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Lights cut off need prayers badly

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by whitedove38583, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. One day there was a very poor man,he lived in California,he had been homeless for about 2 years,he found a dollar on the sidewalk, and went to go play the lotto,he won! about 1.2 million dollars. He believed it was God who did this. Makes sense!!

    Except that in a few years after this happened,he died of a drug overdose, from the winning he had, he lost most of this to great big parties lavish spending, on a new home and many Servants,etc...He believed he deserved this after he was homeless,but later when we found out.

    He was homeless because he stole from everyone he met,and his own family put him out! We know from the Bible that every good gift comes from above! ( james 1:17)

    But it is only good,if that person who receives this blessing,does so to others as well. No one received Jesus during this,many stumbled who were believers because of the power he now had with all his money. Thinking upon this,we in turn can decide the gifts we also have.

    If these gifts do indeed help another,then sure!! God is present,but if, and I do say IF!!! they do not help,then what value can one place on them? Just something for us all to consider! Love is here on this site,many wish to help here in any way they can,please look at this, rather then looking at a possible attack.

    You shall know them by there fruit! We all have faults in many ways,that is why we are here,to help,and be helped,so we look at this site as being helped. If words come across you do not like,that is fine,just know that no words given here, are ever out of hate,or just to make another angry.

    Not all understand the power of words,we all are on a different level in our faith,for those who are a bit stronger,then we help those who need it,even as they help our weakness.( rom 15:1-3) Blessing to you all,we stand for love,so let us all represent HIM!! who is just that!! our Jesus!! Let us all consider how words would come to us, when we send them to others. I have made mistakes as well in this! Colossians 4:6 Let your speech always be with grace,seasoned,as it were,with salt,so that you will know how to respond to each person. Let us all consider this. Blessing all!
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    Hi. No condemnation, no citicism, just a question. Okay?
    Leaving aside your visions etc, do yoy think Satan is capable of instigating a crime? Do you think he has that power? Allow me to relate to you a little story from my past. I was working for several years for an oil company at their storage depot. I was a Christian and the only one of a staff of about 30. I used to tell everyone I could about the love of Jesus, and what He had done for me in changing my life from a drug addicted selfish bad tempered loner into someone He could now proudly call His son. There was one particular young man about my own age who arrived on transfer from another city. Immediately we hit it off. He listened to every word I said, came to our house for several meals, and several times came close to accepting the gospel in all its fulness. But there was something holding him back. Every time he laft our house he would leave behind demonic presences that I had to command to leave with the authority that Jesus gives His servants. And they did leave praise God. But they were a very unsettling and disturbing thing to experience, especially for my wife. I could not see them, but she could! They terrified her poor my poor darling. Anyway, that aside, he had a history of drug abuse, occultic practices, and his mother was a fully fledged witch with her own coven in the country's capital city. A very powerful woman, his father being the CEO of a container shipping company.
    One night my friend had a vision. A number of 'angels' appeared to him and told him that he had to kill someone immediately for he was a danger to the kingdom. He told me this the next day. I knew straight away in my spirit that I was the mark. He didn't tell me this, as they hadn't yet told him who it was, they wanted his agreement first before they revealed it. He was asking me for advice! I told him I would get my church to pray. (Not just for him, but for me too!) So that is what took place. The whole church fasted and prayed for this situation.
    A very short time later, he left town without explanation; simply handed in his resignation and left.
    My point is this. Not all visions come from God. And Satan is very adept at deceiving. It is no trouble for him to give a vision of a crime, a disaster, or whatever, and later fulfill the "prophecy" himself. He does have that power.
    Please give this your utmost consideration. Who is being glorified by these events being portrayed in your visions? Are lives being saved? Are people being warned concerning their eternal destiny? Are people being converted? Is the church being uplifted and edified? Or is the enemy being exalted through crime, death, and destruction? Please think prayerfully about these matters.
    God Bless.
  3. yes to answer your question brakelite, yes satan can have the power to shown the visions and then fullfill them, but he only can do the power by what allows him too. JOB is an example, Satan could not do anything until he had asked God to let him. God gave satan the permission to do things to Job and his family, thus taking his sons and daughters, all his things etc, but satan had to ask God first!

