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Christian Movies

Discussion in 'The Library' started by B-A-C, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. It seems there have been a lot of Christian movies coming out lately. In the last 10 years or so.

    Some of my favorites are...

    Faith like Potatoes.
    Facing the Giants.
    God's Not Dead. -- If you haven't seen it, Go! It's great!

    .. one I saw last week called "The War Room". It was a pretty good movie.

    I thought the version of "Left Behind" with Nicholas Cage was better than expected. It stayed
    pretty true to the book at least.

    Exodus God's and Kings.... it was well done. The special effects made the movie
    more than the story. But I saw nothing in the movie that really opposed the Bible anywhere.
    of course there were added things that aren't in the Bible, but all in all, I felt they tried
    to capture the story as best they could.

    Noah .... absolutely terrible. The special effects were good, but the story had very little
    to do with the Bible version.

    The Passion of the Christ ... well done, and it captures what Jesus went through before the
    crucifixion pretty well. But I thought the movie skipped over the most important part of all this...
    "Why was Jesus crucified?" I think a lot more about the message could have been said here.

    Any other good Christian movies out there that I missed?
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  2. Great topic I am always looking for good Christian movies. So far one of my all time favorites is The Apostle Peter and the last super.

    And the oldie but goody with Charleston Heston in the 10 commandments

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  3. My favorites that I've seen are

    Passion of the Christ
    Gods Not Dead
    Facing the Giants

    I will eventually watch a few others. Anyone seen 90 minutes in heaven? It has poor ratings on IMDb.
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  4. All time favorite movie that is also Christian: the Drop Box.

    Everyone should see that movie.

    Others I love, the Narnia movies, even the BBC one, yes, I love them that much.

    Soul Surfer, the Ultimate Gift, Letters to God, Meant to Be, in the Blink of an Eye, Ponnette, it's a Wonderful life, Amazing Grace, A Widows Might, Diary of a country priest

    Also love a Jewish movie called Ushpizin
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  5. I just watched one called "Do You Believe" It was a very good one.. I was disappointed in that 'Left Behind' movie. As usual Nicolas Cage was an awesome actor but the movie itself was a dud. Just my opinion. I always thought that a Christian movie should lead people to the Lord, not just scare them.
  6. Joyful Noise is a good movie I think.

    The cross and the switchblade
    the Hiding Place
    Joseph and the amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
    The Nativity

    I have not seen God's not dead but watched War Room as the most recent. Good movie.
    Yes Noah was terrible.

    I think I would say a christian movie would glorify God and I don't think Noah did that. It might not mention God like the story of Esther but He would be behind the scenes.

    I'd like to see more christian movies. I like true stories that have a testimony.
    Ten commandments was pretty awesome as well.
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  7. Pure Flix |

    A new subscription base for only Christian movies, I think its like Netflix only for faith and christian movies. anybody try it yet they have a free month trial going on now.
  8. I am going to watch 'the greatest story ever told' as friend gave me the dvd.
    I don't think I can get netflix or pureflix here.
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  9. "Road to Emmaus" only 30 minutes but awesome!!
  10. um..watched the first half of 'the greatest story ever told'

    its very long...
    but...missed out bits of the scenes in the Bible! For example, Jesus baptism...Jesus asks who John the Baptist is..he should know, he's his cousin?! (unless they meant something else, or I missed something)..but we don't hear the voice of God say 'this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased'

    also..its very american! I thought it was meant to be Israel, then find they are trekking through the american southwest and Utah. Very strange.

    And just something me and my friend observed, the crippled man who got healed and started to walk...we thought they'd all gasp in surprise or jump up and down but nobody seemed very enthused at all.

    anyway..anyone who's seen it...what were your thoughts? I don't think its as good or accurate as Jesus movie or the Nativity.
  11. Pureflix is only watchable in the US...Bummah!
  12. "The Ride" 1997
    About a drunken has been rodeo rider who owes money to everybody and gets in trouble with the law. So he gets community service on a boy's ranch and
    gets befriended by Daniel who has Leukemia.
    This is not a mushy tear jerker, but a real good down to earth story about how a wayward worldy adult man is challenged to his core by a boy's faith.
    One of the best most realistic true to life Christian movies made.

    The Ride (1997) - IMDb

    A has-been cowboy is given a second chance at the hands of an unexpected teacher.
    Michael O. Sajbel
    David Bowen, Michael O. Sajbel
    Michael Biehn, Brock Pierce, Charles Young
  13. just want to add I watched the second half.
    I think its very interesting but, it also missed out somethings that I would expect to see in some scenes but overall a good effort.

    eg. When Lazarus comes to live from the grave it missed out Martha's line which I thought was always very funny how she said but Lord he stinketh...

  14. Check out WAR ROOM and Do YOU REALLY BELIEVE theaters or net flic etc. They have powerful messages. PERSECUTED; I think the government must have banned it or something as I heard about it on TV once or twice and then nothing.
  15. I've seen War Room.
    Good movie. Haven't seen the other two.
  16. I have started -a war room-of sorts--because of knowing Christ4Ever. DO YOU ( I think the word is REALLY added but not sure) BELIEVE is a great movie too. Hope you can watch the movie sometime. It shows how some people say they love Jesus...,, but do they really?
    My wife and I both have the flu so not a very festive day for us today. We count our blessings though.
  17. I tried to follow you as I did others but it won't let me?????????????
  18. I've borrowed God's Not Dead and going to watch it with my friend later.
  19. It is a great movie. Tell me how you like the movie.
  20. Persecuted is on Amazon

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