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Forum Etiquette

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Chad, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Forum Etiquette (Wikipedia)

    Certain rules of unspoken etiquette are recommended to be followed when using Internet forums. They include:
    • One should read all the rules and guidelines established by the community.
    • One should always be courteous.
    • Before creating a new topic thread, one is advised to search to see if a similar topic already exists.
    • Contributors should follow standard grammar and spelling rules and avoid slang.
    • If the forum is categorized, one should strive to post in the correct section.
    • When making a technical inquiry, one should include as much technical information as possible.
    • Contributors are asked to stay on-topic.
    • Contributors should avoid double posting and cross posting.
    • To avoid appearing self-absorbed, one should respond to topics started by others more often than starting topics of their own.
    • Contributors should avoid the use of all CAPITAL LETTERS in posts. All CAPS is considered "shouting" and causes readability issues.
    • One is advised not to resurrect a very old topic if nothing significant will be added. This practice is known as revival or Necroing.
    • One should try to refrain from lashing back at a poorly behaving member or participating in a flame war; instead, notify the message board's staff of the event.
    • When quoting a previous post, one should only include the relevant portion of that post. Contributors are requested to keep in mind that their audience can likely still see the message they are quoting on the same screen and can read it again if need be.
    • One should not attempt to "post build" (monopolize) the forum. This shows poor quality of posts.
    • When quoting an article, one must give credit where credit is due. Provide the articles original name and author's full name.
    A simple reminder:

    - do not post in all CAPS
    - use proper grammar

    Updated: April 8th, 2013
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  2. some times people don't want to take away form the origional post so they only post I Agree, or something?? maybe that's why??
    i'm not sure, it could be a possibility i do this in thejopkes section cos alot of joke are so funny i dont' wana say another one i just wanna let the thread starter know it was a good job...

    oh well that was a read an a half thanks Chad, creating a bit of work for yourself though. hehehe

    oh well BE Blessed in your works..

    Love Abraxix : >
  3. Brother Chad

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with setting and maintaining a high standard. We want people to rise up this standard, and to appreciate that talkjesus is about standards.

    God Bless You
  4. Chad,

    I too appreciate your hard work. I notice that you are constantly on the forums and that you truly care about this place, and you want to keep it Holy.

    I can completely understand about that. It is hard to find a place where someone can really discuss God or Jesus and Spiritually grow. You have provided a place where we can come together and do so.

    To maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the site you have to have strict rules. Which is understand able.

    There is only one thing that I am confused about, which is this part of the post:

    I thought that the "10 Commandments Rule" #3 said that we can post links only if we have over 100 post, and if we request your permission via email.

    I did this recently, and now I'm feeling rather guilty about it. Am I not to contact you about this?

    Again, thank you Chad for all your hard work.

    The Lord will truly bless you greatly!

    Many Blessings Brother,
  5. Thanks sister for your response and question about the link. The link rule and receiving pm's I mentioned was regarding those who do not read the forum rules that states 50 posts minimum and request my permission (for obvious reasons). It was not clear enough I guess when I typed it up here, but it is meant towards those that disregard the forum rule and attempt to post a link anyway without 50 post minimum and my permission.

    Its really sad that people can be that foolish and disrespectful that way, really. I'm baffled that one would even call themselves a Christian when they cannot even follow one immensely basic simple rule that even an 8 year old child could understand.

    All the rules are there for obvious reasons. The link rule is there to prevent spamming, intruders posting ungodly links, maintain control of links being posted and preview the link before it is posted to confirm it is Scripturally ok (this is where one must request my permission via pm first prior to posting a link regardless of 50 posts minimum being met). The 50 posts minimum is also there to establish a trust between myself and the members. I figured by the time one reaches a 50 posts (assuming these are good, sincere, quality posts not 'post building') I would sense good motives and godliness from that member.

    GOD bless, enjoy the fellowship!
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    A question

    Hi Chad,

    I was just wondering if I accidentally stepped on your link-posting policy by an "in passing" reference to an external website. I think I may have post out in the forums somewhere that mentions someone could find something "over on Biblegateway." I didn't actually post a link to the website, but it is pretty easy to infer that it is a website and how to reach it.

    If I overstepped your rules with that reference I apologize, I'll be more careful in the future.
  7. Thank you for this thread brother Chad. I agree with you in this regard. I hope people read this thread and think about the way they are contributing.

    No one is perfect, that's for sure, only Jesus is. We should however strive and live to be like Jesus, this means that we should respect, love and edify each other. This is something I am learning even more each passing day.

    If you don't mind me responding to sister Janette.

    Sister Janette, on the Talk Jesus main index, where you see the list of forum categories, there is a link to Biblegateway. You are right however in you post. We do not appreciate it when members share site names or links without permission with each other, not in plain sight.

    You did the right thing to ask about it sister. I have given members warnings regarding this matter. I would like to stress however, if you want to share a link or website with another member, please do so via the private message system.

    This does not give you the right to send 10 members private messages containing a link, but like the forum etiquette shows, if you keep it on topic and send it to one member, there would be no problem.

    Thank you again brother Chad, I'll try my best to live to these standards, as brother Stephen pointed out, they are standards.