    as to my visions, maybe i am shown them so i can help others? maybe i am susposed to stop it in some way but failed? A lot of times it seems i am in days avou, reliving this very same life over and over again because i have failed at several things. there are places that i can go to and visit that i have never been there before ever and just know where unmarked graves are at, one time in dover tennessee. we were going to the land between the lakes and there was this old logging road and i knew it went to a graveyard, yet i had never been there before, and so i walked it and there in the middle of a grown up field and trees was a very large graveyard that contained over 27 unknown solgiers graves, i then told the caretakers of the park ( park rangers ) they followed me to the graveyard and then regraveled the road and it is now accesable to anyone. Also in the book of revelations i remember a certain man seeing visions of our future with death and destruction that will come upon us in the last days, and even several things were seen that he was not told to even write about, i don't know how you could say rather that was glorifying God or not glorifying him, but it was shown to him, why? only God knows why, this certain man could not even write them down ( revelations 11;4 ). so why did God show it to him if he could not do anything to stop it? Why did God show ity to him and him not even to write down what he seen? what purpose was it shown to him for? only God and he knows what was seen. like with me, several things i have seen i do not want to even talk about it because when it comes true they would blame me and probably arrest me thinking i had something to do with it.

    now let me ask you something? why did God show these things and not have it written down? what purpose was it to be shown only to him?
  4. The prophet Daniel was also shown things concerning the future which were then "sealed up". In the book of Revelation John was shown the same things as Daniel saw. He also was asked not to speak of them. Why? Because they were kept until such time as that generation which was going through them, would be shown the truths of the vision. That generation is now. We now understand those things which John and Daniel saw. Looking back into history we can see how the visions have been fulfilled and are being fulfilled in our lifetime, thus we give glory to God for the truth of His word and we with more confidence go out and preach the last warning message to mankind for the salvation of souls. We are given the priviledge of seeing the signs of the last days in our very midst, so we are more enlightened than previous generations. We preach then with more faith and trust in God's word, we have more confidence in His power to save, and we, without shame or embarrassment or a backward look warn the world of the imminent second coming of oiur Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Joh 13:19 Now I tell you before it come, that, when it is come to pass, ye may believe that I am he.

    All the above is in a completely different context to what you are experiencing. Like I said, no-one is being edified or saved through your 'visions'. Only Satan is getting any victory, the victims themselves, even their identity, being hidden from you. Could it be possible that Satan himself doesn't know who the victime will be yet until such time that the event he instigates comes to pass?

    So my initial questions still need an answer.
    Who is being glorified by these events being portrayed in your visions? Are lives being saved? Are people being warned concerning their eternal destiny? Are people being converted? Is the church being uplifted and edified? Or is the enemy being exalted through crime, death, and destruction? Please think prayerfully about these matters.

    BTW, I am glad you received the help you needed when in trouble.

  5. well that is your opinion on this, it is not mine. I personally know its from God. You do not know me personaly nor what the visions i see or feel and therefore can not get me to see your opinion as i know 100% without a doubt they come from God. Why? i am not sure because God will tell me when he wants me to know the reason why. i always think praerfully about everthing i do or say. No one belived noah either about the world getting the flood and i dont care rather you believe it or not. that is your choice and i accept that as your choice. i agree to disagree on this. my choice and my believth stands firm. this is the prayer section and i was giving thanks to God that my prayer had been answered and thus therefore it was brought off topic into this discussion. i will not discuse this hear anymore. this is my belieth, my faith, and my opinion. if it is in fact not of God nor anything like that well i will then find out when i die and face God but until then i stand firm upon it. the visions i have come from God! if you want to continue to debate it, you have my pm and my email.
  6. bleesings

    God has blessings set aside for each of us as His children..however when He does bless us we are accountable for how we handle those things of God.we are not blessed except to bless others with the things God has given us...all I have is for my children.and its there whether they want it or not,,however ive taught my children they need to be good stewards of the things they have ....JUST like God expects us to we bless those around us.. God will fill us back up to do it again if we are faithfull with what we have ..if we squander the things of God we are not in the will of God and the blessings can dry up for a season.until we seek Godly wisdom concerning those things and then its about TRUST AND OBEY :wink:
  7. Jesus be your provider
  8. White Dove

    White Dove may God blesss you more and more with all wisdom knowledge and understanding. I as well have had lots of visions in the past still do at times praise God.
    Visions are a good thing you are gifted. I have been observing Here and see all this negitive posts against you like what Jobs friends did to HIm. It is a sad thing when people say you are wrong for having visions for they are not all subseptable to preventing and thank God for that. I was shown some visions that I never undrestood until years later.
    Now we all know that the deciever will present himself as an angel of light and i have follwed after His visions a time or so and got hurt for it plenty; but God is greater and can turn everything around for our and or His good.
    Thank you for sticking with Jesus for It strengthens me to see people like you stand firm we all get swayed off a bit now and then but as I see in you He gives us the ability to abound even stronger. May God continue to use and bless you. Jesus Loves You.
  9. thank you Bobby for the kind reply

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