child,I will take you there as well!( Isaiah 41:9-13) YES VERY PERSONAL!!2. next please go to Psalm 103:8-17) You my good brother have not been forgotten!!! All you have become is lost! You like I did, have just lost your way is all!( matt 18:11-14!!) Jesus is here my brother!! Jesus has never left you! It was us who strayed,and got tangled up in the wire. And like me,Jesus in me has come to free you! So you can free another! To be free, we must learn how this is done,for we cannot teach another, or help another until we are free to do so!

    And so my brother we come full circle! We must once again learn what john 3:16 truly means! That whosoever what my brother?? Believes!! believing not just in good times,but also in bad times! Then we see just what we say we believe! I learned i did not truly believe,believing comes not only with words my brother,but with action associated with our own words! For in action of love to another,telling them you love them in the Lord,they can have faith in that! Because my brother they themselves have seen that Love!!( 1 John 4:17-19!!)

    To give love, we must first have love to give another!! You have great love inside you my brother!! You just have to learn how you can release this,first for self,so then you can give this Eternal love!! To others! Facts change,but that which is eternal cannot not change,for those things belong to our Lord Jesus And God cannot, nor will ever change!! From the old Testament!!( Malachi 3:6!!) For I the Lord do NOT CHANGE!! To our Jesus today!! ( Hebrews 13:8!!) Jesus Christ the what brother?? amen SAME! yesterday,and today, and YES!!!!! FOREVER!!! Glory to God! Find a good loving Church around you,and get busy!!

    You have much work to do!! (james 1:22) When I got busy doing!! God got busy fixing!! And I give all praise and Glory to him!! So will you!! You are sure in my prayers brother!! Holy Spirit told me something to tell you,to confirm this word he is speaking in me unto you! God sends who he KNOWS!! And God knows who he sends!! One day my brother, it will be your turn to be sent to another like you!! may you hear that call!! 1 cor 1:4-9!! My confession for you! Blessing and joy be sent from our true Father!! A Father who has know you since before you were even born!!( psalms 139:13-18!!!) Jesus is not asleep good brother!! Jesus is moving upon his people,so they can move towards HIM!! amen!
  18. I too have been through inexpressibly difficult times lately, but I can tell you that the Lord never gives up on us!!! Even when it seems the darkest, even when it seems there is no way out, no way forward, He is still there. My dear brother, I encourage you to never give up hope! I will pray for you, I know how to pray for anyone who is having difficult times like this, as I can honestly say I've been there and I truly understand.

    The Lord never fails! Even if it seems like He has gone away, He hasn't. Hold on, hang in there. May the Lord lift you up and give you comfort. Praying praying.

  19. Dear peceinhim,

    Nope,there is no church near me and,in order to find one i would need to travel,a thing wich i cannot do.The nearest city from me is at 20 miles away !
    Keep praying for me.You can also add me to your friends list if you want.Thank you !

  20. Brighthouse,

    Thank you for your words of encouragement brother and also for pointing out the Bible verses that i should read.I will read them.
    Please check your PM.I have sent you a PM.

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