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Lights cut off need prayers badly

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by whitedove38583, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I would like to point out a few things of interest after reading all of this. First if the Lord gave you this ability,you would not be in the shape you are now in. Peace Seeker has never lied,nor has this brother ever once given a cause for any to judge him! As for this woman in question.I judge her not either,but would ask her a few question concerning this so called gift from God.

    If from God, why do you blame him for your situation? 2. Why didn't you see, what was about to happen to your present situation? Why would God give something and then leave you alone? He would never do such a thing!! he never has done this to anyone.

    If you are alone,it could be for many reasons you have not shared here. Discipline is for just that purpose,a time to consider who it is we serve,and why? I have know many people who were once in occult bondage,believing in what they say was God.( 2 Cor 11:14-15) Do you think the enemy is stupid? He is far smarter then us for sure,but not smarter then Holy Spirit in us!

    Show me one chapter or one verse where God leaves his people to starve? Or where God has ever forsaken his people? To claim God has, is a lie,and since we know this is a lie,then it has to come from the father of all lies!!( john 8:44) Be not deceived woman,God is not mocked,for whatsoever a man or woman sows that will they also reap!( gal 6:7-10)

    I do not believe you are a scammer,I believe you are greatly deceived! Repent from your former ways,burn all charms,wear nothing to represent you former life.Understand this!! This site has many wonderful people in Jesus on here,some have great gifts as well here.

    Woman I do not believe you to be an unkind person!! I believe, you believe your psychic does come from God,but when you are wrong in them,God is never wrong.( 1 john 4:1-6) TEST!! every!!! Spirit! That is why after my first response to your plea before, I did not answer!

    The circle you sit in to receive words from the dead,is excatly what you are receiving! Dead things! Hence why you are in the mess you are now in. Instead of looking to a spirit,look unto Jesus,HIS WORD!!! I have never noticed a scripture to back you up on any of the bondage you are presently in.

    Peace seeker is loving the woman,just not the spirit in her! The Spirit of God will always say Jesus IS LORD!!( 1 cor 12:3) If this spirit you listen to is from the Lord,then he would have said this already to you!

    Do not let the enemy keep stealing from you any longer!( john 10:10) Also you have stated you are confused,this is the first sign, what you have believed is from the Lord is sure not!! ( 1 cor 14:33) God is not the author of any!!! confusion! I ask you to consider this given in love to you!

    If you feel cut to the bone here,it is because God's Word is always true!! ( hebrews 4:12-13) And there is no creature hidden from his sight,but ALL things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do. We know we have passed from death unto life,because we love the brethren.He who does not love,abides in death.( 1John 3:14) I speak none of things things in judgement to you woman.I speak them,for the love you really do have for people!! God knows of your kindness!!! Do not let the enemy steal the good things you have done through the years!
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    Gary, please, you don't know all the facts. I have sent some of them to Halva. Whitedove is in occult bondage, if it were not so I would not have said anything. And I have been loving her with anguished prayers, feeling her hurt as if it was my own, from the very second she asked us for them. I didn't wait until my nighttime prayers, I asked right there and then, and she has been on my mind every day. All I asked was one single question, to hopefully shake her out of her delusion.

  3. not true, i dont worship something else, i dont bow down to other things. The gift of vision does not work that way. i dont practice getting the vision it just appears to me,
  4. that is a bold face lie, you dont love me, you put that statement out online in the public to dilberatly hurt me, have you not understanding there is a pm button here private message that you could have sent me instead? no you decided to hurt me again and again. shake me out of what delusion, seeing things happen before they happen is NOT A delusion. you assume that i worshiop or pratice evil or worse. i dont ask for this vision.. have you not read

    1 Corinthians 12?

    where it talks about the gifts of prophacy and what all. i do not practice witch craft nor anything like that. this was given as a gift to me but you assume i am a witch or whatnot and say i am in bondage to it, i mean jeese you really dont know.. i cant turn this vision stuff off, it just appears to me out of the blue. i dont praticve anything like that but you want to judge go right ahaed like i said.

