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Angel or Demon?

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Daughter of God, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. This is excellent, yes thank you. There was a lot more to this
    Thank you so much for taking the time to tell this story. It was most helpful! I have shared my experience with a few other believers, namely my own mother. Her take was that since, nowadays, if someone is possessed with a demon, and showed signs of it, they would be locked up, thus limiting what the devil can do with them. Her point was that surely now the devil must be all the more cunning, and be able to inhabit people without being noticed, also convincing everyone that he is an angel of l light, like you mentioned.

    The devil knew my triggers--this guy was raised in a cult like me, so Satan knew that there would be a huge measure of compassion for him (and anyone that comes from anything like that), He had learned about grace and supposedly had come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and shared that openly (Satan is good at this). He is unusually compassionate with people and more than just sympathetic--like me, there were also quite a few other things that made this one confusing for me. The devil "saw me coming", but what's crazy, guys, is I do know Scripture, I'm not completely without discernment, either. I have a close, personal relationship with the Lord (certainly not as close as it should be obviously). I have been working with the public for over 5 years now, and I know how to protect myself, mentally, emotionally physically.... I can usually see danger/deception coming from a mile away, but Satan knows that. He knew I would let my guard down a little if someone had, had similar experience as I did (AKA came out of a cult)....this whole thing is very unsettling that it got to me like it did.

    The example above is so good. I'm glad you caught onto what the guy was saying, and noticed where the devil was trying to deceive you. What if that guy was hand picked, and perfectly crafted to hit every one of your weak points (even ones you don't know are there)....that seems like what happened to me. The devil is devoted, he is patient.... he is far better at this than we realize...

    "I felt a strong compulsion coming upon me to believe and agree with him, and knew this was from an evil spirit." Thank you for posting this, I now recognize this happening with me as well. Strangely the guy admitted (again only working aside from me the one day), but he admitted I was "guarded" that I have at least 5 guards on me. I find it interesting that, if that's true, that the Lord has that hedge of protection on me, which He must, then why did this devil, everyone be sober be vigilant...I never thought I'd be one to fall for the devil's lies in this way. It's so different when it's happening to you. Thank you for your help, please pray for this person, the human's name is Jay, I still have compassion for the person, though I don't have communication with him, please pray that he will be restored, and cleansed of all of this. It hurts to see someone in a bondage like this, even if they don't know it and seem happy with's so sad. He has 3 daughters. Thank you all, also any further comments/Scripture, must appreciated. It will help as I proceed and process everything.
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  2. This is right of you to question, thank you. Allowing the fb friendship wasn't wise (I agree). He worked at the adjacent company, and I have a lot of friends who are business owners for networking purposes. I do want to let you know that I've been counseling with my husband through this. He has a heart for people who have come from religious tyranny as we both escaped, so he has compassion for the person as well. The guy didn't appear to be being flirty. He mentioned other people's lights as well. My response to the "bright light" comment was "That's Jesus, buddy" lol.
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  3. This is good, this is truth, I want you to know any relationship with him is severed, but still pray with me for the person if you would.
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  4. That's exactly the type of thing this guy claimed...didn't call it New Age, but claimed to battle demons regularly....etc.

  5. @Bill I'm interested to hear your answer as well.

  6. Hi there, I apologize I am just seeing this. Yes, my husband is a Christian, and I had brought him up to speed on everything when it was happening. He did what I would have done if someone had brought the story to me--waved it off as him just being crazy or possessed with a devil.

    I was not ever mixed up in any type of new age, or occult. I was in a cult, a religious one, masquerading under the name of "Baptist" but, was in fact a controlling, damaging cult (message me for more info on that if you need me to clarify).

    Because I see, sometimes, tens of thousands of people a day, and it is my job to draw them in (as a marketer) to talk about the products I represent, I do have a lot of different types of conversations. One time, an older man, a couple of years ago mentioned my light was very bright. It caught me off guard then. He wasn't even close to me, but observing from afar. He smiled and talked about the other things he could see around him. It was easy for me to dismiss this and see it for what it was, as I have a semi-knowledge of the New Age Movement (Frank Peretti fan). Another time, another woman made the same comment. I started to catch on that either they were seeing things the devil contorts in their minds, or they can see some things, and they were seeing some form of Jesus or protection around me. My inner response was (tell your demons that's Jesus, lol, and I never gave it another thought other than feeling sorry for them). Whether or not, I'm opening myself up to this, I do not know. In 5 years, nothing has ever come of it, because I've never given any place to it (until now of course, but there are other factors).

    As far as the FB friending (he friended me, but I did accept), it is not uncommon to have a facebook friend as a fellow marketer or a business owner, because of my job and networking. Business owners contact me about events in my area, or other venues, and I do the same. As far as compliments and friendly engagement, yes I'm friendly again I have to be--I'm representing other people's companies. I'm complimented incessantly whether I'm working, or going to the grocery store (women get used to knowing how to take compliments and respond correctly) I'm friendly, I'm not flirty, and I'm professional. (have you ever spoken to a really kind customer service rep!)People don't always know the difference, but if I sense someone misunderstands, I know how to deflect that type of behavior as well. ALso I wear my wedding ring prominently (lol)

    I appreciate the help, I know you are trying to help and you addressed me kindly and respectfully, so thank you. It's hard to explain without you actually being at an event, for example, to see how I/we Promoters work. It does take some skill and measure of wisdom to be able to constantly read people. Again, it's because of the fact that I am good at what I do and good at reading people, and because I have been doing this for so long, that I am so shaken.

