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Father's Love Letter

Discussion in 'Seeking Jesus' started by Chad, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Believe me, I know it's strange that I am the only one with a problem with this "Letter"

    Look, I don't want to discourage, or upset anyone. That isn't my intention.

    Here is the basis of my problem.

    This is supposed to be a Gospel message. Something that reaches out to the lost souls of the earth. Yet it never speaks of sin, and hell, the very things we are saved from! It never says anything about repentance, something Jesus says we MUST do in order to be saved.

    If we don't tell sinners they have to repent. They will "accept Jesus into their hearts" without ever being sorry for their sins. As a result, they will think they are saved when they really aren't. They will go on living their lives just like they did before, only now they will call themselves Christians.

    Why do you think if you check any kind of survey they find that the morality of Christians is no different than that of the "unsaved" world. Premarital sex is just as prevelant amungs Christians, abortion, divorce the list goes on. Christians in the US and Canada are no different than the outside world.

    Why? Because we have taken repentance out of the Gospel message. In an attempt to make Jesus more "relevant" we have done the cruelest thing we could ever do. Millions have been fooled into thinking they are saved when they are not. The gospel has been glossed over, just like this "letter"

  2. I disagree. This "letter" goes to show you a few things. First, GOD's love. Secondly, how powerful the Word of GOD is, by taking verses from the OT and NT and combining them into a "letter", it shows you how perfectly well they join together as a "letter" from GOD.

    Your making something out of nothing whatsoever. I do not comprehend how you can even come up with such comments about this letter and run off track about it being "glossed over". That's pretty much off because that is not the purpose of this letter nor is your comment true.

    I suggest rethinking your opinions, because your just the only person to come up with such odd conclusions in this thread. You can disagree all you want, but do not accuse the writer of the letter and ruin it for everyone else. Let the Holy Spirit speak first, foremost. Keep in mind others' GOD given wisdom. I'm sure by now a few would have argued against the letter IF it indeed was "wrong" as you aggressively claim it to be "glossed over".

    Your first post even said that "Father" is only to believers, now you say it is glossed over because it leaves out repentance. You've gone two ways. If your first post about GOD being a Father only to believers, then why do you argue that this letter is glossed over because it left out repentance? Makes no sense really. If someone cared to know Jesus, they will seek Him WITH or WITHOUT this simple sweet letter. Its that simple. So a true believer will seek Him, obviously His Word is where to do just that. Otherwise, they are not believers with or without you teaching them about repentance, they do not care to believe.
  3. I am blessed by the letter of GOD , yes he is allways wonderful father to all his presence in our life makes us to be strong and thankful ,GOD bless you Chad
  4. yeah ive read this before and seen the slide of it, its so good, i love it how all of that comes right from the bible and its all true right from God its so awesome.
    thanks for sharing that Chad
    God Bless xoxo
  5. I just want to say thank you all for your kind words. Praise GOD for His amazing love in Christ Jesus! Its something I acknowledge and recognize more and more each day. The more you think of how awesome His creation is for example, the more you realize how much GOD loves us that He would give up His own Son Jesus to redeem us

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  6. Praise the Lord for this thread. A new life has been born again through reading this and other threads on getting saved.

    This is such a wonderful way to share God's love with all, the saved and unsaved.

    God bless you Chad. Jesus is bringing the lost to Him :love: :rainbow: :rose:
  7. larach4real

    Thanks so much Chad, its a wonderful thing to know that such love is what God has for me, an ordinary clay. What else can be given in exchange for such love than to submit my totality unto Him and Him alone and let Him have the full Lordship over my live.
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  8. Thanks for that Chad, i loved the part about God being my greatest encourager, that really encouraged me to trust God for everything!
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  9. Thank yo so much for posting that. God Bless you :love:
  10. That was cool Chad!Blessed me alot
  11. Thank you chad and GOD bless you and help you more
  12. It was a blessing, thanks for sharing
  13. Praise the Lord!!!! We can't measure the amazing love that He has for us. It's AMAZING! I feel so loved!!!

    Thanks Chad for sharing it!!

    Thank You Heavenly Father for loving me, for making me Your own.

  14. Dear Chad,

    Thank you for posting this wonderful post. It is really life changing.

    Praise the Lord.
  15. Thank you for this, it gets me a bit emotional reading all that.
    Thank you Chad :]
  16. To let everyone be aware, you can print this entire thread in plain text format (no images, just the text) and hand it out to family and friends. Whoever wrote this Father's Love Letter was certainly inspired by the Holy Spirit, so share it with others and bless them.

    To print the thread in printable format, just click Thread Tools on top of this thread and click the print option first in the list as shown in the screen shot.
  17. It is wonderful that God has given us special revelation by his Word the Bible, and that he proved his love for us by having Christ take God's wrath upon the sins of those who would believe. Its wonderful that God shows us our real need for him, and calls us to repent and trust in Christ's work for our salvation. Instead of him just pummling us all and illiminating us. He created us and saved us to show his glory and holiness and all the wonderful things about Him to both those who were created on earth and those in heaven, and even shows this and will radiate this awsomeness to the unsaved on Judgment day too.
  18. Wow! I just posted the video of the letter, and then I suddenly bumped into that post! It's VERY beautiful! I watched it over and over and over!
    I've never felt so loved, and personally.
    I hope everyone will read that and know that HE is GOD, and He loves YOU.

    Let this change your life... truly.
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  19. nice post chad I have this one hanging on my wall...
  20. hi GOd thanks for the love letter!!! yeah i will try my best to do the things that you've want for me to do!! i will! but please,you know i've mean.

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