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Hello all, I had the most unusual encounter recently. I work events, and, as a marketer, I meet lots of interesting people of all walks of life. Next to my booth, some representatives of a construction company were working away at securing leads. As the event died down and people were more scarce, we all began to get to know each other, as is common with these events. Marketers are incredibly chatty typically ;-).

I spoke with a young man very briefly, but in that small interaction I gathered that we had a similar upbringing (very cult like--not occult, but cult--religious cult). We spoke about grace, and were on the same page about Jesus blood covering all sin...etc. He then spoke about my colors and another worker's colors. I knew he was describing auras, but he didn't use those words. This is an immediate red flag to me. I told him it was Jesus he saw. He agreed. To draw him out, I spoke up that the Lord sometimes lets us see little glimpses of Him, the closer we get to Him. He continued on about seeing things differently, like in frequency.. He got my fb name and friended me....that was most of the interaction....

Later on, I messaged him...saying that people had commented on my "aura" or "light" being very bright before, and usually they weren't Christians, and they certainly didn't talk about Jesus the way he did. He talked about a lot of different things, and seemed to line up with scripture, but were still odd. ONe thing he said (which doesn't line up) was that he had died at one point, his heart had stopped beating, and he was asked to be a channel for a cursed (not fallen) angel (red flag!), and because of accepting that, he was still alive. He described astral projection and fighting demons, healing people...etc. I absolutely riddled him with questions, and the way he spoke about the Lord and so openly about Jesus is the only reason I gave it any more thought.

I know everyone here will want to do what I originally thought to do--dismiss this young man as possessed, but he is convinced he's doing what the Lord wants. Would Satan speak so lovingly of God's son. Isn't the name of Jesus supposed to strike fear in them? Thoughts? I'm at a loss. This whole thing is concerning to me. He's good at everything he does. He plays music easily and learns songs quickly now. He has talent for anything he puts his mind to, and he seems ultra compassionate. I want to help the young man if he is in trouble (aka get rid of the "angel" lol), but has anyone ever heard of anything like this, not being demonic???

Thank you so much for your help,
Daughter of God
The New Age folk are a wacky bunch. I used to be apart of that group when I was a reader. The nice thing about them is that they're open to many spiritual views, but because of this they can pick up erroneous idea's.

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