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Father's Love Letter

Chad this was the very letter I was looking for couple of days ago. On another site that I am on, a person named Tim also shared this "Father's love letter. The thing is that it was a while when he shared it with us and I had trouble finding it when I wanted to share it with a person here. I just noticed the title and hoping it was the same one because those who feel unloved by God may read it and find out that God really does care. Thanks for sharing it here.

Your sister in Christ, Trish
Thank's Chad, For this letter from our father, Our father love is the best love
that we could have.There is no other love better then his love for us.
amazing love!

Thank You Chad,that was so beautiful!!Our Fathers love is so special and only thru Jesus can you truly know the love of our Father!!I praise God that I know his love and it is eternal!!Thank You Jesus I love you more than words can say!!Thank You for loving me!And choosing me!!I will sing of your love forever!!Love your daughter,Sandra/sister!!
How is this love letter a mis-representation of who GOD is? GOD loves us and came to save the lost = everyone by default. Does GOD not love the lost sheep (unbelievers)? We are invited by GOD through redemption, adoption through Jesus Christ alone. He wants to be our Father as originally intended. Is the Word not a love letter to all lost? Yes, it is indeed. So please do not ruin the thread and discourage others. This is a beautiful thread and let's keep it that way. Don't forget the prodigal son also. Did the "Father" in that story refuse to be the father of the son who walked away and did his own thing? No! He welcomed the son with love, open arms upon that son's return to the Father. Unrepentant sinners are those who refuse THIS invitation from GOD.

Rather strange that of all the people who responded joyfully in this thread, your the only one with an issue with this.


I'm new here so I hope Im doing this right..i actually wanted to respond to the gentleman that was the inspiration for Chad's response. I found the letter to be very encouraging.. first of all it mentions that our salvation is a "sealed deal" so to speak... nothing we can do can cause us to lose it. Another point is that God was waiting for us to choose him... this is the truth... salvation is the gift from God... He would love to give it to everyone... but not everyone will accept it... He waits for us. A lot of people believe that our salvation is predestined and that God already selected who will go to Heaven and who wont. I must suggest those people read their Bible's to find the truth. Another thing that was in Bills post was his focus on repentance. Many people misinterperate the word repent... they wrongly believe it means to "turn from" their sin. This is actually a damnable message because it causes a lot of people to believe that if they are sinning they will not go to Heaven... when in fact the scripture tells us "we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God"... we were born sinners and we will die sinners... but our gift of salvation means that Christ covered our sin.. so when God sees us he sees the righteousness of Jesus... OK back to the repentance thing... please look this up in a concordance to see that I am speaking the truth... when "repent" is used in the Bible it means "change your mind"... we repent once... at the moment we are saved... we look at our life as it is... we decide that we need a savior because we are a sinner... we change our mind... then we are saved. The love letter is beautiful and I am going to share it with the members of my church if it is OK to print it? Of course the verses are written to saved Christians... the entire Bible is written to saved christians... there are several verses in the Bible that tell us this... God tells us specifically that it can not be written to the lost... because they do not have the Holy Spirit in them... therefore they do not have the ability to understand the Bible...we get the Holy Spirit in us the moment we are saved... and He NEVER leaves us. How do people get saved if they can not be the Bible and understand it? That is our job... every opportunity we have we are supposed to tell people how to be saved. Thank you for listening God bless
To sister Elisa

God knows our beginning and end.Do you think anything surprises him that we do!?!He does choose us but yes he is merciful and wishes not one perishes.You and your household will be saved!Ask anything in my name and I will do it even if its on a persons deathbed!!He knows every hair on our head!You took what I said out of content sister!One time I witnessed to two people and they snuffed me but I had a burden for them and travailed in prayed for them in the Holy spirit and then the Lord said "because you asked I will do it!!"

I also worked in a nursing home doing ministry and saw many "deathbed conversions".Even some you knew in the spirit they could only be reached and God did it!!

So,yes he knows who will be his and who wont!!