    Thank you!
    Daughter of God
  7. @rhymarhyma
    Hi there, just seeing this, I am so, so sorry about your son :'( Bless you as a dad for all you have done to help him and protect your other ones. I have a son that has concerned me in this way, though not nearly to that extreme.

    The angel this man described supposedly lifted a sword against Jesus in heaven (like drew his sword in an aggressive stance) and was cursed to Earth, which is supposedly different than a demon cast from heaven with Satan--supposedly we judge this type in the last days..... I don't believe this, but it is a different idea. Thank you I agree, I'm not going to try to cast it out, though a part of me wants to.

    I'm not drawn to him in the sense you may think, thankfully, but there was compassion for the following: he came from a cult (a controlling religious one like myself) that he had to escape, and the different traumas that come from that, came to the saving knowledge of Jesus and embraced the grace that came from that (so he said), has 3 children...lots of other similarities, freakish almost.

    Thank you, will be praying for your son,
    Daughter of God
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  8. I mean "slay demons regularly"
  9. This auras thing is new age metaphysical philosophy. To me, junk, but.....Let's leave it in the 'iffy' realm.

    He was asked to be a channel for a cursed (not fallen) angel...Well the only angels that are cursed are the fallen ones. You do NOT ever become a channel for anybody. That is highly dangerous...God does not ask us to channel Him. He asks us to say what He said. No channeling. Read it in the book, speak it. So then...he was asked to channel a fallen angel.
    Astral projection is a, in my opinion a side science. The military uses it for example to spy. It's, again, highly dangerous.. a good thing to fight shy of.
    As Christians we do not have to fight demons, we have all the authority that Jesus has. All we need to do is command them to leave. They have no choice but to obey. Healing? That too is already done. Every malady mankind can have is already dealt with. By Jesus stripes we were healed, two thousand years ago.
    Yes! Satan will tell any lie he can to mislead a Christian, and that includes praising Jesus. This man, if he did channel that spirit is no doubt led around in total deception by that demon. You too would do well to fight shy of him..Stay away, but pray for him. If you are asking is it angel or demon then you are not yet qualified to deal with him. Your education continues.
    Hugs on you Sister.

    Hmmm BTW. It would be wise to unfriend him of FB
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  10. Notwithstanding in this rejoice not,
    that the spirits are subject unto you;
    but rather rejoice,
    because your names are written in heaven.

    Luke 10:20​

    And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Revelation 12:17
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  11. Dear Sister @Daughter of God
    I've been on & off again reading on this thread. Brother Bendito in his mentioning of metaphysical and the previously mentioned New Age practices brought to mind a book that I read a few years ago. It's a testimony of a believer Brian Flynn who prior to his conversion was a new age medium. The name of the book is "Running Against the Wind" with the heading of "the transformation of a new age medium and his warning to the church". Short but powerful book. Any who would believe that somehow they can reconcile/integrate practices found outside of Christianity with the Word of God would do well to read this book of one man's experiences and warning.

    Unless you are armed before hand, it would behoove you and your husband to disassociate yourself from this person.

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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  12. I agree, what's hard is....there are yet so many things we don't know about, and the Lord reveals here and there to some it approach yes, I/hubby/we aren't ready for some of it, if the Lord wants to reveal some things to us, we'll let Him do it in His time. We aren't associating with that person (persons) anymore, but pray for him daily.
    Thank you so much for that reference--I will look for it!
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  13. Yes agreed!! It's so hard to explain why this was such a difficult decision. Like you said, I believe the spirit has deceived the man, which causes me to want to help him all the more (the devil knows this--knows me too well!!!). We're cutting ties, and also praying for him daily. It's sad, like I said he has 3 children, and loves them dearly. I did not know the military uses astral projection!! That makes sense. You're right, I'm not qualified...I know I'm being manipulated. It's crazy just how well the devil knows us, and also how he interweaves the lies with the truth so perfectly (it's unsettling)!!! "Be sober, be vigilant...." also..."For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places...." Also "Put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. (I'm ashamed that my armor isn't all on right :'( ) , Thank you my friend, thank you for taking the time....this stuff is very real....
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  14. @Daughter of God

    Pray the Lord of Host would send laborers that He would listen to and receive.

    Bind the strong holds satan has been using and loose The Light to fill the places that were once occupied by the enemies strongholds .

    Thank God for His deliverance .
    Blessings to you
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  15. Greetings,

    thank you for your reply and all you put into it. Sorry I didn't get back earlier.

    praying that you and your family are well and that all is settled in your heart and mind over this whole matter as you trust in the LORD and delight in His care for you.

    Bless you ....><>
  16. Hi there, thank you again, I'm praying for the one who is possessed and has been deceived. I'm still praying of peace and understanding of what happened. THank you again, have a blessed day :)
  17. Thank you for praying with me!
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  18. Thats what we do!
    Blessings to you
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  19. Still, one must be circumspect about what Christians one fellowships with as well. Many churches do not preach according to the Word.. They preach according to a mans understanding with no Holy Spirit guidance.. Then the people who sit under the preacher....well....They can be really off base...You don't want to take that in either.
    My Lady and I went to a bible study some neighbors put on several years back...They followed one of those um...precooked things by some bible society. She would read something then there were a bunch of questions.....It was a basic study, Stuff one learns when they are first saved...No lie..I would look up the answer in the bible and read it aloud and the answer was wrong! Why? They preferred to go by the commentaries rather than the Word. While commentaries can be good, one does have to remember that they are only the opinions of people who have read the Word, and have given their opinions on it based on their own understanding. The Word never takes second place.
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  20. Demons cannot die...So....How do you slay them?
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