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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by fedupchristian, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. This looks like an old thread and I'm not sure if you're still reading it, but if you are there's a lot of good advice here that I hope you can take to heart. God loves you and will never let you down, even though it might seem like it sometimes, but those trials just make you stronger if you let them.
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    Call me a fed up Christian too, if you like...although, I'm an atheist now. Some may suggest that I was never truly a Christian, but they know precious little about me, or what a human is capable of. It's ok to let go. You've nothing to lose but your anger, disappointment, and angst.

    Welcome to TJ.

    I hope you find encouragement here, but I'm afraid if your experience is anything like mine, you won't find much more than meaningless, cliche platitudes in the way of answers.

    Here's hoping.
  3. All you've done is whine about others here and complain. Go find another community to harass.
  4. You start with yourself so your not the problem and become an example for others. Then you do what you can and leave the rest to God, knowing that nothing is perfect in this life and that's why it is called heaven!:wink:
  5. I can definitely relate to your mentality right now, as I've been there before myself. I've been trying very hard to look into myself to discover the reasons why I felt so angry, and disappointed.

    I firmly believe the answers will come when we are ready to accept them. I hope you stick around. Maybe this community can help out.
  6. Even Jesus desciples had troubles of this world after Jesus ascended. Jesus himself said "in this world you will have troubles" the bad things in life are bound to happen as long as you are on this earth. The question is, where do you put your hope and faith in the face of these tribulations? Jesus also said "take heart for I have overcome the world." I am not saying that faith doesn't open the door for miracles and deliverence but by the same token, we were never promised a smooth ride, just a safe landing. I would say that your faith is going through a refining fire right now. Be prayerful that God helps you see what you need to see and put as much trust in Him as you possibly can. As tough as it may seem, He won't let you go beyond His reach, just beyond your comfort zone.
  7. I totaly just noticed this thread is 4 years old. Well, maybe my advice will help someone.
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    after reading your post i have to say that i think in many ways youre right ..The Christain Church has missed the mark ..! But i want to assure you that my God has not given up on us and His spirit still lives today .as a minister of the Gospel i have seen rampent greed and self promotion run rule over many ministetrs and thats not what God says it sholud be .If you put youre faith in man and Not God you will be let down every time with out fail ..But Turn youre Eyes on the Lord and the things of this world will soon fade in His Glorious light..You are not here by mistake but for a pourpose called of and appointed By God Almighty make no mistake about it .!! All things work togather for the Good .For those that Love the lord and are called according to His pourpose..I belive you to be both !..I hope we can chat some time soon....Lord i pray that you revel Yourself in full Glory to this child and heal the wounds made by others in youre name ! That you would show how much you have and want to give so that fedup would be Filled up instaed ...for your Glory and praise ,,Amen...Rev I too just noticed the dates on this site bUt i will assure you Gods word does not come back Void and im sure if youre reading this Post it is because the Lord has brought you to it for His Glory somehow..bless you in the name of Christ!

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