    you and everyone else just loves hurting me all the time build me up where i am happy then destroy that happiness over and over again, well guess what? you are not gonna have my spirit or life as your play thing anymore. you guys want me dead well your getting you wish more then likely christmas morning. you aint gonna hurt me anymore.. occult? Good Lord, just cause i was given visions i am in bondage, oh ok, so what have i got to do to turn this seeing visions off? huh? tell me oh dear lightened one? for the last time or telling you again 1 can not turn it off, it doesnt work that way.

    waiting until your nighttime prayers for me? or rather couldnt do that at night? lol... i am not stupid, i dont go to occult book stores or read them because they are not from God. i came here praying and asked for prayers and then when it was answered and i wanted to share with everyone here how God had answered my prayer you go and post this about my visions and all instead of in a pm to me?:shock:
  5. and one other thing you might as well remove me from your mind and dont pray for me, i dont want nor need your kind of prayers.. so what you sending them by pm go on and post it here, degrade me here. guess you never heard of forgiveness or leaving ones past alone now have you. oh yeah wait you done called me walling in my self pity, lets see what else can you bring on? tell me what else? one single question huh? why do it on a open forum and not in a pm? because you have more pull here, been here longer then me? i left you a little message on SF, if your smart enough you will figure out what that SF stands for and as what type forum it really is..

    you dont feel my pain, you dont love me, a friend a person that cares about another is not gonna say what you did out in the open. you could have quoted me or sent me a few scriptures if you thought i was in the wrong.. i came here again because my prayer was answered and you dilberatly hurt me. i mean you did it on purpose and you know you did it! you are not a friend of mine, you hurt me so much because i thought i had someone who cared here but nope i was wrong again. i cant get out of my past or away from my past memories when others throw it up in my face every dag gom time i turn around. well you guys make me your little play thing messing with my emotions when i am still hurting, you just decide to go bring me down again, well guess what? bye.. you wont hurt me no one will ever hurt me again.

    i didnt pratioce this or rather these visions, they just appear, i have had them come upon me when i am cooking, online, driving down the road etc i never asked for them but God gave them to me, yes it was God that did it, not a delsion, not from satan but God!!
  6. he/she/it whatever did this to hurt me personally, and dilberatly.. i cried all day yesterday and did not even get to sleep because of this stupid saying because instead of getting it to me by a pm, post it out here in the open..

    i dont deal with the occult or witchcraft ever. the gift of seeing is from God. and yes i realize there are several things deamons and satan do to make others think different but there is only one God in the whole world.

    i was giving glory to God and i was happy but then this statement broke me, it really broke me. i understand peace seeker has been here longer then me thats fine he/she/it/whatever has more love and respect then i ever will receive.

  7. and something else i dont sit in any circle nor practice any withchcraft, never have and never will just goes to show how much you think or judge me by
  8. dear whitedove, when I wrote this message I hadn't yet realised that Peace Seeker had spent a lot of time wrestling in prayer for you. I understand that you are hurt, but would urge you to pray to Jesus and ask for his help to find it in your heart to forgive because unforgiveness only leads to bitterness and torment.

    On a forum and even in real life, sometimes its hard to know how words are meant and in what tone words are said and sometimes any person can be misunderstood or write words they later regret because of how they are perceived.

    I'm sorry that you are hurting and have written you a pm. I did find Peace Seeker's words difficult to understand and that is why I wrote what I did, but would urge you to fight against this notion that people are out to deliberately hurt you because it seems at the moment as if that is what is happening and that isn't true.

    A really good thing happened when someone paid your bill and God blessed you. But it seems as if you are giving in to the enemy robbing you because you are overwhelmed with such negative thoughts and lies.

    I do not want to cause any further hurt and would just urge you to honestly seek God and His ways.

    I have thought about writing more, but will pray because I don't want to say anything more that could be misconstrued. I will wait and see if you respond to the pm I sent you.

  9. Well whitedove,I was not surprised at your message back to me!! I thought I gave you as much grace and love from the Lord in me as I possibly could have. But you choose to take what I said as an attack,when really it was only meant as a concern for you. Nor did you answer any of the questions I asked you about either. That is fine,just do not mistake my kindness for weakness either!!

