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Forum Etiquette

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Chad, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. A big thank you to Chad and the mod team! This is a great site. I consider it an honor to post here and minister encouragement to God's people.
    Abiding by the rules is what keeps this place in order and I believe it also honors God when we do what is right.
    I attempt to post within your guidelines. If I err please inform me asap and I will gladly comply.
    Thanks again to the staff for their labor if love that is TJ.
    Much love in Christ,
    your brother Larry.

    PS: If it is a pride thing for some is the post count even necessary?
  2. Thank you Chad for taking the time to see that this forum is clean and upright before God. And thank you for watching out for our security in the responses we give. I will be more careful to adhere to these policies. Please forgive me if in the past I did not follow these rules. Maybe, if possible, you can have a three strikes program that once you get a third strike your banned for a month? Just an Idea. Take care and again thank you for taking the time to run this forum with ministry in mind.

    PS. This is my first forum I joined. I am grateful for the edification in service to his name and Im proud to be here.
  3. Chad said: "Its really sad that people can be that foolish and disrespectful that way, really. I'm baffled that one would even call themselves a Christian when they cannot even follow one immensely basic simple rule that even an 8 year old child could understand."

    Brother Chad - I find this remark a bit unacceptable. One may have many reasons for not being able to follow what you consider to be a simple rule - none of which has anything to do with whether or not they are a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. Our faith is not about following rules primarily - it's about faith period.
  4. Hi Chad,

    Don't have a problem at all with the rules and etiquette, but I do have a question or two for clarification:

    You mention that there should be no "debates." What do you mean by debate? Obviously if two people are of differing denominations they would both be considered to be Christian, but may have differing views on certain subjects (e.g.: tongues).

    Which leads into question #2 for clarification: you mention "no false teaching of Scripture." Obviously if a member of a cult were to come here and teach their religion (e.g: Mormonism) then it is clear that they have deviated from Scripture. But what of denominational differences? For instance, tongues as only human language v.s. tongues as an angelic/heavenly language?

    Thanks for your time and energy on this site! God bless you!
  5. This is so awsome to read, and I would ask for the same respect on a page or site I was building, I am thankful to be a part of Talk Jesus. Thank You Chad

  6. Just for clarification: Do we need to ask for permission after 50 posts
    to post a link? I was a little confused. :confused:
  7. yes the permission still needs to be obtained from Chad to post links even after many posts.

    God bless

  8. Thanks for clarifying ^-^
  9. I see that my posts have started to be checked by a moderator before being posted. I remember when I made some comment quite innocently I may say, a few years ago and received a three month 'ban'! What if a moderator doesn't agree with my point of view, won't my input be accepted and posted and will they tell me why? Just asking! Thanks.
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    Even recently I have had some of my posts signal a wait for a moderator to check them. I think there must be something that triggers this.

    As to the ban, sometimes things are misunderstood especially in written form. I don't think moderators will ban you from disagreeing as long as you are not trying to push false doctrine or heresy. I think to a certain extent we are allowed to produce our point of view in a kind manner and further discussions this way. Be sure to check the "Community Guidelines" link at the bottom.

    No false teaching of Scripture. We teach what the Holy Bible says only

    • this site is not for preaching any religion at all. It is solely 100% about the Holy Bible and Jesus/GOD.
    • any religious promotion outside the Bible or debates against the Bible's validity will result in a warning, then account closure if continued
    • Do not gossip

    1. Cite author(s) when copying / pasting articles
    2. Provide Scripture when making a biblical point

    Those seem to relate to your question about whether a mod disagrees with your point of view. If your point of view is used as a pedestal to promote religion or anti-Biblical views, then I think you would have to worry about it.
    It would be nice to hear from a moderator about this issue too.
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    Greetings @jean

    Certain words and phrases automatically trigger the need for the post to be moderated before being posted. This is to protect the forum.

    I haven't noticed any of your posts awaiting approval?

    These links will explain all the rules of the forum.
  12. Thanks Chad and mods for your efforts in making TJ the place that it is.
    I had been on other christian forums prior but as you said they were debating and not really honoring God at all. I like that this site is clean and even get a sense its holy and set apart...Its safe to be a christian here.

    The rules are common sense. Sorry if I am inadvertantly breaking them sometimes, i will try not to double post or make too many threads. I like that people stick to topic here, my main beef is with posters that are really rude and derail threads.
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  13. Glad you enjoy the site @Lanolin. Please share via social media with friends & family.

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