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Christian Movies

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I haven't seen any of these movies.

I will have to look them up.

Thanks for sharing Jim @Wired 4 Fishen
The great what if is like the family man with Nicholas Cage. Only with Kevin Sorbo as the called preacher who chose wealth and power and John Dezso Ratzenberger who plays the angel sent to straighten out his life.
It's Soooooooo good.

The first WWJD movie stars John Snider and the second one stars John Dezso Ratzenberger . Also really good.

The list goes on and on.
Like Faith like potatoes is a true story and has awesome extras with the real Angus Buchan.

The condition for a miracle is difficulty, however the condition for a great miracle is not difficulty, but impossibility.”
Angus Buchan

Hope you get to see them!!
Have a great day
I liked Faith like Potatoes.
Am hoping to find more christian movies for our church library.
And maybe even get involved with making them or being in them...?!
I will make a thread on it to explain it again so I wont derail this theead, or move this discussion there.

Anyway as I was saying Christian Mingle was quite a good christian movie I have seen recently on dvd. Its about a 30 something yuppie looking for love and she goes on this dating site (its actually a real one) and finds Him instead.

Conversely, people often said Lion was a good movie, but Im not sure that it is actually christian, I have that on dvd too but will see if it has actually christian content. They did show at church but it isnt about Jesus, its about an adopted indian boy looking for his parents.

The Wonder was also an interesting movie but again, had little christian content. In fact in that movie they me tioned quite a few occult movies like wizard of oz and star wars. It was about a boy who has this facial deformity and how he goes to school and faces up to bullies. In real life I know someone like that but its only through Jesus grace that she can face up to bullies as He appeared to her when she was young.
I am a retired UMC pastor. As a pastor, for 8 years I used to sponsor and advertise a monthly free dinner and movie night and spent al lot of time researching movies on Christian themes that might have an edifying effect on our guests. We showed most of the Christian movies like "Fireproof," Courageous," "God is Not Dead." "War Room," Soul Surfer," and "Heaven is for Real." These were well received, not as much as some of the best Hollywood movies with Christian themes. Here are the Top 6 movies we showed in reverse order of enjoyment :

(6) ":Les Miserables" (starring Liam Neeson)
There are several versions of this movie version of the famous Victor Hugo French novel. The Liam Neeson version was especially moving to me.

(5) "The Shadowlands" (starring Anthony Hopkins as famed Christian author/ professor (C. S. Lewis)
Inspired by C. S. Lewis's last book "A Grief Observed," this movie focuses on the Lewis's tragic romance and loss that he experienced in his later years. It is incredibly tender and spiritually profound.

(4) "Beyond the Next Mountain"
In my view, this is the best movie produced by Christians, even though it is a low-budget movie with 2nd-rate production values. It is the true story of a missionary to the remote jungles in the remote regions of north east India. The missionary was saved during the great Welsh revival of 1904-1906. He was the first missionary to this remote region and was making progress when he was fired and sent home in disgrace by his missionary board for leaving his missionary base to go after the natives in their jungle territories. The natives thought he had deserted them and were deeply hurt. The little son of the chief is sent through the jungle to track down this missionary, but fails and is corrupted by the white settlement. His Dad, the Chief, tracks him down and is heart-broken by his son's backslidden condition. The boy renews his quest, eventually translated Bible into the only version that this tribe has, and eventually a deeply moving confrontation with the failed missionary. It is the true story behind the movie that compensates for it's defects and makes it a great movie.

(3) "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness" (starring Ingrid Bergman in what most critics consider her greatest acting role)
Based pm the the true story of Gladys Aylward, the most effective Protestant female missionary ever. She was severely dyslexic and was often reminded that we lacks the qualifications to be a missionary to China. But she saved her pennies as a cleaning lady and, by divine providence, became a great missionary in Japense-occupied China. Her rescue of 100 war orphans over tall mountains and uncrossable rivers is still studied by military experts on mountain warfare.

(2) "The Mission" (starring Robert DeNiro and Jeremy Irons)
This movie won the Palm d'Or at the famous Cannes Film Festival and was voted the Greatest Movie Ever on a Spiritual Theme by the British Film Academy. The Hollywood Screen Actors' Guild voted its musical score the 17th best of all time, which is quite an accomplishment, given all the Hollywood musicals. It is based on the true story of how the Jesuits tried to convert Amazon Indians at the same time the Spanish and Portuguese were enslaving them. In my view, it has the most moving conversion story ever put on screen and the moral dilemma faced by the Jesuits challenged my thinking more than any other movie. I've seen it about 15 times.

(1) "The Little Minister: (Starring Kathryn Hepburn and Billy Watson)
This 1930s movie ranks no. 1 for a very special reason: it features child actor, Billy Watson, who lives a few blocks from me. Bill can hardly stand up, is very frail, and in his 90s now, but in the movie, he is about 10 and hyperactive. We stopped the film to replay all of Billy's childhood scenes. It is was so moving to see the frail old man sitting in his wheelchair, as we watched him act as a 10-year-old as if it were yesterday. Bill showed me personal letter from Kathryn Hepburn, who regarded him as her own son. Bill Watson and his brothers have their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Discern every movie you watch with Jesus Christ at that throne of grace, trusting Him as your Good Shepherd to see what is NOT of Him that is being presented as "Christianity".

1 Thessalonians 5:21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. 23 And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 24 Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.

We should be on guard when watching secular movies, trusting Jesus to point out our thoughts and feelings as inappropriate as we do so in order to put them down with His help.

But because of the falling away from the faith in these latter days, we should remain on guard against whatever is not of Him in Christian movies. Parents should screen the movies and point out heresy when spotted to others so they do not go astray.
I am now a retired pastor. As a pastor, we held a monthly Friday potluck dinner and movie night. We sought out the best Hollywood movies on Christian themes and the best spiritual movies produced by and for Christians. In retrospect, I greatly prefer most of the Hollywood movies we showed because of their superior acting, screenplays, and production values.

In my view, by far the best Christian-themed movie of the past 4 years is "Hacksaw Ridge," the true WW2 story of the courage and faith of Private Doss, a 7th Day Adventist pacifist, who was ridiculed by his fellow soldiers for refusing to carry a gun, but whose faith eventually so inspired his follow soldiers that they refused to ascend Hacksaw Ridge again without Doss to continue the fight against the Japanese. I have seldom been so moved by a movie.