    Because now I am going into prayer!!! I will let the Lord himself deal with you. You had no reason to feel sad,you had every right to wake up from your sleep though! I do not care for stumbling blocks!! You draw all to you,when we should all draw people unto the Lord God!( john 1:30-31) If you even looked at any scripture I gave you in love!! So wise up!!! and grow,or fall back,and be lost, this is the choice we all must make!! ME!!!! Most included!! I will not speak on this matter again here.
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    One of the wisest men I have ever met spoke to me once when I was immature but still trying my best to help other. I made a miserable mess out of giving advice. He looked me in the eyes and loved me. He said "Gary, if you don't know how to help people then don't". I was so mad. I wanted to hit em'. But he was right. I needed to learn a lot more before I could really help people. I needed to remove the beam from my eye first. I just didn't understand that that meant that I couldn't see their situation clearly because I lacked understanding. The scripture says that we are not to bite and devour one another for we may be consumed one of another.

    Peace Seeker, I believe that you are doing the best you know how and that your intentions are good. I ask you to teach me how you are loving this woman so that you may either teach me something that I don't know yet which is always possible, or upon your thinking over how you might answer the spirit would reveal new things unto you. I have in the past as I stated had some big problems with trying to help people but only wounding them more than they already were. Prayerfully reading the scripture daily asking that God may reveal himself unto me so that I may actually be able to be helpful to someone has improved my tact 100 fold. I dare not say you should have seen me before God started his work in me.

    Brighthouse, my brother. God has never forsaken anyone? "Father why hast thou forsaken me?". Jesus never spoke anything but the truth. As well as God promised to forsake his people in Jeremiah 23. God is longsuffering, not eternally suffering. He will forsake, lets not tempt him. Of course the answer to this is "I will never leave you nor forsake you". Read in its proper context means that if you do not forsake God he will never leave you nor forsake you. Jesus became sin for us. God forsook him. If we forsake him he will forsake us. Let us therefore come together and let our love edify one another using words that are seasoned with salt and always with grace. Ministering to one another in Gods love.

    Does this woman have problems? Sure. Do you think she is possessed with a devil of divination? Remember, Jesus didn't rebuke the possessed one but the devil itself who possesses. I don't know what the truth is about the situation but I do know that it is my obligation to make myself available to her if for some possible reason I may assist her in knowing God better. I am debtor to the Jew and the Greek, to the wise and the unwise...

    Lord help us,

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  12. I want to say just one more thing about/to Whitedove.

    She says she can't control or stop the "visions", but I know she can if she wants to - if only she would just surrender to Jesus and allow Him to heal her. But I see the spirit in her is greatly resisting that, that's why she so vehemently lashes out at those who care for her and sincerely want to help her!

    But she cannot be helped unless she knows and admits there is a problem. And if she is "prophesying" because she likes the attention people give to her "predictions", she is just pushing herself further from God.

    An alcoholic can't get well by being coddled and told the beer in his glass looks like apple juice, therefore it is apple juice. Similarly, someone in bondage to the spirit world cannot be helped without being told directly - no beating around the bush or "playing nice" with him - about the bondage he is in.

    So (to answer gdemoss's previous question about how I was loving her), the way I loved her was by telling her it is beer in her glass, rather than apple juice.

    She lashed out at all of us that were trying to help her. Why would she do that if the spirit she is serving is CHRIST? She lashed out because she was exposed. Nothing can be hidden from God.

    She asked for prayers but doesn't want to be delivered, she just wants others to continually help her out of the problems she is creating for herself by serving the kingdom of darkness. Help me! Help me! But don't try to change me! And if you lovingly confront her, then everyone hates her, including God.

    She can't serve 2 masters and expect THE MASTER to help her.

    I sincerely hope she will swallow her pride and cry out to the One who saves, and let Him put His healing touch on her. No one can help her otherwise.
  13. Peace Seeker, I appreciate your posts. I am taking this from the public domain and responding in private. I feel it better that way.