Another testimony a friend of mines father in law, a jew went home after staying with her and her husband and never wanted Jesus.But when he left the Lord told her to pray for his salvation not healing and he died shortly after that!We know how ever the Lord did it he did it!!Maybe on his last breath, a vision,??Who knows but I know he choose him to be saved!!And my father died years ago nad died and was reseated 3 times and the Lord showed me he took him home on the third time!!Because God looks on our heart!!

Another friend her husband same thing the Lord told her on the third time he was reseitated he took him home and she cried to the Lord "You didnt save him"!!And the Lord told her to go to the hospital and ask how many times he died and came back!!3 times, one time he showed him a vision of hell,second heaven, third time took him home!!Did he choose him??So I say he knows who will be his cause he knows everything!!Thats why he is our Father and yes he also knew the prodigal son would come back!

So I hope you understand my intention was not to discourage others!!God is the ultimate lover I do not doubt anything he does!!Because of Jesus we have unbounded mercy and grace!!More than we can even imagine!!I was the worst sinner and I thank God he knew my heart!!He brought me out of such darkness you cant even imagine!!And yes I thank him for allowing me his unconditional grace and mercy and love.Whether he choose me again he knew I would say yes!!Thats why he told me to tell my testimony of my husband also!Saved him or got him back on his deathbed!!An incredibly supernatural God we have!!

So again sister Elisa I dont have any issues about my God.You just mis-understood!!All have a chance at salvation!!Does he know who they are??The children shall know his voice!!I witness to everyone for all need to know him!!

I would not want even my worst enemy to go to hell!I thank God I dont have any.Been mistreated by many in the Lord still love them!Cause thats what he wants!Look thru the eyes of Jesus!Love and Love only!!So hope you are straight with what I said!

Peace and Love sister Elisa!Love sister!!
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And nothing will ever separate you from my love again ~ Romans 8:38-39
Come home and I'll throw the biggest party heaven has ever seen ~ Luke 15:7
I have always been Father, and will always be Father ~ Ephesians 3:14-15
My question is ~ Will you be my child? ~ John 1:12-13
I am waiting for you ~ Luke 15:11-32

Love, Your Dad
Almighty God

this last part made me cry
Now I know why God lead me to this website today.
I cried harder than I have ever cried today. I felt so alone and desperate to know what to do. I felt like all was lost and not even God had time for me.
Then, thoughts kept coming into my mind, like, even the hairs on your head are numbered...I will never leave you...you are a child of God...God's spirit lives in you, you're not alone... After a while I stopped crying and I didn't feel as desperate. I gave my situation into God's hands. Told Him it is too big for me to even think about let alone, handle it.
Later today I came here and read this and it was like God was reassuring me that He is truly with me. I will keep this page, cherish it and read it whenever I feel down.
Thank you God for Chad and this website. We are all your children, patiently waiting...in Jesus precious name `Amen`
Staff Member
Hi Sister,

That's a great little testimony and I thank you for sharing this.

Its encouraging for me, the moderators and for sure the members too. GOD is truly a loving, forgiving Heavenly Father. No doubt about that!

GOD bless you

Jesus! You are my savior! I would give anything for you, anything! Woah! I'm overwhelmed by your greatness!

Please, Help me find your way!

Then, thoughts kept coming into my mind, like, even the hairs on your head are numbered...I will never leave you...you are a child of God

Yes, even the hairs on your head are numbered. That thought has sent me into whirlwinds of confusion, but I always come back to Jesus, a son of God. Our Savior. His singular death is for all of us.

Thank you God, for taking the bullet
We have an awesome God, and every word is a promise, oh if only our words could be as true when we speak them.

Lord help us to allow you the control of our speech that YOU would be Glorified through it. AMEN

Your child
Now i am not one to cry, It is a rare sight to see my cry but when reading this letter tears just came rushing down my face like a waterfall rushes down the cliff. This has to be the most beautiful piece of writing that i have ever read. I am truly grateful for the lord and all his love and his blessings. thank you chad for posting this. God bless you all.
Thank you Lord. You have done much more than we could write in all the books of this world or think. Here am I Lord. I am Your child by Your grace through faith in Your only begotten and beloved Son, even Jesus Christ. Your Spirit bears witness that I am Your child.