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Father's Love Letter

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With God's songs in my ears (listening to Christian music) and His Words at my fingertips and in the reflection of my eyes, I thank Him with all of my heart for this post and this site.....thank you, Chad for doing such wonderful work for Him and encouraging all of us, who love Him as you do, to keep standing...even when weak...with Him
Love letter to ALL His sons and daughters, as there were written in the Bible, yes and Amen for ALL your promises God Almighty!
I could not accept a mere letter from a parent who said they loved me yet never made an effort to come see me.
Chad, I think it is a beautiful love letter and I do hope it would not be amiss to call the LORD, my spouse. I love Him so deeply...I have strayed often, but His beautiful calling always brings me back. God bless and I will pray for Lonelee. It is good to be challenged and remain in the LORD. Peace to you Chad and thank you for your tireless work. God bless.
Wow...This is really lovely, just dropped a tear.
how do you thank him for all he has done? for this greatest love...Thank you father...thank you.I love you lord.

I have to share this too, I can't keep this to myself.

Thanks for sharing.
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Hey church, please share this beautiful story via social media. I'd appreciate that. You just might win a lost soul to Christ.
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Please share this post online via social media. Thank you.
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