  14. i just want to tell you something.

    i am not a prophet and i don't claim to be one, i just see things happen before they happen suddenly to me. i have seen things of the future and it comes from God. you can sit here on your computer and you can assume whatever you want to of me, but jesus has saved me so many times, one time we had a dinner at church, a holiday dinner, my car would not start. i mean whatever happened it just would not crank over, i found out the next day it started right up, well when i went to church that following wednesday no one was at church i later understood that everyone there got pioisined so yes the Lord protected me, he also gives me these visions. just because you dont believe in them is in no way cause to automatically say i am the devil or possed or in a bad situation. if that were the case God would not answer my prayers the way he does.

    now i apologize for lashing out with you because i struggle with depression, and i have attempted my life many times but God never lets me succeed at it. if you could see the things i see you would understand it better but you cant because you are not me. i did not lash out because of what you think. this time of year is always hard on me because i lost a loved one around this time. so think what you want to about me but God is the only one who knows me not you
  15. why? he is the one who started it, i was posting a prayer answered and he started with my visions. if he wants to judge me with what he thinks, i don't care because what Jesus thinks of me is all that matters.

    yes i struggle with depression, that is a site of me that i don't perticuley like but it is a battle i deal with over and over again. i go to the suicideforum because it is the only place that others can help each other because we struggle with the same things. we know each others pain and it is often hard to deal with because of it. when i am in a depressin i take everything and everyone as out to hurt me. because my mind is not fully clear. i have lost several friends from that forum by them taking their lives around this time of the year and it hurts. you can't change peace seekers mind, he believes it is the only way or that he is the only right person here. i respect that and let him believe what he wants to because that is his choice. i have not only had visions but i have had the lord speak to me many times even once to help a friend on suicide forum, when i went to that forum and talked to them i learned they had taken an od and called police. the lord lead me to them to stop them from taking their lifes. if i had not listened to that voice they would not be alive today.

    just because he doesnt believe my visions come from God does not make it the truth. God gave me this visions and i am thankful he did just that. they are a gift from God and tho i dont understand why God has hios reasons, perhaps its so i can help stop others from killing themselves? who knows and one day i will find out.

    you posted that dilberatly to hurt me and thats ok, i forgive you. the hurt is over with now and God tells me its ok, that he misunderstands. perhaps he needs to go to the suicideforum and read up on some of the posts, if he wants to help people he can do that there but he has to be patient with them because they are emotionally hurt. they are people there that are victoms of rape and abuse, negliect, etc perhaps if he took time to read my posts both good and bad he would understand more about me instead of being qwuick to judge so fast? so have a nice day everyone! i have got people to help that are hurting more then me.
  16. Seems you are now demonstrating the same behavior (prejudice) that you are accusing Peace Seeker. You seem to be having some emotional distress at the moment so I suggest that you take some time after reading another's post before responding back, to gather your thoughts and pray.
  17. just wanted to pop in and reply this. peace seeker has what he believes in as that no one has visions except they come from the evil or devil, that is his choice. is he church of christ by chance? i know that they don't believe in the gifts anymore like tongues and healing and whatnot because at one time i was church of christ. so i know how they think and what they believe and they don't believe in visions anymore thus why i came out from them because they don't believe what God gave me. i want to know how he can know 100% without a doubt that the gift i have of visions is not from God,

    now, i will tell you how i know it is from God and was given to me 100% without a doubt. a few years back i was struggling with depression so much that i really attempted my life, i took an overdose and i drank whisky to make sure it would work and would in fact kill me. i even prayed to God before taking it asking him to just let me die, well i did die physically and i came out of my body. i seen the doc working on me and i heard every word they were saying then all of a sudden i was whisked away and into darkness, i mean so dark i could not even see my own hands or anything else for that matter. it was dark, and cold, and i felt damp like kind of wet. well i then after what seemed like a long time i started crying out to God to forgive me that i did not mean to do it, etc. i was crying and praying really hard, then the room started getting brighter and warmer and this big bright figure was coming at me and i mean coming fast at me. the power from this being knocked me down on my knees and it got bright enough that i could see the floor, the colors around me and the floor were a color like i had never seen before. to me i can only explain it like it seemed to be like a lighht purple mixed with sky blue and some pink, the floor was the same only a little brighter and it was translucient, i could see the earth beneath me yet i was not failing down, like i was floating. the feeling of love and warmth surrounded me and this being ( i call it a being because i could not see the face nor body was way too bright ) well it ask me in such a heavenly voice was this what i really wanted, i cried and said no, then this being says good, go help bring my lost sheep home, then it disappeared and i was failing, i hit the ground hard and woke up in the hospital.

