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Hi a warm welcome to TJ I hope you will find that the fellowship here will be a great blessing to you.

Just curious about your name, why fedupchristian?

I know I am fedup of the devil just wanted to know what you are fedup with.

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I m fed up of...

Thanx for replying... I m fed up of everything really... fed up false promises, fed up of false pastors or evangelists, fed up that the innocents and weak still suffer and the bad guys if I can say so are still victorious in everything they do... When are we gonna start enjoying this life, I m myself think never, I ve been a fervent pentecotalist for the past 20 years and I m only 27. All the promises made to me have never happened instead all the bad things that never supposed to happen did.... So there it is I m fed up, have lost faith and just looking for answers at this point in my life....
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Thank you that is very honest I appreciate it a lot.

Unfortunatly this is the world that we are living in - we must trust God, if we trust people we will be dissappointed and become negative and discouraged.

What we must realize is that no one is perfect and I am sure that there are people who think you have failed them - not because you intended to but because we are all imperfect and people expect us to be what we are not.
We are usually dissapointed by people if we expect something from them and don't get it - and most of the times they don't even know what we want or realize what we expect from them.

We must make the most of life by staying close to God and depend on Him, let Him be your provider and comforter because He alone is perfect and He will not dissapoint you - you might feel dissappointed by Him if you don't get what you ask for, but remember God will not give you something that will not be good for you in the long or short run - otherwise you will never never be dissapointed - I promise.

Take heart we are all experiencing the same things and you now have a fellowship where you will get support and advice to help you on your way.

I will pray for you.

Lots of love!:love:

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Hi fedup! I just arrived too. I am sorry to hear that your feeling so down with stuff at the moment. I wont pretend that I entirely understand - I was saved 4 years ago so I guess I'm still too early in my walk to truly appreciate how you feel, although I look at the world in which I am raising my children and see the sorrow, the poverty, the war, the hate, the hurt... it breaks my heart too.

I used to be into politics before I got saved; I wanted to save the world. If the last few years has taught me anything, its that the world can only be saved one soul at a time. Jesus heals - I know the mess my life was, the pain I was in through illness and emotional strife; my life has utterly changed. One soul at a time needs the patience only God Himself is capable of, which is frustrating for us, but like Ann said, it comes down to trusting Him.

I will keep you in my prayers- God knows how you feel, and I know He loves you for your compassionate and passionate heart: He made you to love, I just want to thank Him for the heart He gave you for the souls of this world.

In Jesus name

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Welcome to the forums brother. I'm confident GOD led you here to get your answers.

GOD bless

PS: are you fed up with GOD's promises? I hope not. He has fed you, clothed you, housed you for 27 years.
Welcome to TJ dear brother, I hope you find hope and grace here. There are a bunch of wonderful people here to fellowship with as well.
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hey there fedup, well Im sorry youre feeling like that, and I will pray for You. Remember that the timing of god is different and wise, so don't lose hope on Him.
I pray for God to show you His power, mercy and amazing love for you, and I hope that TJ is a blessing for you.

sis, Haynaru
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fedup (thanks for answering) but...

......your comforting words shows that there is some compassion left in this world. But pardon me but these words dont have the same effect they once had.... I ve come to hear them time and time again, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 7 years ago, when I started my journey with God.... I hope not to rebel as I do not want to.... But as I said before my faith has gone maybe because those words was spoken by people I thought were friends, people that promised me that it ll be alright.... but alright never happened....

I will not doubt miracles god has done for me and my brother and family but it seems to me God doesnt want us to be totally free and happy.... I do not know why.... You will tell me god does things in his time, but I heard that before, Please when will it be okay for God to help us out....

We ve been in bad situations and problems before and it seems we ve been bailed out just to go back into them and wait for some other kind of salvation.... I dont even know if what I m saying makes sense... Maybe I m just losing my mind....

But why after so many fasting, praying, praising that I ve done for god am I still in the same suffering I was in when I started...

Have I maybe not understood well what was preached to me or what???

I dont understand anymore, and it seems every other christians I see will tell me the same thing, have faith brother it will be alright, keep on praying but if its supposed to be alright it should already be alright......

I promised myself that I ll never go back to church, but it seems when I cant do it on my own I come back to think that is because God doesnt want me to succeed and that if he decided to bless me I could be alright in a minute.....