    God bless
    Much love
  8. Greetings sister,

    The request to post a link must have at least 100 posts minimum first. Those I was referring to asking me 'via pm to post a link' are the ones who did not bother to read the forum rules which states "100 posts minimum", yet they asked anyway.
  9. Hi Chad,

    I have read this thread and fully agree. I was drawn to this forum because of its seriousness and the importance placed on the Scripture, accuracy, excellence, and integrity. Thank you for all the hard work you have done and will continue to do to provide a place for the body of Christ to fellowship and grow together.
  10. sorry - think i overstepped the mark here

    Dear Chad,

    I just felt drawn to read this thread and want to apologise because i am scared to admit that i did not familiarise myself with the rules for this forum and mentioned in a thread a recommendation to a bible teacher. I'm really sorry if this overstepped the boundaries of this forum - please could you clarify for me whether this was indeed wrong to share openly (i didn't put the actual online address) and forgive me if i've done the wrong thing - i'll be more careful in future and share in a pm if i think it will help someone.

    Also, thank you for sharing your heart and soul on this forum and putting so much effort in. I believe i was drawn here by God- thank you Jesus. It is an oasis.

    May God bless you richly in your walk with Him,

  11. Thank you Kingskid for your kind words, same to you Rachel. We all make mistakes sister, don't worry. I'm not here to hit anyone on the head for being human. Although I get upset now and then (but from my point of view on a daily basis, its harder for members to understand the daily tasks and incoming frustrations), I'm not here to make it difficult for people.

    The whole purpose as you can see to have simple basic rules (which mainly and majorly are common sense if anything) is to keep this a fun, family-friendly, Christ-centered forum for all people of all denominations, backgrounds, cultures and so forth. Its a melting pot of people worldwide, so things need to be in order and guidelines laid out clearly.

    GOD bless. Hope you enjoy the fellowship!
  12. You can always use private message to tell someone you agree with them or you enjoyed what they posted.

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    Hi Chad,

    I want to thank you for kindly reminding us again about the forum rules. I will admit that I have also posted a link because of not reading the forum rules. I have also recommended this forum to many people for exactly the reason that it is serious and has strict rules. Thanks for keeping this forum that way. There are so many other forums and chat rooms out there that call themselves christian but due to lack of control and rules do not seem that way at all. GOD Bless you for all your hard work and may He give you strength and wisdom to continue.
  14. Amen, this is true. The biggest Christian forum I know of [won't post link in due respect] with more than 250,000 members is really out of hand. While I hope they are in line with GOD (I would not know), the more than 100+ forum categories is mind boggling confusing, while some of them are clearly there to allow debate. Now, we as true believers know and RESPECT the Word of GOD as truth, and truth is not debatable. It is also not strict to 100% Scripture, but less instead to open more conversation and be more 'free' in the negative sense.

    The same Christian forum I am referring to also has a seriously horrible site design/layout. I really would hate to sound rude, but its confusing to me if anything. I'm left mind boggled trying to figure out what attracts the members and I realize, because of its 100+ forum categories and most being debate topics (un-Scriptural in the end) that forum does not weed out the trouble makers and the hypocrites. It appears not strict at all about certain discussions that would not please GOD. This is the impression that I got when I visited it a while back.

    Otherwise, I hope I'm wrong because there are too many lost souls in this world to just "debate" about the Word, seriously. This is what sets Talk Jesus apart from the rest. Here, the body of Christ is 100% Jesus, 100% Scripture, no debating truth. Your either with Him or not.
  15. Dear Chad,

    Even though I have been here for 6 months, unfortunately this is the first time I have seen this thread. Some of the rules literally shook me and I wondered, how many times I have broken the rules:embarasse. Now I know that I did break some rules and I did it unintentionally. Kindly forgive me for this.

    I will try my best to obey all the rules and I'm very sorry if I have given you trouble so far.

    Dear SpiritLedEd,

    If you don't mind, I have a question. Do you really mean to say that it is better to tell someone via private message instead of posting in the same thread, that we agree or we've enjoyed the post. Please tell me, I need clarification.

    God bless you.
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    Richie: My concern is that threads might get cluttered with person-to-person posts that other members and visitors are not interested in. These people might be discouraged from reading the thread because they don't want to wade through a bunch of messages not directly connected to the topic.

  17. Well said brother Ed. In agreement with you. People see a thread with 20 pages, they don't want to read all that. However, the posts can be kept on topic and reduced to only on-topic responses if people pay attention and try to be considerate of others. Sounds a bit strange, but its true. Each thread covers its own topic.

    When people come and start going off track, they practically start ruining the thread and its discussion. That is not acceptable and annoying to say the least. Its like interrupting someone will they're talking. Its rude, just impolite.

  18. More likely... lazy

    The other day I was downloading something for my teenage son.

    He couldn't believe I was reading the online ''agreement'' contract before accepting.

    Kids these days....

    Thanks for all your hard work Chad. I know I couldn't do it ; )

  19. Netiquette

    Some very good points there, Chad. Personally, I like the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea. The 10 core rules of Netiquette can be viewed online (I would provide the link but I don't have enough posts). You can find it simply by googling Netiquette and Virginia Shea.
  20. This for real

    the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom

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