    after i was at the physic ward for a while for my attempt i went back and asked the doctor that night what happened, he said my heart stopped and they kept trying to get me back for a full 15 min. before i was able to come back. this attempt messed up my heart and i am on heart meds because of it, but after that i had these visions clearer then they have ever been.

    i fully respect those who dont believe in the visions i have nor believe they come from God that is your choice to do so but nothing on the face of this earth will shake me from that feeling nor what happened the night i physically died. i know 100% without a doubt there is life after we die and that is a major part that keeps me here and not to attempt again. i will not say i dont struggle with depression because i still do but that vision gives me the hope and faith i need to hang on. if it truly is not from God then that hope and faith i have will be gone. that is what i believe and i fully stand by it, why God gave it to me? i have not a clue perhaps to keep me here on earth or some other reason. that is my faith, my hope, and my belieth and no one on this planet is gonna change that because i have been to the other side and i know whats coming. you have a choice to believe what you want to believe, i have the choice to believe in what i seen and believe.
  18. [QUOTE whitedove38583]

    Jesus is the provider for all people, saved and unsaved. He makes it rain and shine on the just and unjust. I could give you scripture but you have ignored everyone of them that all of us have given you.

    I praise God exceedingly that He has protected you, but being protected doesn't automatically imply it is because someone is saved, it just means that God is good.

    I am not your enemy, so please stop putting words in my mouth, because I have never said you are the devil, I never even said you are possessed. I said you are dabbling with spirits that are not from God. And regarding your comment about being in a bad situation, those are your words. Are you in one?

    God is so good for keeping you alive !! No need to apologize. You can lash out at me as much as you want, Whitedove, you are not hurting me, and I never meant to hurt you.

    I have a question for you : Does God give depression, or anger or anything negative to us? If not, where does it come from? It's either from God or satan, so which one is it?

    I'll tell you where, it comes from the enemy satan. He is the FATHER OF LIES, a murderer, thief and destroyer.

    You know what I think about you? I love you Whitedove and your belief or disbelief about that will not change it.

    ou continue to insist you're right, while discarding what others - not just me - have said in an effort to help you. And I have been fairly quiet for a while, not wishing to upset you anymore, but you are continuing to go on with it again and asking me direct questions. So I will answer them, even though I know you are not interested in my answer or what I have to say, you are just lashing out at me.

    Show me where I said I "believe no one has visions except they come from the evil or devil".

    I have not said that! The bible is full of examples of Godly people having visions. And no, I'm not church of Christ. You are just trying to deflect away from the real issue again.

    How do I know 100% without a doubt that the visions you have are not from God??? Are you ready for the answer???
    It is because you have admitted that out of your 1500 visions 300 have been WRONG. God is
    NEVER WRONG. He never LIES. A Godly, biblical prophet must be 100% accurate, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you only remember 1 thing I say, remember that

    So you are calling the spirit of God a liar and calling Him false. You need to repent of this, as it is a serious affront to God.

    You asked me, so you're going to get the answers! I am here to give you the truth, not the soft and fuzzy answers you desire.

    You have gone on and on about how - despite what I and others have said - you are right and we're all wrong. To have a gift of prophecy, or visions as you call them, that comes from God, as you say they do, would mean you have the Holy Spirit directing you. If that is the case, why is your life such a mess?
    God can give you visions but can't take care of your basic needs? God can't take your depression away?

    And why, if your visions are from God, have you NEVER glorified Jesus Christ for them, instead the attention is all on yourself????