Forgive If I offend anyone...
There's an old song I sometimes sing when I'm alone, it goes something like this:

"We praise the Lord, we praise the Lord, all of us children of the Lord. We lift His name, we lift His name and say thank you Lord. We lift our hands up to the heavens, and say thank you Jesus that we can believe in You".

Be still and know that He is God, know Him all your ways.

View this thread as well, it has helped me tremendously:
Hunny welcome to Talk Jesus

God might not answer us when we feel we need him to, but that does not mean out Mighty Father does not hear us,
Everyday we face life and all it has to throw at us more bad than good most of the time, but hey God never said anything about it being easy.
I know tommorow the Lord might see fit to take my loved ones from me ,but i still praise my Gods name because God knows what is best and we suffer for a reason ,dont give up hunny by doing that it is only you who suffer in the end.

God Bless You xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Com' on Fed up
you couldn't have been 'fed up' for the past 20years, has God not done some marvelous things in your life in all that time, we are to count our blessings one by one.
I can name one marvelous thing he's done, and I've only just met you, He went to the cross for us all and died, were would we all be today if He'd never done that? Doesn't bare to think about.

you just seem angry at God at present, I can understand, so does He too, but just to know He loves us and made us for His pleasure, has to be somewhat pleasing. Why would a great big Almighty God even want anything to do with this human race, He certainly doesn't need us but He wants us, amazing.

Oh I'm sure I've not helped, forgive me for that, but these times will pass, I too am in the valley, but they are for a reason, last year I buried my Dad, I've very recently, in Oct, buried my dear Uncle, Dad's brother, I was his only next of kin, then I was on my back for 8days in bed ill myself, then my little dog whom I was very attached to for over 14years had to be put to sleep,just last week, nearly wrecked me, but know what I'm trusting God, to see me through it all, easy to say I know brother, I do understand, believe me, it's hard, I turn to His word when I need answers, for if I had to depend on man, pastors included, I'd still be in that Miry Clay, it is only through knowing the love of Jesus that I know the mountain top will appear, till then, I'll hang onto the hem of His garment to get me there, you do it with me please, hold tight.
He will see us through. Amen

keep in touch with us here, there are good people here, they will help if you let them, they know Him. They also want to get to know you.
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I don't have any details about the stuff you're going through, but I understand what it is to struggle as a believer. You speak of unkept promises. Promises from whom? The promises God has made to me in prayer He has kept, but I've learned to be patient and not try to put time constraints on Him. I prayed for perhaps fifteen years for my wife to come to Christ. In November of 1988, God spoke to me and told me she'd be saved, but, it wasn't until 1997 that she went forward at a Billy Graham meeting in our area and I'm just now seeing the first fruits. That wasn't exactly fast action.

My son was ill all his life with liver disease and related issues. He rejected God as a teenager. At the time of his liver transplant in 1996, I began to pray for his healing and his salvation. I prayed and prayed, believed and believed, over and over. David died this past August at age 32. Its painful for me to be without my son. But, God granted the more important of my two requests. About half an hour before he died, I had the enormous thrill of leading David to Christ (eleven years after I started praying for it), I know I'll see him in eternity. But, that wasn't fast action either.

False preachers? I was a fan of TV evangelist Jim Bakker at the time his house-of-cards collapsed. I was stunned when the news came out. Fortunately, I had some seasoned believers around me who taught me not to put too much faith in men. I've also learned not to put a lot of faith in the so-called "Prosperity Gospel". I take my "Prosperity" message from Philippians 4:12-13. Also, if your looking for God to operate on a pay back system, forget it! He owes me nothing; I owe Him everything!"

Listen only to preachers who point you to Jesus. He is the True and Faithful One. Welcome to TalkJesus.

SpiritLedEd (SLE)
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fedupchristian I want to tell you something that changed my whole view of God - I had a bad imagine of a father because of my own worldly father who was a bad example and I unfortunatly reflected it on God for many years.

Two years ago in grade 7 my daughter did not pass - she is having a lot of problems learning due to a low IQ. She was absolutely devastated and cried her heart out.
She is my daughter and her pain was in my heart, I cried with her and the amazing thing about this is - I never cry!

I felt so much love and sorrow for her I could not stand it. I went to see the head of the school and they wanted to transfer her to the next grade. I knew if this happened she will have even more difficulty because she did not mastered the work of the previous year. I decided to let her do the year over even knowing how she felt - because it will be for her best interest - although my heart was in pieces.

