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Christian Movies

Discussion in 'The Library' started by B-A-C, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Thank you, I will look and get it.
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  2. Watched this movie with friends. We all liked it, it was inspiring.
    My friend who had been to america said they have many christian universities so was surprised this would happen on campus - but I think it has happened at some universities or is a dilemma some students face with atheist teachers I suppose but I would think it would be unethical not to give students a choice to believe or not believe.
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  3. Refresh my memory. What movie was this?
  4. God's Not Dead
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  5. Oh yes....a Very good movie. I am so glad you all liked it. I could see it again and again.
    Have you seen WAR ROOM? It is an amazing move so is DO YOU BELIEVE.
    I discovered almost too late that what I filled my head with at the movies affected so very much of how I thoughts in general.
  6. Passion of the Christ is probably my only favorite one. It was done well.
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  7. I loved it too. All parts of it, especially the small but dramatic part but where God shed a huge tear. Much like a Earthly father sheading a tear over the death of his son. Very moving to me.
  8. Yes I've seen War Room but not Do you Believe. I don't think its come out in my country yet.
  9. Be sure and see it. There is a lot of great information for a Christian in that movie.
  10. Jesus of Nazareth is excellent, with many big movie stars taking part, From the birth of Jesus right through to our Risen Lord. Here is a link jesus of nazareth - YouTube It runs for about 6 hours.

  11. I saw it. It is a magnificent movie. But, you know I did not like the O'Rielley (sp) movie KILLING JEESUS as it seemed to have too much of a modern spin to it. I don't know why a lot a people think they need to fit Jesus into there little minds.
  12. Has anyone seen The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry?

    I haven't but have just read about it that it was a christian film, that also touched many lives with the gospel.
  13. It's a wonderful movie!!
  14. Saw one last night... "Risen" with Joseph Fiennes.

    It wasn't made by the church studio's, but rather it seems to be a Hollywood movie.
    The movie itself isn't Biblical... it is taken from the perspective a Roman Tribune
    investigating the disappearance of Jesus's body from the tomb.
    There are a lot of events taken from the Bible in the movie, and there is nothing against the Bible
    in the movie.. (well, some things are said out of order... and some of the things quoted
    were actually things Peter and Jesus said before Jesus was crucified) .

    But it wasn't a bad movie. I'm not sure if this is the kind of movie that would cause someone
    to be a Christian, or even a "better" Christian after watching it. But it does get you thinking...
    how DID the Sanhedrin and Romans explain away a missing body?

    One of the other things I really liked about this movie, is that they didn't make Jesus
    a very handsome Caucasian man.
  15. Saw 'Saul, road to Damascus' yesterday.
    Good film although some parts not in the bible, but could have happened eg Stephen had a wife, who's faith wavered after he was martyred.
  16. I love the movies on tbn such lovely movies . A Christmas snow was a extremely lovely seasonal movie with a great message I watch more religious children's shows smile of a child is a great Chanel
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  17. A great movie for born agains a cross and switchblade I watched this two nights ago very inspiring movie
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  18. Finally got to see Do You Believe on dvd. Good movie! I think though it may not be suitable for all viewers though more PG because of some violence in it, its set in Chicago USA and has people threatening to kill with guns.

    I know thats a reality for people living there but I still dont really like to see that. That was the only part that I didn't like though the message was good and an encouragement to everyone to act on their faith.
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  19. Add to @B-A-C List

    The Great What If.
    That movie will get you thinking about the choices you have made.

    Also both WWJD movies.

    The Gospel of John
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  20. Really like the Ultimate Gift
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