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Is baptism necessary for salvation?

Baptism is a wonderful experience. I do not believe it is necessary for salvation for those who do not have opportunity to be baptised once they are saved. They die before they can be baptized. Everything about God tells me he would not hold this against them. As for others who refuse baptism or think they don't have to do it. I think they are in disobedience. Then it would be up to God to be the judge as to whether or not they are saved. Jesus says if we love Him we will obey Him. So why wouldn't a believer want to please the One who gave him life.
I believe it is an act of obedience and I do think that anything the Lord tells us to do is for our own good. It is something people remember, a demonstration of their commitment to follow Christ. It is often a great struggle between good and evil that brings us to our knees to surrender to God. Baptism is a joyful event and I think should be done as close in time to the conversion as possible, like in the Bible. It can be our first outright act of obedience, no wonder it is so joyful.
Jesus said it, it must be important either for us, or for Him, or for both us and Him. Be obedient and do it, then you have nothing to worry about.
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Mark 16:16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

Not my opinion but the word's of Jesus.
I wanted to get peoples opinions on this topic.

Let me know what ya'll think.

Hi Mercury

Could the Israelites have gotten out of Egypt and into the promised land without going through the Red Sea?

Could Noah and his family have survived the flood without passing through the waters in the ark?

Do you actually know someone who suggests otherwise?

Blessings in Christ
Where does this say or more simply imply that one must be baptized in water?

I'm new here sir. I see you've been here for well over a year, hasn't anyone shown you the scriptures on these things yet? Or is it that you have a private theology you prefer? I don't understand why you ask this. You very well know the answer if you are a Christian. This is the second post where you've quoted contradictory against my post, contradictory against scripture. I'm I beginning to see a pattern? I'm not interested in bantering such Holy things, but I will welcome a private PM if you would like to learn scriptures. It would be my pleasure, if you are authentic.

Peace in Christ,
I believe that Jesus got baptized to give us an example of obedience..to show he was dieing to this fallen world...so we should do the same...in obedience
I believe that Jesus got baptized to give us an example of obedience..to show he was dieing to this fallen world...so we should do the same...in obedience

Yes. He died to His self, then became Christed from Heaven to walk in a new life, born the Son of God. That is why the voice came at His Baptism anouncing the birth of His Son :)
Just as He denied His own will, and made His Father's Will His own Will, so also we do not fulfill our own will, but the will of Christ in us who Father's us into sons of God!
So also we identify in death to ourselves, then become clothed upon with Christ, born from the dead! What an awesome salvation story it is !!

Praises to Jesus
Praise his name...he is our only hope our real treasure in this fallen world... all we have to know is serve him with our own lives like a living sacrifice