Driving home that day God spoke in my heart and made me aware of the fact that how I felt is how He feels about me but only 100 times more because His love and caring is perfect. It was an absolute eye opening for me - I couldn't believe that I only then realized that God really really loved me unconditionally and in abundance. Even if bad things happen He cares and love me although He can't change my circumstances because it will not be in my best interest - as I decided about my daughter.
My purpose was not to punish her but to make the future better for her and God has the same purpose for me.

Now I can accept the bad things in life better because I believe God's word saying everything will work out for the best - and I believe it with my whole heart.

This year my daghter did a lot better because she understood the work better after having to do it twice - now I am glad I did not allow her to pass grade 7. These days she will come home and be proud of some test results and my heart is glad with her as God is glad when I accomplish something that I've learned through previous trials and tribulations.

Now I have the habit of always seeking what God wants to teach me when things go wrong in my life because I know I will learn some valuable spiritual lessons which will make me stronger and wiser. And in the process I am transformed into the image of Jesus.

Be prepared to learn from what happens in your life in order to grow and be a valuable servant for God. Jesus suffered and I'm so glad He did not give up even knowing what awaited him.

Be committed and let God transform you into the person He want's you to be since the beginning.

Lift up your head and tell the devil he will not rule your emotions anymore because you belong to God and not in bondage with shackles put on by him.

Be brave because you are a warrior in God's army and you must fight until you give up your last breath.

All this will reward you eternity in heaven where you will rest and have peace forever. Make a stand for Jesus and don't allow circumstances to press and hold you down.

I am praying for you.

Lots of love.:girl_hug:

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Please read the thread posted by Chad "Birth pains". It is very encouraging and it makes what we are all experiencing so much easier to understand.

For me understanding something helps to accept things that is difficult to comprehend.

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Beyond the Hurt

Dear fedup,
I an currently going through pains caused by a "Christian" business person who betrayed me. The worst hurts in my life came from supposed "Christian" friends who turn out to be fake. I had also been
hurt by a church in college. We have a tendency to trust so-called "Christian" people and churches, giving them the ability to hurt us the most.

I am learning through this to walk with God in new ways. There have been some visibly answered prayers (notable things that the world would call coincidence). The current situation allowed me to see how I am blessed financially, even if this other person cheats me out of tens of thousands of dollars. I am under conviction not to sue. I have reminded him that God will play back all that he has done in the Judgment. He is not repentant.

My faith in the power of God through prayer has increased and I am curious about what will come next. I know that Jesus is with me and have asked for His protection.

I pray for you in your struggle and hope that you know the comfort from the Spirit of Jesus.
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I think this thread is encouraging for myself also at this time of my walk.

so please keep on posting to it.

Ed, imagine all those years praying for your wife to be saved, I too am waiting for my husband, nearly 5years, I don't know if the long you waited is encouraging for me or not.

My husband asked me a week or two ago to point him to the Lord as I had did with my wee Uncle who died last month, he was saved only 4 months and he was 81yrs. I couldn't lead my husband though, I know he is only half hearted, you would have to know the whole circumstances to understand, he has admitted he would rather go drinking, he love his social life, so I knew he was not ready for such a commitment.

A Christian woman told me I was wrong I should have lead him, and then it would have been between him and God, I thought this not to be so, what do you think? I thought it very unfair to do that to him, it can be a big and hard enough struggle getting first saved, but when your whole heart isn't in it how hard would that be, perhaps I was wrong, only God does know and I've asked forgiveness if I was wrong in my decision.
It's not that I couldn't do it, there was a struggle in me over it, as I knew his heart.
It was to please me and not to please God, which is wrong.

Thank you folks for your words of comfort and for sharing your stories also, I hope they help us all, FedupChristian too, we all have our stories to tell, put our God is faithfull he is able.
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Hello, and welcome. I to am fed up as well.
My name is Beverly I can feel what you are going through because I see
it everyday.Please be encouraged God loves you so much, we have to learn how to wait on God and all his promises, his ways and timeing is not like ours.We are all going through something so be encouraged no weapon
that is formed against you shall prosper. The enemy comes to steal,kill and destory but Jesus has come that we may have life.when you feel yourself getting discourage you get in the word of God and find up lifting
scriptures,also pray it changes things the enemy is trying to come against
your mind.Renew your mind daily that is what I do.I also have to pray a little more keep your mind focus on heavenly things and please do not let nothing separate you from Gods love it is all a test so be encouraged.Wait on the lord and he will give you the desirers of your heart.