    You have said that you don't want the visions, you have no choice, they just come to you. If, as you insist, they are from God, why don't you want them? Are you saying you don't want to obey God?

    If it was from God YOU WOULD KNOW IT.

    If God wants to keep you on Earth, why are you preoccupied with suicide?
    Does such thinking come FROM GOD??????

    Jesus is eager to heal you of ALL your afflictions and hurts, and wipe away your tears, if you just cast your cares on Him. But you have to surrender EVERYTHING to Him. You can't stubbornly hold on to anything. He said His yoke is easy and His burden is light, and that you can trade with Him.
    I hope you can do that because you won't regret it!

    This is all I am going to say if you insist on not considering anything I have said. God be with you, good luck to you.

  19. Jesus Please!
  20. I have been saved and i was baptised into christ, even if it was in a church of christ i am still one of Gods children.

    i am not calling God a liar!! see below..

    i never said i was right and you were wrong. i said to me i know 100% without a doubt my gift comes from God, what purpose he gave it to me i don't know yet. i don't desire any fuzzy answers or whatever you may think of me or think i want or need.

    i never once said i never glorified God for this ability, i do glorify him in prayer and in more. I don't want any attention, i don't need the attention. I came back here to glorify God for answering my prayer here in this prayer forum, you posted about my visions so i responded to you. i don't call myself a prophet, i don't get money for this gift, never have and never will.

    why do i not want to see them? because i do not want to see pain, to see people die, to hear their screams and watch them physically die. have you ever heard someone scream or watch them die and you can't do anything to stop their pain? do you realise the emotional feeling i get when i see that or watch someone die? i see someone get stabbed, raped, murdered, and a lot worse and i am just human, nothing special and when i see that and feel their pain, yes i get depressed because i can't help them and i feel their pain. it is not a matter of just seeing i actually feel their pain. i know this sounds impossiable to believe and i don't expect you to. i have seen and felt things that no one can possiable begin to understand it. it manifested after my attempt and my encounter, who knows maybe i am here to testfy for God in some way? i don't know the true reason only God does. he gave this ability to me for a reason, why? i don't know yet.

    It is from God and i do know it 100% without a doubt.

    about my suicide and depression, i am not one bit perfect nor without any faults, no one on this earth is. i am not a God, i am not an angle, i am a human being with blood that has the same feelings and heart like anyone else. it is a battle i struggle with day in and day out, because if you were able to see the things i truly see you would not be able to stay out of depression either. let me ask you this, can you see a person bleeding and dying and not get depressed? can you see a tusnami wipe over a huge amount of people then see their bodies floating and not get hurt? have you ever seen someone get killed and watched their life leave them? you may not but i have every time i see them die in the visions, visions that i can't stop seeing nor am able to help the people i get depressed. you know what i do? i ask God to help me not feel their death, their pain, etc. i feel these things as i see them.

    let me just say this about the ones that were wrong, they were wrong as in where they occured at. i only get the visions and the places they are at most i dont know, the earthquake and tusnami that hit japan, i seen it, i seen the ocean i seen it hit a nuclear reactor. i did not however see the name of the country thus i was wrong because i never seen what country it hit and i never mentioned it at all. the day my friend was gun down in the church parking lot 2 weeks before it happened i seen it and the face was fuzzy, all i seen was a gun, heard a shot, felt the bullet hit me , then another right in the head and i had a huge headache, so i went to my minster and i told him that i thought i or someone was gonna die right there in the parking lot, i thought it was my x boyfriend because i had problems with him before, i know my minister remembers me telling about the gun because he called the police. my x did in fact show up and the police searched his car they did not find anything, every day the visions got stronger so i stayed away from church, 2 months later kim wyatt and her 4 year old daughter were gun down in the parking lot. right at the exact same church i told the minister a couple months before. now you explain to me how that was not from God. i can give you the ministers name to verfy this if you want? or if you need to. and he did after shooting her daughter pull her out from under the truck and shot her in the head exacution style! i felt it. do you have any idea what it is like to actually feel it?

    its ok if you disagree with me, but as for changing me to think some other way, there is no way that is ever gonna happen because my gift comes from God.

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